I think america you’re still dealing with 2020, so keep up that good fight. Will you and to kick us off on the right foot mate? I want to do something real fun. This is something i do for my patrons in fact, i’m gon na glove up already. Why do i need a glove up because, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the nugget lucky day for like a year ago? I ordered this bulk. A lot of mp3 players, like i mean you, can just get a fight like a little look at the treasures. Oh not too many looks. It was genuinely mailed to me in this disgusting shopping bag and every now and then i look for bulk lots and i keep adding to this bag like guys, it’s, actually gotten bigger since the last beach in one of these and we’re gon na pull three of These out one at a time number one: will it turn on and number two does it have treasures on it? Oh boy. Oh boy, it’s, always fun mate. What oh man there’s so many nuggets in here? Okay, all right! All right! I got one. I got one watching. Oh my fortunes, oh it’s, a good nugget. I mean that shows you how rough the bag of nuggets is. If this is the good one. Oh no look at this crease in it. What’S happened to you. This is a creative. This is actually a brand of thing: six gigs man, it might have a hard drive in here.

Well, i mean look at this. Crease like could be shattered into glass. Those controls don’t feel good at all all right eyes up everyone. We are arming the nugget and she’s a rough one. Here we go. This is already more than i thought from this guy hang on. I don’t know if it’s meant to have a hard drive in here, because if it does i’m, not hearing it spin and let’s investigate. Oh what a sad life this nugget has led like who did this to you? That’S, the battery there’s crumbly bits don’t use metal on batteries. I am i don’t care. Ah right, i don’t think there is a hard drive in here. This guy fell out and i don’t know where it goes. Oh, he designed this stupid thing. Well, let’s! Let this guy sit for a bit and see if it like recovers from its like coma. Frankly, i mean it’s like it’s dead, jim. If this first guy doesn’t turn on it, doesn’t count, you know right, so we we need. We need working nuggets. Oh, my puxel whoa, oh it’s, an ag patek, those are part of my patron – are very, very familiar with the agbatek. They keep turning up don’t, they, oh microsd, how vogue it’s filthy and it weighs literally nothing if there’s a battery in here i’ll be blown away. Whoa that’s up today, look at this micro. Usb we’ve got a chance here. Oh no, i could.

Oh, i don’t know if you can see it. The screen is already shattered. Oh this! Oh no! This is a bad omen for this. Oh, hang on all right, we’re recording on the old imac here. My look at this. The agapetic a20 come on carrie, underwood, oh, what the heck man, this thing’s, full major, laser little big town. I can’t play any of this by the way because, like you know, google will ban hammered me so quick, the greatest showman, of course, all my students back when i taught music they always wanted to play greatest german zendaya. I’M. Pretty sure those are the stock images that probably came with it. There’S recordings Laughter is turning deadpool pink to take on cancer he’s, giving away a special deadpool costume completely in pink someone’s, been recording the radio. On this thing, i got ta talk over the the copyrighted material right on someone has been recording the radio on this wow four hours was that for that’s four hours, isn’t it the the titty player, what it’s? Oh it was a software all right that’s. That looks like software of some sort, video, ah well, someone was really using their agbatek hours and hours of radio recorder, it’s, a shame um that yeah the screen’s gone and it’s a piece of pork. Oh wow, the grits really shredding it look at all the mini grits. They can go with the duck. Sorry ipad, it’s, just how it is isn’t it bad news.

She ain’t firing up like a lot of these, will fire up as long as they’re plugged in. But this guy’s just boot, looping doing nothing so that one doesn’t count. Oh and you guys lucky you’re gon na get four nuggets this year. All right! All right! I got one. I got one: oh boy, yep it that oh looks like someone’s already one gritted it 128 megabytes whoa look out. This thing has every chance of not firing up. Oh and it’s got the weird usb plug. You can see i’m a seasoned nugget here. I have all the cables needed all right stand back. Everyone i’m firing up the nugget look out here. We go! Oh no! Oh, oh, oh wow, that’s not done on uh. Okay! Well, i’ve never pulled this many dead nuggets at this point. Hmm Laughter, there’s, nugget, shards everywhere – is this whole bag full of crap? Is that what this is all right? All right? All right, i got one. I got one. I got one my books, wow it’s, a looker in it. Yes, it looks like among us. It’S got a pupper on it and i recognize that font. This is a dick smith. This is an aussie boy. It weighs nothing there’s, nothing in this. You watch it. Won’T turn on either oh dick smith. I saw something that it did something come on don’t, oh man, if this one’s broken too oh yeah, oh, oh i’ll, put it down carefully.

Oh, we go is that in the neck, hang on that’s internet explorer shows up on the computer, it’s full of stuff that’s. So funny, oh, i can’t play any of these because these are all like really really popular songs. But when will these put in here? 2008. 08.08 wow, oh there’s, folders abba here comes the drums. Nickelodeon kids choice, total girl summer hits: hey, hang on turtle girl summer hits 2011 added end of 2010. I better call the police about this. All right, let’s eject it will it. Let me play music out of it because if i have to have it plugged in well, then it’s doomed, Music, oh those controls, feel very mmm uh. I don’t think it’s gon na. Let me no it’s not gon na. Let me oh well, i mean i couldn’t play any music anyway. Let’S see how quickly it turns off when i unplug it yeah it’s, instant, i’m mad. You guys are getting so many nuggets out of this right. All right. All right! I got one wait. No! No! I don’t like the feeling of that one all right. I got one e matic. Ah the plastics almost translucent it’s, so i don’t know it doesn’t feel awful it’s, not good. All right, let’s armor up we’re gon na arm it when i’m pointing it means turn on e matic. No, all the amazing memories. We’Ve had Music together Music i’m, not lying. Ask any of my patrons i’ve.

Never had this many dead nugs like unbelievable, comes it’s gross. Looking micro usb again it’s an agbatek Laughter, it looks like one of the sandiest clips microsd and that’s cool drink drink. Here we go, oh god, jeez Laughter, oh man, she’s cooked, oh that’s. So sad does it appear on the computer. It appears on the computer. Look at that catchy name ag protect oh and there’s, nothing on it. Ah god this is straight up sabotage, right, it’s, a sabotage! Never had this many nuggets go wrong, like god, clearing out the whole bag in a single episode, ugh last one, hopefully mp4, ambiguous. Wow. Look at these zany controls: do you hold it this way, or this way yeah that looks like that’s a nokia battery. If this battery works, this would be good for my old nokias. Oh that’s, handy, oh it’s got the weird connection. I’D say i’m in the nugget, but at this rate it’s gon na do nothing. Oh, oh, that oh that’s, a good start! Oh okay, you are meant to hold it this way, all right, i’ve seen this ui before so my patrons look at that. Going that looks, familiar, it’s got no name but it’s all it’s full of stuff. Very soon. A con aqua’s barbie girl, fantastic avril lavigne, this thing’s full 2008 2008 2008. This nugget’s been hanging around for like 12 years. All right. Hopefully it lets us use this thing without having to be plugged into the compute.

I hit eject, get get out, it’s locked up the computer, oh no, there. It goes this one’s worth cleaning now let’s go wow that is so dim. Can we make that brighter? Please – and these controls are borderline – unfathomable, oh left and right is up and down that is so dumb. Can we make the screen brighter? Please yeah crank it crank that brightness. I don’t notice a deadly thing. How do we go back? Oh no yeah they’ve all got the same tortured all right, let’s get straight to it. I just want to see the videos on this thing all right here we go empty disk. Oh dixie, chicks works. Lucky us, oh god, that’s. Why i hate these stupid nuggets? Oh, we got ta show something on the screen. Hang on right, you dim idiot. Ah, it can’t even show a picture of bitey frank. Oh before the inevitable happens, i have to test the recorder and just show you my nugget spirit. Look this whole time. That’S right! Mate poke cells. Well, what a big old pile of poop that was can’t forget this failure. What horrible luck? Usually? It goes a lot better than that, because that one was blown up that one wouldn’t turn on at all, not bad wouldn’t turn on at all. Wouldn’T turn on at all smash screen and just seemingly pretty good. It had a lot of stuff on there, but then, like couldn’t play any of it.

Well that’s it shoes thanks for watching big thanks, especially these stinky names right here, because one dollar a month. I do extra vids let’s get this out of the way so yeah like these nuggets are fun when they get to this point where you could buy like 50 of them for a couple of bucks, but to find one brand new in its box, mate that’s hot. To two it like there you go. This is a brand new nug, but this name. Oh look at these headphones can’t, wait to blow them up with the mojo, but yeah we’re gon na open up a brand new nugget see what all the fuss is about. So huge thanks for watching happy new years to you, unless you’re still dealing with 20 20 but anyways, but hey i’ll, see you all next time franklin want the food she wants to fool her. Maybe not! Maybe she doesn’t want the food.