So i use these for school internships. Everything in between let’s get started. First up on the list is none other than pixomatic. They are a photo editing. App that you can use for any of your creative projects when i first heard about this app, i was like this is a huge lifesaver and it has saved me so much time you can use this to remove backgrounds from objects, blend photos together and so much More the possibilities are endless. I mainly like to use this app to remove backgrounds from objects, because that tends to be a very time consuming task when you do it manually, so i’ve just been using their magic cut feature which is phenomenal, honestly it’s. So clean and precise, in comparison to other editing, apps out there, i actually used the app and the magicka tool to make. My thumbnail for my previous video process was just so easy and i’m obsessed with it, and just another really cute fun thing that i’ve been doing with this app is making little friendship like christmas collages for my friends, i’ve just been trying to find like new fun Ways to really jazz up the presents that i’m going to give them so make sure to click on my link down below to start your free 7 day trial with pixmatic. First of all, i just want to say that i love the vintage art style of this app there’s, a lot of minimal productivity apps out there.

So sometimes they all tend to look the same, but this pomodoro app stood out to me. I mean just look at the face of this tomato. Is that not the funniest and cutest thing that you’ve ever seen? There’S just so much personality in here, and i love it for those of you that aren’t familiar with the pomodoro method it’s when you set a timer for 25 minutes of intense focus without any distractions, and then you take a small break afterwards. I like to use this every once in a while, when i have like really small menial tasks, that, for some reason i just can’t seem to like sit down and focus on so that’s. When i whip out my pomodoro app and i find that it really really helps to get me to focus and just kind of like finish and just get my together, so yeah it’s just been really helpful. So far, all right next up is notion. Of course, you guys know that i had to include this app like this was just a must. I use this to organize practically every aspect of my life and when i say this, i mean it in the most literal way, because i have a school page. I have a personal page. I have a journal page, a book page everything that you could possibly think of. I use notion for it. I have a link down below that. You guys can use to sign up for your free personal plan.

I love it because everything is customizable. There are no boundaries, no limits to what you could do with this i’m, always switching in between my laptop and phones. So whenever i need to quickly refer to my to do list, all you got to do is just open. It up on my phone and everything syncs up i’m telling you the moment you get notion, you’re going to be inspired to want to get your life together because that’s what tends to happen. I mean at least that’s what happened with me. I can’t get enough of really simple to do lists. I don’t know what it is about them, maybe it’s, just the very minimal interfaces that really like suck me in i’ve introduced quite a few before on this channel, but i’m, always like looking for new ones. I find that they’re so great to use, especially for when you’re going out grocery shopping, and you just have to make a little list on the fly little to do. Lists like this are so helpful when you’re doing like little assignments here and there that require a bunch of like little steps along the way, and you don’t want to clutter your usual planner with those steps. So then that’s when you’ll use like an app like this. Their interface is just so minimal, so sleek so simple. You can switch in between light and dark mode other than that there’s, not that many features it’s very straightforward, which means less clutter and more room to focus on what you have to get done now, if you don’t like the way that deem looks there’s.

Also, this app called erogami, which can also be used as a little memo app it’s, cute and simple. Pretty pastel colors on here are probably one of the main selling points just like deem it’s pretty simple and straightforward there’s, not much to it. You can change up the fonts and even the colors, so it’s pretty customizable for a free app, and i honestly really appreciate that. That’S, basically it for the top five productivity apps. That i’m, currently using at the moment, feel free to share any that you’re using. As always, i’m always open to suggestions and if there’s any that you would like for me to mention in any of my future app videos feel free to leave them down below.