com is even worth looking at Applause. You remember when we got some power tools and formalwear from I unfortunately do remember this experience. It didn’t work out really. Well, your dress, i think, worked all right. The dress is great: my suit was terrible like so bad, it was really bad and then we had like some power tools that were like very mediocre headphones. Well, everything was just mediocre yeah. Well, i decided to try ordering some more stuff from because i’m a sucker, so today we have three things that we ordered from wish and we’re going to take a look at them. Then we’re going to let everything charge because we want it to all. Have a full battery and then we’ll test them all out. We have a smart watch like unto an apple watch, but this cost about 14. We have a remote control car and then we have what was described as a 4k drone, and i was frankly a little surprised that this case appears to hold everything uh. I was surprised by a number of things. For one thing, i thought this was just going to be a box inside the bag and i started open it, but when i discovered what i was seeing, i thought oh wait. I have to show this on camera because this is how it arrived it’s in this bag. But if you look at the part where i started opening it, you can see a little bit of styrofoam containers.

Oh there, it is more styrofoam containers, i’ve, not seen more than this you’re now joining me on this on it’s, not an unboxing, because there’s literally no box get that tape off separate our high quality styrofoam clam shell good all right. This is the larger of the two cars for the record: there’s there’s two options: all right here we go. This does look like a toy car, a remote control, buggy car. I think this car was about 35, so we do have like calibration in case it’s pulling one direction or the other. We can be like oh it’s pulling left let’s adjust. What i think is funny is uh. They show a picture of a person standing on the truck, and i have some doubts. We’Re not gon na try that now, because i think that will destroy it and i want to at least try driving it before we destroy it. But if it survives our driving test, we will definitely test. If we can stand on this next, we have a smart watch. Okay, it really does look like an apple watch. It says it has ip67 depth. Waterproof has the quality feeling so far feels like i’m trying to put a piece of rubber on my wrist peel that, yes, there you go. Oh no residue from the protective screen sticker, that’s, amazing that’s, just the worst, so it says it can track your steps. It can record your sleep: it has a heart rate: module a blood pressure, module i’ve decided, i don’t want to be wearing a blood oxygen module and a fatigue module last one let’s take a look at the drone.

Okay, well, first off this is like so light. It feels like it’s, just an mpk and just doesn’t work. So to point out. This is the drone and the controller yeah. This came in a bag – oh wow, that is so so tiny, so it does actually have a picture of a person holding it in their hand, but this person has like little baby hands like look at the size that it shows in their hand, it’s going from. Like the end of a finger like theirs is double, so they have someone with very small hands and or just photoshop, and you said this is supposed to be 4k. It yes in the specs it does claim. So it has two cameras, a front and a bottom. So yeah i’m excited we’re gon na charge. All these things and after they’re all fully charged we’re gon na play around with them and see how high quality they are. Oh it’s, amazing. All right, i think all of our stuff is charged up. We have charged the batteries for our car, our watch and our drone well let’s start with the car that doesn’t need an app and then the smart watch and the drone both need apps remote control on this just takes regular double a batteries. This i charged up battery pack is in there, except on Applause, that’s backwards. It works Applause, all right i’m, not very good. At this squeeze this forward push this backwards.

Yeah seems pretty responsive. I like that uh oh you’ve got steering. Should we take it outside where we can get a little more speed before we hit the walls and lights and trash cans and cameraman and everything found mark? Yes, we should no oh look at that speed. This is fully on the accelerator as much as it can go. Oh that’s, sad all right monster truck’s got some hops, i’m gon na go and say it behaves like a crappy rc car it’s a perfectly serviceable, medium rc car. It drives backwards, forty dollars for it, something like that. Okay, it probably has a little bit better clearance than some other cars sure. I noticed that, as i was playing with it, the cushion springs that are like the pistons that are supposed to be part of the suspension, they’re, not perfectly machined, so they like go at an angle and then they push push push and then they sort of break And slide together and i feel like if you use it a lot you’d end up just like bending one, the wrong direction: yeah, not real quick, but you know it drives yeah. It drives yeah in the picture. It showed someone standing on it or at least seemed to show something standing on it. Cali. Would you like to stand on our car? I would i really would i thought you’d. Never please stand supposedly. It should be able to take my weight. All we know is that there were feet on.

We don’t know how much weight was behind that i hear and see pieces of plastic breaking off. Okay, let’s check the torque okay, it cannot drive shocker, but hey, it still drives okay, so it did survive me standing on it, just not driving it’s. All right i mean it held a person that’s some durability, that’s, fair noteworthy. Should we go? Try our apple watch. I got the band connected to my phone, it wasn’t too hard, but it said like open settings on your phone and connect to the device and it didn’t say what the device would be named spoilers. It was named i5, but i did get it connected. It seems to be giving an accurate battery reading. Okay, i managed to test shake to take photograph, which is a function where you just like shake the watch and it triggers. Does it take a photograph on your watch or on my phone okay yeah? So you can like have your phone set up and use that as a trigger? Okay, i see is the idea. I believe it has like a running map but i’m not running at the moment. So i guess i could just run for like a block and test how well it tracks me run across the room, since a lot of the function of the watch is more like longer term, not put it on for five minutes and test it out. I’M gon na try to use this watch for like a week and uh today’s monday i’ll give an update on friday on how it’s gone and what data it’s collected and if i’ve been able to stand wearing a watch for a week which that’s a tough one.

We’Ll see, if you you know how many miles you run. Oh boy yeah, i don’t like to run let’s. Try out the drone sure i found out that i can make it do this that’s a very good start thanks. I don’t know what to do now. Oh nope, okay, nope, hey, it went oh, no, no, no, no, it crashed let’s have an actual somebody who knows how to fly a drone. Do this mark trade me so i’m recording on here all right, let’s see you can see what like that was. I might even aim at you flashing it, so the flashing lights happen when it crashed. So i don’t know if that means it no longer wants to work. Oh nope it’s, fine Applause, uh one of the rotors. Oh one of them broke. It did come with some spares Applause, a little balance, a little better balance now yeah, okay, i’m recording Music Applause, so close Music Music still likes to go backwards, so is that filming in 4k, then definitely not kind of sort of our drone likes to fly backwards? It’S facing that direction, so as soon as it starts flying, it should come toward me, i’m gon na see, if i can smash it out of the air, because it sounds hilarious and we can’t even control this thing flying this could be fun here. We go good. What did you break on it? A lot, i think i clipped one of the rotors and just tore it right off, along with everything connected to it.

Okay, i’m, just gon na toss, the rest of it at you. Sorry well here’s part of it part of that ends up in the neighbor’s yard. Hey do you think it’ll fly anymore, yeah yeah, i think it’s, fine, new record height all right. This drone, which we did spend almost 20 dollars on, i would say, definitely was not recording in 4k. Also, interestingly, it’s supposed to have two cameras, i don’t think we ever even got around to testing the bottom camera and yeah in a week. We’Ll give you an update on the watch i’ll, let you know how i’ve liked it if i’ve managed to get any useful data out of it. If i can figure out how to make it track, my everything you got. This gets better and better my faith in you. Okay, guys i’ve been wearing the watch, uh it’s, actually thursday, not friday, i’ve been wearing it since monday, mostly non stop took it off to charge it so let’s talk about the good things, it’s fairly comfortable. Okay, it does seem to be at least water resistant. I i wouldn’t normally wear a watch in the shower, but i did wear this in the shower just as a test and it didn’t break, but the water did activate the one button, so it would just like cycle through whatever it felt like, depending on how much Water was hitting it at the time i think that’s about the end of the things i liked about it.

All the battery life is decent that’s good. How did it measure your steps it’s very bad, at keeping track of data steps? It says 4136. I assume that’s today and that’s, probably supposed to work at least a little better if it links to your phone, but about that it does a really bad job of linking to my phone to get it to connect. I have to turn my phone in airplane mode. Then turn back on just bluetooth, wait a minute and then connect to it if it ever gets too far away that it disconnects it will not automatically reconnect when it comes back in range, so i’ve had to reconnect it three or four times and each time it Just like gives up yeah it doesn’t do a good job monitoring my heart rate. Even now, while it’s connected – or at least it was connected a couple minutes ago, it’s not sending all the information it’s supposed to like my phone is not telling me the current temperature. Even though it’s supposed to do that so for 14, was it worth it? I would so much rather get a 14 cheap digital watch that just has the time on it, because all of the other functions are for the most part useless. So does this have a changeable wristband? Yes, okay, so it acts as though it’s going to be like an apple watch, but at the end of the day, it’s, definitely based on an apple watch yeah, but well i’ve actually never used a real apple watch.

I cannot for the life of me, imagine it’s anywhere near as frustrating as this ooh. It keeps track of your sleep and after my first night’s sleep when i slept seven seven and a half hours, it said i had slept for just over ten and a half hours so i’m, not sure exactly what it’s monitoring, but it was very wrong. There are some good things you can get on wish smart watches for 14. 15 are not one of those things guys remote control car was fine. It drives like a decent remote control. Drone was awful. Oh my gosh, it couldn’t fly it couldn’t hover. Its recording was terrible quality. I did expect them to be low quality. I did not expect them to be this. Low quality. Well, probably should have expected that for how much i paid that’s all right, but they were bad don’t get electronics from, guys that’s it for today, but we’ve got tons of other videos to watch on the channel hit that box right.