One of my all time, favorite reviews was the super size phablet. For that time, at least sony’s 6.4 inch, xperia, z, ultra and now i have in my hands the xperia 1 mark ii. Does it live up to its innovative lineage let’s find out Music hey if any of these videos have helped you? If this video helps you, please consider hitting us with the thumbs up hitting that subscribe and hitting that notification bell, so you’ll be notified when we upload the latest content Music. One thing sony has never shied away from is giving you a premium product at a premium price point coming in at a little over a thousand dollars you’re going to have to decide by the end of this review. If the premium in the product is worth the premium in your wallet, i’m gon na tell you now. The phone makes a very compelling argument, starting with this six and a half inch 4k 1644 by 3840 display in the 21 21×9 aspect, ratio, meaning it’s tall and narrow sony makes its first statement all eyes on me and they should be supporting hdr 10. The high 643 pixel per inch density looks amazing when it comes to scaling text and content down to size. It gets small and dense, but it is clear and crisp. The colors for still images, are beautiful. If you’re like me, and into anime and superhero wallpapers you’re not going to be disappointed as you look at 4k wallpapers on your home and lock screen, this display is powered by a few different settings in the display menu more on that in a moment as rich As the colors reproduced are, the witcher, though, was a bit dark, not unwatchable, dark.

I tried it with the cine settings on and off to see if it would make a difference and it did not. Of course, our planet looked beautiful and cartoon content looked great, but i thought i’d also give a couple other films a look specifically because not only do you get a magnificent display, but this phone actually has front facing stereo speakers. So i hit amazon prime and i looked at a few pieces of content and it did indeed appear a bit dark. I looked at gangs of london episode 1 on two different devices, both with oled displays and the xperia was definitely darker. Both displays were set to max brightness. I tried the xperia with the display set to creator mode and in standard mode with video enhancement on and off. I wanted to chalk this up to the oled having deeper blacks but, like i said, tested it against other panels. This issue isn’t uncommon, though i’ve seen it on other panels where they were oleds and were a bit darker than some other old leds i’ve looked at. This is only though a potential issue where shows have darker or low light scenes. Anything else you watch on this panel is beautiful and right now this is one of the few 4k uhd hdr10 displays on the market. Overall, the entertainment experience on the xperia one mark ii is pretty fantastic because you also get dual stereo speakers, which are among the loudest i’ve tested, peaking at almost 80 decibels, with an average of 74 decibels, while watching my control for these sound tests, the urban’s trailer, Unlike almost every other phone on the market, the xperia speakers are both on the front of the phone gg listening to the witcher’s banquet hall scene.

You get all the well layered stereo image that the sound designers on the show intended and that’s, both from the speakers and from earbuds or headphones Music. Speaking of intention, the xperia 1 mark ii is one of the closest devices to what a pro model should be and not just because you get the three and a half millimeter audio jack up top cashing in on the connection to the sony. Alpha pro line of cameras, and even one of my dream, filmmaking cameras, the sony, venice, the xperia one mark ii takes a different approach to audio and video capture than some of the top flagship competitors. In many modern day, phones you’re going to get cameras which rely on computational photography or a trained computer intelligence to make your pictures picture perfect, at least according to what their idea of perfection is, with the xperia you’re going to get a serious pro mode in both The video and still image capture along with raw image capture, so you can tune the images to your idea of perfection. You get the photo pro and cinema pro modes and, as you can see, there’s going to be a bit of a learning curve. If you aren’t already familiar with using a dslr or mirrorless camera, if iso aperture and focal length are unfamiliar terms to you, that’s, okay, if you want to get a bit more serious with your smartphone photography you’re in the right place, this is a great jump off Point for creating your own looks for showing people the world through the lens.

As you see it, it’s going to take just a little bit more work than a phone whose camera has no pro mode and ones that do all the thinking. For you, one of my favorite aspects of cinema pro is the fact that you have the option to utilize the color science of the sony, venice line of filmmaking cameras, which is my dream camera, as i alluded to before now. I know it isn’t the exact same thing, but i like, where their heads at with this one also the cinema pro mode, has some seriously pro features like the ability to lock two points of focus and utilize focal ramping to move between the two as your depth Of field changes really cool stuff. I could do a whole review on just these camera features alone, but have no fear the cameras do offer automatic modes which will help you through that learning curve bottom line, though you’re going to get some pretty solid photos and videos out of this phone. The one thing missing, though, which you’ll find on most modern phones or a lot of them anyway, is a night mode. I did take the phone out and shoot at night at candy cane lane and in relative darkness. It was not bad at all. The image stabilization is quite effective. One of the areas that i love about sony is their drive for innovation. They always did some very cool things with their pdas, so it’s wonderful to see what they’ve done with the xperia mark ii, specifically with their overlay or their os on this device, let’s get into the user experience.

This display is tall but narrow, so it’s, easier to one hand matter of fact. It feels great in hand, but it may still be tall for some people enter side sense, similar to edge apps on samsung. I actually like this implementation. More it’s dope run through the tutorial on the phone, so you can get used to it and once you do you can access shortcuts to the apps you choose from any screen or app access, multi window as well speaking of multi window with the phone this tall, The multi tasking multi window feature really shines on this device. You know what else shines. A charging indicator light in the upper right hand, corner of the phone a nice touch, and this phone is full of nice touches. The sim tray is more accessible than any other phone i’ve used figuring that this phone is going to be used by people who want to you know shoot a lot of video a lot of photos. They might be removing the micro sd card frequently the sim tray memory. Tray has a tab on it, which allows you to simply pull the tray out with no need of a sim tool. Other refinements include a side button which you can customize. I currently have it set as a camera, shutter and love using it for that purpose. One thing i have to admit that i generally do not care for our phones. The side mounted fingerprint reader, which the xperia has at the risk of sounding hypocritical.

I actually like this implementation, not that it’s particularly different than others, but the size of this phone puts the scanner right, where my thumb sits on my right hand and right where my index finger hits from my left hand. In other words, the slim build of this phone puts the scanner naturally, where my fingers will hit it from either hand. Nice rounding out the feature set. You get a 4 000 milliamp hour battery which supports wireless charging and rapid pd charging, which will get you a 50 charge in 30 minutes. The phone is also ip65 and 68 water resistant. So my final thoughts, the xperia, is one heck of an experience. You won’t be disappointed by anything. This phone has to offer. If you can weather the cost. This one is retailing at full cost for 1099. Despite that, though, this phone is good for business. It offers some things: other phones don’t, which ultimately means that it offers the market and you more options and that’s. Never a bad thing: hey if there’s anything about this phone that i didn’t answer in my review. Any questions you may have go ahead and leave those in the comments below i’ll get to them. We don’t take it lightly that you spent your time watching with us i’m tashaka armstrong for reviews.