I’Ll also include some runner ups or honorable mentions as well now keep in mind, even though i don’t own every tablet out there. I do own most of them, so these will be tablets that i’ve, actually used or reviewed on the channel. I’Ll also leave a link in the description below for all tablets covered in this video with current pricing and more information. Now, if there’s a tablet that you feel should be on this list, let me know in the comments below i may not have done a video on that one yet or i just haven’t tried it out yet, but let’s go ahead and get started. The first category of tablet, with best battery, is actually a pretty easy choice to make this one actually came out at the end of last year, but i don’t care. I had to throw this one in there as well. The fire ac 10 just crushed my battery drain test, even at 100 screen brightness now, i’m, usually not the biggest fan of the software on these fire hd tablets, but i feel they’ve been getting better each year and you can actually play pubg mobile on there now. So i know i’m glad to see that, but congratulations to amazon for making a beast of a tablet. As far as battery life goes now, just put the google play store on there like it should be so people don’t have to keep searching for how to install google play store.

Now i also thought i’d throw in comeback tablet of the year. This category is mainly just to give a shout out to lg for actually making tablets again, i feel they’re a company that could easily compete against samsung if they wanted to, but for some reason they don’t put a lot of time and effort into making tablets anymore. I’M sure tablets may not be as popular as they once were, but if you look at samsung, they still make a tablet for just about every category imaginable but still i’m glad to see lg back in the tablet making business. Even if the lg g pad 5 10.1 inch tablet is more of a budget offering that is comparable to say a galaxy tab, a 10.1 or lenovo tab, m10, full hd plus, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I would just like to see them start to compete with the galaxy tab s7 or somewhere in between those two price points, so you can get a little bit better performance. Oh and lg don’t forget to continue with software updates. People tend to like those and if people know they’re gon na get at least a couple years. Software updates that’s definitely gon na help you with sales Music. Now, when it came to my pick for the best eight inch tablet, it was actually a pretty tough one, mainly because there’s a lot of good options for eight inch tablets. You’Ve got a really good 8 inch tablet from lenovo and the tab.

M8, full hd, pretty good battery life and i feel like the fire. Hd 8 tablets are also getting better each year, but my pick for the best 8 inch tablet of the year go to the samsung galaxy tab. A 8.4 inch tablet, which has a really nice full hd, display good battery life and it’s, just a really good performer, whether you’re gon na use this for gaming watching youtube videos, netflix or just browsing online. If you want something a little bigger than your cell phone now, let’s talk about the best 10 inch tablet or really it’s considered the best mid range tablet again there’s going to be two tablets that are really close, and whenever i do testing on cheaper tablets, i Tend to put them next to the entry level, ipad 8 10.2 inch and the ipad always seems to have a better looking display, especially when you start comparing different viewing angles. Sure it still looks a little dated with the touch id right on the front making. It have those huge bezels, but functionality, wise and performance on the new ipad 8 is just really good, but, like i said it was really close and it’s pretty much a tie between this new ipad 8 and the new galaxy tab. S6 lite. So unless you want the s pen, which is included, then go with the tab s6 lite. But to me, if you’re wanting a powerful tablet that is going to be great at most things at around that 300 price point, you really should have the ipad 8 10.

2 inch at the top of your list Music. Now, when it comes to the best 10 inch to 11 inch tablet, although i guess they really are more 11 inch tablets, this one comes down to two different tablets that i’ve reviewed recently and that’s the ipad air 4 and the galaxy tab s7, which was really Hard to choose, which is the best 11 inch tablet, but when comparing these two tablets it’s really close now i will mention the tab p11 pro that i just reviewed by lenovo that’s, probably my favorite from lenovo so far, but still not quite on the level of The galaxy tab s7 or ipad air 4, but when comparing those two i’d have to give the slight edge to the galaxy tab s7 over the ipad air 4., mainly because they include the s pen, where apple makes, you spend another hundred dollars to get their official Pencil not to mention the galaxy tab. S7 also has 120 hertz refresh rate, which isn’t a huge deal for everyone, but it does help make things just a little bit smoother than that on the ipad air 4.. But for me, i’m definitely giving this one to samsung. Sure they could have used an amoled screen like on their larger s7 plus instead of lcd, but i still like this tablet a lot and i’m calling it. The best 11 inch tablet from 2020 now, obviously there’s some more expensive tablets out there, like the ipad pro and the larger s7 plus, but, like i said, i’m, only comparing the tablets that i actually own or have used on the channel.

Now, when it comes to best cheap tablet, but it’s got a nice 10.4 inch. Full hd display a large 7 000 milliamp hour battery that’s gon na give you plenty of time to watch movies, play games or just browse online to see when the ps5 or xbox series x is going to be back in stock. The galaxy tab a7 is normally 229 dollars, but has been on sale for 150 dollars several times already and is definitely one of the best cheap tablets that you’re gon na find at this price point now, a tablet that’s really close, and i would consider an honorable Mention is the lenovo tab, m10, full hd plus. So, even though the display on the galaxy tab, a7 isn’t gon na win any awards, i do like the size of it and i think what you get for. The price is just good enough to be the best cheap tablet you can buy from 2020.. I also want to give a design award out to lenovo for the yoga smart tab with google assistant. This one actually came out at the end of last year, but i don’t care. I had to throw this one in there as well. I like it that much. I love how it’s got this huge tube with speakers at the bottom and a built in metal kickstand. Just feels like such a great idea, you can even hang this tablet upside down with a kickstand, which i don’t think i would ever do.

But still you have that option if you want a tablet to quickly set up on the counter, while you’re cooking in the kitchen with great speakers, this tablet is a must, have it’s, probably one of the tablets i’ve used the most in the past year. When i want to watch something while working on other things, it comes with a nice 10.1 inch, full hd display a large 7 000 milliamp hour battery and jbl speakers that sound, really good all at an affordable price. Now the last category, but definitely not the least, is the best chromebook tablet and this one’s actually pretty easy, because there’s not too many chromebook tablets out right now, but the lenovo chromebook duet has a great design with premium materials. Now they don’t include a stylus, but the included keyboard case that snaps right onto the back is actually pretty sweet and it just makes it feel, like it’s, a more expensive device than what it is. I think the performance could be a little bit better or more powerful, but the design and execution is spot on, especially for the price at around 250 dollars. Lenovo. You did a great job on this chromebook, but could you please make one that is a little larger like the p11 pro? That would be awesome thanks. So if you’ve made it this far into the video, you may want to say thanks by subscribing and don’t forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.