This is going to be the ultra hybrid series, clear case to unbox: do a quick review. As always, you know, throw up the link in the description if you want to check it out. Pricing gon na be reasonable about 12 bucks on this one, depending on what day you get it from, i got it on amazon i’ll, throw up the link for you guys to check out again. Pricing is definitely affordable. This is one of the cheaper. I guess better quality cases you can probably get for clear case that’s under 20 bucks, but let’s go and check it out to confirm that presentation. Nothing really talk about get a little tab up top from spigen let’s go and bust. It open like this. So this is going to be one of those ones to show off that beautiful back of that glass back of your new iphone 12 pro max let’s go check it out. So my first impressions, i really like what they do here. You can see these little tabs. These are really just removable easy. They used to have these sticker struggles, where you constantly kind of bust trying to get that sticker off, but these tabs make it super easy to get off. First, off hard shell plastic bag crystal clear transitions to like a gel style, feel on the edges. That actually gives you a really nice grip. So it has a really super nice grip to it got a little bit of flex to it kind of a hybrid case.

In terms of this overall build and it’s got a really nice feel texture wise to it ultra hybrid, i should say air technology. Air cushion technology got a little bit of spigen branding right there, but very subtle. You can see the buttons got full edge, that’s protection. Now one thing i always get these questions: will this yellow? Yes? Yes, the crystal clear cases will yellow pretty much. All of them do um, especially ones that have clear border around the bumper as well, but to me, if i’m, paying 12 bucks for one, i don’t have a problem with it going a little bit yellowish after a couple months, it’s when i’m paying 40 to 50 Bucks for a case and it yellows after a couple months. That’S, when i have a problem, i go out buy another one of these with no problems if it starts looking a little bit grimy so that’s, just my overall first impressions, nice build quality, got the gold iphone 12 pro max let’s wipe it down, wipe it down. Make it look beautiful, shine it up real nice. Look at that thing. Give the sides a wipe down. The sides are kind of like a fingerprint magnet get a little bit smeared, but damn they look so good once you wipe them down, though very nice looking case, all right, nice looking phone this whole nice looking case, we’re going to take this off. Like this i say, it’s, no sticker struggles and i break the actual seal, so let’s go and take it off like that.

Then you got the interior. One same thing easy though no problems nicely done. It’S gon na pop it into place like this snaps right into place. Nice tight, fit beautiful, look at that. That is, that is one of these cases that when you first get it and there’s no fingerprints at all, look at that shine. Look at that beauty! You can just shows off that beautiful iphone 12 pro max and it just has a nice build quality to it. I love the way this one feels the gel style. Bumper has a really nice grip to it again, you’re getting that full transparency, apple logo popping through let’s, go and check out the camera protection. Look at that great camera protection. Look at that what they do here! Look how that thick, bumper around your camera, humps that’s very nicely done for minimalist case it’s, just the small details that they get really really right here. So, look at that nicely done for your trifecta camera system fully covered, so very nice job from speaking let’s go and check out the lip because everybody likes a fat liz. Zip lip protection looks good too. You got full edged edge, lip protection. You can see how it kind of curves in right there like this and i got full edge i’m rocking a screen protector, so you’re fully protected. So if you drop this, you are good to go or hopefully good, to go volume up and down, feel clicky and responsive.

They kind of changed up the buttons a little bit. I like the cushion and that’s uh. It feels really nice and clicky alert. Slider, easy access got a little bit of uh. Look at that precise cutouts right there for the speakers, both of them look really good power, looks good and then power button right. There clicky and responsive, very, very nice looking case build quality is awesome. Grips awesome fits like a glove honestly it’s, a very nice fitting case. Let’S go check out that yep, so it does yeah. So it is compatible with the the little charger right here. The magsafe it’s not perfect, but it definitely works. So keep that in mind. It is compatible with the magsafe it’s not going to be like the official apple ones, but it will work. So keep that in mind. You can see right there. It actually is charging so that’s, it i’m gon na say this was a big hit for anybody. Looking for a clear case for your brand new 12 pro max, let me know your thoughts on the comment section. You can’t beat this one we’re going to give it a big hit status on this one. Let me know your thoughts are hit.