You decide if you should buy the iphone 12 mini. Tell you the differences between the iphone 12 mini and the regular iphone 12, including the battery and keep it short. My name is jacqueline and let’s. Do it? Music? All right, let’s talk, build it’s, comfortable and, like the name says, it’s very mini it’s easily one handable. I can hit all four corners of the display and power button and volume rockers all with one hand i can’t even remember the last time. I could do that on a flagship the display is edge to edge, so, although the form factor is really small, the display is still actually 5.4 inches. It’S, definitely big enough to watch youtube videos or scroll on instagram and type yeah. No typing is not the easiest thing in the world on this phone it’s actually kind of annoying like typing, with two hands it’s, just the two hand. Positioning is a little uncomfortable on the back of the phone, and the keyboard is definitely small. So that’s, like the one main area where i notice that this is definitely a worse form factor for me, but here’s the thing i think that most people that want this phone understand that it’s a small phone and that’s why they want it. So i don’t think it’s the end of the world that it’s small, the display is also great it’s, bright, it’s, saturated it’s, crisp, it’s, a really really good display and honestly, i kind of missed having a phone.

This small, like i, would hold it in my hand and the world would just feel simple for a second and then i would get a notification from discord on my regular iphone, 12 and i’d open it and i’d. Be like oh yeah. I like big phones. That was a not so subtle reference to my discord which just launched. I know a lot of people, love tech and they don’t have anyone to talk to about it, and i wanted to create a community for the mbt community to do exactly that, so check it out. If you want to, and in that discord, i actually asked people. What do you want to know about the 12 mini and the most asked thing was: how is the battery so let’s talk about it? The battery is manageable, but not incredible, but for the light to moderate user i think you’ll get an easy day out of it. I can get like three to four and a half hours of screen on time on my typical use, which is like social media watching youtube videos replying to emails, replying to comments on videos and listening to a ton of music all without 5g. So i think that the battery is definitely a weak point of this phone, but it’s manageable and the speaker quality is another area where this phone is worse than the iphone 12. it’s, noticeably lighter and less full than the iphone 12, but i’m. Someone that listens to a ton of music from the speaker on my phone, and i could still do that with the iphone mini and it was really enjoyable.

The camera setup is actually identical to the iphone 12.. So i covered that extensively in my iphone 12 review. If you missed that, that means you probably weren’t subscribed, and you should fix that right now and subscribe uh, but the camera is really great. The images are sharp, vivid, crisp, reliable. It has an ultra ride, which is also great, but it does not have a telephoto, which means that you’re going to max out at five times zoom, which in 2020 is kind of disappointing. When you have phones that have like 50 times zoom like the note20 ultra. But five times zoom looks pretty sharp it’s just sometimes i would like to get like up to 8 or 10x. So if you take a lot of photos that are closer up without like physically moving to get them closer up, you will definitely miss that on the 12 mini you won’t miss great video, though the 12 mini has excellent video, and it even has hdr video on Here so when that starts, getting adapted more and more, that will be a really useful feature to have, and the 12 mini, just like its bigger counterpart, also has mag safe, which is going to be cool for wirelessly charging, but it does top out at 12 watts Versus 15 – and i think that’s – probably just to do with the battery capacity and like engineering, everything into a smaller form factor. But you still get magsafe ability to use accessories like the wallet et cetera and the software and performance is great when you pair the a14.

With ios 14, you just get a really smooth, consistent, fast, reliable, all good things, software experience and you even have widgets. If you dig that and then we have the price 729, so you may be thinking. Oh okay, so like this is the cheap iphone of the year, but as apple transitions into becoming a software based business model and not just a strictly hardware based business model, they have to create a phone option for nearly every person that would want a smartphone. So there are now cheaper phones than the 12 mini right. You have the iphone 10r. You have the iphone se 2, which means that this phone should not be bought just for its cheap price tag. If you buy this phone just because it’s cheap you’re not going to like it, because you really have to want a small phone to like this phone, this phone is instead the compact flagship right, the se2 is pretty small, but it doesn’t have the flagship features or The future proving that this phone does so, if you want a premium compact phone, this is now my number one recommendation. It has almost everything you would want in a smartphone with very few compromises. They did so much right with this phone and i’m super excited about it. If you want to check out the iphone 12 and just like kind of weigh your options, you can see that video right here be sure to subscribe. If you like this video, because i have so much more coming, thank you so much for all your support, it’s honestly been incredible, and i love reading all the comments.

So thank you.