. What a way to end this year by talking about what could be the best and almost ready implementation of under screen camera, resulting in the birth of galaxy zero. Plus we have the first official teaser of galaxy s21, confirming the big feature that we all want to see and also giving a throwback of the whole legendary lineup. That is galaxy s series before we talk about that. I just want to take this moment and say happy new years to all of you, because this has been a tough year and i really want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you for watching my videos. I love you guys and yeah let’s, just hope for a better 2021.. Now, with that being said, let’s get right into the news, so we have a brand new samsung patent that has to be the best patent. When it comes to the under display camera, it was approved and published on december 24th. 2020. Just a couple of days ago, the patent shows off a full screen, samsung phone that has a sub display mechanism installed. Basically, there is a small display installed, underneath the main display that can move up and down depending on whether you activate the camera. So when you’re not using the camera, there is no punch hole or anything on the display, it’s completely bezel less. But as soon as you open the camera that sub display will move downwards to reveal the front camera sensor that is sitting inside the phone.

This is absolute genius move it not only hides the front camera, but also gives you the best selfie image quality. One of the most fundamental problems with the under display camera right now is that the image quality of the front camera suffers but seems like with this sub display camera mechanism. Samsung is able to solve that issue and also give you the complete galaxy, zero bezel design. Now the awesomeness does not end there, because this sub display is actually having it touch sensors. It can show you the time the date, the notification as well, so you can quickly tap in and jump into that application, as shown in this example now what’s even more interesting is that the special display can also be operated with a samsung s. Pen and i have to say, the timing cannot get any better, because we have seen in rumors multiple times that samsung is planning to bring the under display camera with the galaxy z volt 3.. Perhaps this is how samsung might pull that off now, whether galaxy’s evol 3 comes with this or not the first smartphone to have this will very likely to be the samsung galaxy s22. Also in the news we have the first new teaser by samsung regarding their next galaxy. This is, of course, for the galaxy s21. This trailer gives a full a drawing throwback from galaxy s, all the way up to galaxy s20, basically showing off all the new changes and generational upgrades we have seen with each s generation.

Definitely looking back at this samsung has come a long way and now it’s time for 2021.. Although this trailer doesn’t show anything regarding the feature of s21, family samsung has apparently sent a separate invite invitation for their event, and this confirms the biggest feature that is coming to the s21 ultra. That is a proper 10x periscope camera system. So you can see the drawing shows off a multiple camera, zooms zooming onto a scene. If you look closely, it looks like a monkey on a tree the last but not least in the uk. The s21 series may not come with charger or earphones. This is already happening in some european markets, uh, probably in south korea as well. I think they’re going to do this worldwide with the headphone jack it took years for samsung to copy apple, but now in just a couple of months, not even a couple of months, just one and a half months later, samsung is doing what apple has done and They are killing the charger and headphones out of the box, so that’s all for today happy new years to all of you around the world guys. I love you. Thank you so much for watching my videos and i hope to entertain you guys with my tech videos in the future as well.