Finally, here we’re. Finally, here i think we’re uh, i don’t, think it’s too early to jinx it, but i think it’s it’s, probably cool to say if you’re watching this we survived 2020 together, not everybody was as lucky but congrats patched off on the back. So i know we all want to put 2020 in the rearview mirror once and for all. I cannot wait to tweet, hindsight 2020, but just in the spirit of looking back for a second in the tech world, which is what i like to talk about and look at tech didn’t stop like it just kept going. We just kept getting events. They all went virtual, they kept announcing products, we had tech timber. Just like we always do. There were plenty of really good products. I gave out my smartphone awards. There are plenty of not so great products, plenty of memeable tech, all kinds of stuff along the way. I thought it was a lot of fun, but that being said, i think it’s time to look forward towards 2021. Now, first, up is new. Gaming consoles that came out last year are still to this day pretty hard to get, and i think they still will be. Probably for at least a couple more weeks and that’ll start getting less crazy, especially with the ps5, probably in like spring, but if you’re trying to win one before that, i am giving away a bunch of these consoles, as you probably saw one of the last videos.

We’Re giving away 24 of them, so all you have to do to get entered there is follow on twitter, simple as that it’s a good time, and i have big plans for this channel in 2021 – not just for well for youtube for this channel and for for Youtube and beyond, in 2021, a lot of stuff being planned. You guys already know some of the stuff like retro tech season. 2 is coming. You guys already know there’s going to be coverage of tech products, but there’s a lot of stuff. You don’t know about that’s. In the works, we’re actually hiring for the first time. In a long time i post it on twitter there’s, a google form, that’s that’s the main way we’re we’re actually going to be looking through people applying so for 2021. If you want to join a team, that’s doing big things and you actually have the skills and the talent that applies here, definitely check that out nice little little boat horn, it wouldn’t be 20 20 without some noise. But i wanted to end the year with a q, a it’s been a while, since i did one of these uh, i actually do them more often on the waveform podcast now, but it’s been a little bit. I like doing these, so i asked on twitter what you guys wanted to know. This is what you want to know all right. So austin asks how long before there’s a mass market foldable phone that people will actually want and can afford to buy austin austin austin it’s, the classic predictive future in the world of tech problem.

I actually think honestly. This might be the thing that i am asked about the most, which is not just foldables, but what do you think the future holds for me the best way of predicting the future, which i’m not good at by the way, but the best way to do that Is to look at what’s happened in the past, so we’ve had smartphones as a new form factor happen and they were expensive, but they only took, i would say, like three to four years before most people were looking to get a smartphone and i’m talking like 2007, When these really like evolved from the blackberry to like the iphone candy bar style phone, so i’m, actually really hoping for, like the third generation of a lot of these foldables to be the one that lowers the price like we got. The first gen, where the tech is proof of concept, we get the second gen with all sorts of refinements from the learnings from the first gen and then i’m hoping third gen price drop that’s. What i’m hoping anyway all right? What are your thoughts on how the viewer can find a video for both positive and negative reactions to a certain idea or product that’s, a really interesting question, and i think that actually comes from the state of youtube in 2020., you see when i was starting back In back in those days, i started to sound like an old person when i say stuff like this, but back when i was starting youtube.

Youtube was very different. There weren’t really that many tech channels at all – and i get a lot of credit, sometimes more than i deserve for being, first or being really early. But there was a generation of the chris pirillos, the john four lakers. The soldier knows bests the people who started before me, the ijustines that inspired all of the tech creators that have come out since then, and so back. Then, if you were doing tech carving out your niche was as easy as just covering tech, but now, since there are thousands and thousands of tech channels on youtube, i feel, like you start to see, instead of just carving out your niche as being a tech channel, That feels like it’s, not niche enough, and so, if you want to differentiate yourself, you start to see uh the the apple tech channel, where you see the explainer tech channel, and you see the positive tech channel and the negative tech channel, that’s there’s, all sorts of Versions of this that have emerged because of what youtube has become there’s just more of it now, so i think, if you look hard enough, you can kind of find whatever you want about a product. You can find the greatest most well reviewed product ever and the negative tech channel will see that as an opportunity to stick out from the rest and carve out their niche and tell you why it’s a bad product that’s just going to exist now.

So i think our job as reviewers is to tell the truth and be honest, and i think your job, if i can give you a little homework as a viewer, is to watch more than one person talk about something. Then you can pick what you agree with all right, which apple product. Are you most looking forward to in 2021? And why and what do you think will be the next big technology? Innovation uh? Here we go again future. You know i’ll just answer the apple question, because i think apple’s always been interesting. They make a lot of stuff and i think we always hope that they’ll make more stuff than they do more different stuff. What i’m looking forward to in 2021 honestly is the new m1 max or apple silicon max, i think that’s, the no brainer the first generation of apple silicon max was so incredible and then the fact that they can only get better from there is amazing. I got m1 max as gifts for people in my life this year and i don’t think they’ll regret it but i’m very curious about like the new imac, the new 16 inch macbook pro and just the rest of that lineup. Oh, my god, carl conrad back with the porsche. When will you finally be joining the porsche club in 2021? Carl? I have no plans. I love the tai. Can i know you probably love the thai can, but i am a firm believer at this moment, at least for me that the tesla model s is the best daily driver like he’s just got the most space it’s, the best performer it’s got the best software it’s.

Just i got no reason to switch, but i love me: some tycan don’t get me wrong. I’M, just not i’m, not switching i’m, also holding out hope, here’s. Another little little forward, looking i’m holding out hope. Maybe foolishly, the tesla roadster is maybe two years away. Actually fun fact, if you look at tesla’s website right now, this is the last day of 2020 that i’m recording this, but it still says on their site that the roadster should start production in 2020 because you know that’s what they announced back in the day when They announced the new roadster, but i’m thinking 2022 or 2023 is when that’ll come out and if i can be patient and just use my model s as a daily driver. Until then, then i will finally have a bonafide electric supercar and i won’t need a tie. Can, but you know, love me: some thai can oh ooh. What are the odds you bring back icons, couldn’t, get everything i wanted in the drop, so i’d love the chance to get it again. This is something we’re actively working towards. I think we’ll be able to bring icons, hopefully back permanently and that’s all i’ll say i mean it’s a it’s, a collaborative effort, dbrand’s got to make them and they had to make a lot. So their challenge is spinning up and hopefully being able to make everything they make and icons at the same time, but that’s the plan, not a question but huge.

Thank you for all the work you’ve done to entertain us well. Thank you. Thank thank you. I don’t say this enough, but thank you for watching it’s the reason i’m able to make this stuff, and it surprised me on many occasions how many people are interested in tech and and will watch tech videos on youtube. So thank you. Alright you’ve talked to slash interviewed some pretty awesome people. Is there anyone else on your list that you’d like to meet or interview. That is a fun question and yeah. If you look at the interview list now – oh my gosh in 2020, so now it’s i mean we added some crazy people to the list. You know what’s interesting, though, about the the talking tech series. I originally started this series to talk to people who have an interesting perspective in tech in some way, and so it’s been a variety of people, but anytime you do one of these high profile, videos. What you don’t know is immediately after that, in my inbox is a bunch of offers from similar people to be interviewed in the same way. And so, when i interview a ceo, for example, i guess a bunch of other major companies see that as an opportunity for their ceo to come on the show. So there’s been a bunch of ceos, but there’s also been a bunch of other people that also have wild creative and interesting ideas in the world of tech, and i just want to keep that trend going.

So yes, i’ve talked to a very impressive list of people, but i don’t want to limit that list to just super famous ceos. I want it to be people who have interesting thoughts on the world of tech. I i’ll throw out the boston dynamics founders. They just got acquired this year, but when we went out and shot that video of spot the robot and if you saw the crazy stuff they’re doing in their headquarters now in that same room with that video going viral of all the robots dancing, they are very Interesting people to talk to when we shot that so people like that here’s an offer extended to them to talk, but of course many others. Okay, now that airpods max have been released. How do you see this affecting the premium headphones segment in the future? Well, the apple effect is very strong, as we know and there’s already been headphones like airpods max, but i think what we’re really just seeing is as sad as it is to say a price enabler like we’ve we’ve come up to that 350 limit pretty hard like. If you want the premium noise canceling wireless over your headphone experience and i think apple coming out with a great version for 550 unlocks the door for maybe sony to make a 500 pair or maybe audio technica or maybe bose or maybe microsoft. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but that tends to be what happens when apple does something is following in the footsteps there? Oh dan, will we see an mkbhd golf video in 2021, uh i’ve thought about it, but here’s here’s the reason so? Okay for those of you who don’t know i’ve played golf for a long time.

I’Ve played golf since i was 10 years old, which means i’ve been playing it for more than half my life 17 years. At this point, and i played a lot more in 2020 because team sports were canceled, there was no ultimate frisbee. There was no league to play in and so to get my physical fix. I played a lot more golf. That was a lot of fun. I shared some of it on twitter and instagram didn’t make any videos about it. Uh and i think when we get back to team sports, maybe in 2021 i’ll probably play less golf. I still want to play a lot of golf. I just know i don’t think i play enough golf to make golf videos as much as i want to. I would i still want to make we go we’ll play dan i’ll play golf with you, which nba team are you reading for this season? Wait this guy’s user name is, is jimmy buckets fan, but also luca harden is his username. What uh, which nba team are you rooting for now? I think, as much as i like watching chris paul play he’s my favorite player to watch, i don’t see phoenix being the championship winning team this year as much as i love him so i’m going to say, giannis and i hope the bucks actually get a ring. This year, i think they got to beat the lakers in the finals and that’s when the crown comes in for that mvp.

But you know chris paul’s still my favorite player, okay, interesting biggest consumer tech letdown of 2020 – that you think will be redeemed in 2021. So it’s a a pretty positive angle, pretty optimistic, redeemed biggest letdown. In 2020. i mean the biggest letdown was probably losing the charging brick in the box of like a bunch of flagship phones, but i don’t, i don’t, think that’s gon na be redeemed in 2021. Sadly, you know what the real answer probably is: there’s a vaccine. Everybody takes it seriously. We make a recovery and things get back to the way they were. Is that a good answer that feels like a good answer? Oh where’s, your video about your lasik eye surgery. I d: well, i didn’t make a video about it, but i did get lasik uh, those who don’t know. I made a resolution in 2019 that i wanted to see 2020 by 2020, which was just a cheesy way of saying. I wanted to get lasik not have to wear contacts anymore, and i did it and it’s the best thing i ever did it’s the best money i ever spent. I would recommend it to anyone who’s a candidate. I was a pretty flawless candidate as far as my eyes were concerned. I had like a minus 1.5. I was a little nearsighted, have worn contacts or glasses, and oh man it’s great highly recommended i’m, not reviewing lasik but i’m. Basically, reviewing it 10 out of 10.

Would recommend? Oh, i like this one. I like this one to end it. Where is the dark mode version of the intro 2021 let’s, say 2021 dark mode intro committing to it now there’s just so much to look forward to there’s no way 2021 isn’t better than 2020.. I know it feels like we’re jinxing it, but just as far as the tech we’re looking forward to in this this video i’ve already talked about you know. Electric cars for one roadster is probably not happening this year, but cyber truck, maybe and a bunch of other electric car competition talked about the the apple silicon max. I think that’s going to be awesome to watch the next few generations of it. Roll out new form factors, some phone stuff, really interesting, galaxy, s20, lineup or s21 lineup in january might be a little. I mean it’s going to be interesting to watch because there’s rumors flying about some plastic 1080p 60 hertz. Maybe some some questionable rumors we’ll have to see you know. Ces is going to happen and just all their phone stuff. You know oneplus 9 galaxy fold, 3, surface, duo, 2, z, flip 2, some good stuff coming up and i’ll toss in the iphone 13 lineup, because maybe this will be the year of well a lot of things for the iphone, a portless iphone, potentially 120 hertz iphone. Potentially a notchless iphone, potentially i’m hoping at least to see touch id come back, but yeah there’s, just there’s endless stuff in the tech world to look forward to it’s a good time to be a nerd and lastly, i’m.

Looking forward to stepping the videos up in 2021, we’ve stepped up as a team, the quantity of videos – but i think, like i mentioned in the beginning, there’s a lot more, that we can do on this platform in the in the tech world and in the video World that is really exciting to me. So look forward to that yeah and then just looking forward to a fresh new start, all right, quick, sponsor message shout out to expressvpn for sponsoring this video. So now, more than ever, pretty much all of our life feels like it’s on the internet. Right from the things that we buy online to the videos, we watch the messages we send even the classes we take. So the big tech companies have sort of mastered the art of tracking. All of that, like the level of data collection, that’s going on, would probably blow your mind, and so, when you see that there’s sort of a log of your online activity being built up, it can kind of feel like an invasion of privacy. So that is where expressvpn comes in so they’re the vpn i use and they encrypt your data and hide your device’s ip address. So tech companies can’t track your internet activity back to your location, so to hide your ip address. Expressvpn reroutes your connection through a secure server, and you can choose from up to 90 different countries to route that through which lets you browse the web, as if you’re from that other country and the bonus is also lets.

You get past region restrictions on a lot of websites, so, for example, this weekend i realized that elf is not on netflix in the us, which is crazy. But of course it took me 15 seconds to realize it is on japan, netflix, so pro tip. If the christmas experience to you feels incomplete without elf or other movies, not available on us netflix like the grinch or die hard, you just grab expressvpn and just switch up and now netflix thinks you’re from japan. So if you don’t already use expressvpn, i recommend it and if you use my link, mkbhd, you can get three months free so again, shout out to expressvpn for sponsoring this video all right. So thank you guys so much for sticking with me for this video. Thank you for watching uh lots of great stuff coming out for this year. If you haven’t, already subscribed to the waveform podcast we’re, stepping that up to a weekly podcast for 2021 also so subscribe anywhere, you listen to podcasts get in on the giveaway, follow on twitter.