We have a very good competition today, so we will see what we have got in the gt2 pro and what we have in the gtr. 2., so let’s begin immediately with the gt2 pro from huawei. You can see the in the toast bar. We have the disturb screen on, find my phone alarm settings and we have percentage of battery in the left. We have activity uh daily activities. We have down notifications and the right. We have the heart rate stress. Next we have the weather, we have music control, which we can change from uploading, music control or we can control the music in our phone. We have workout workout records, workout status, heart rate, blood, oxygen activity, record, sleep stress, breathing, exercise, call logs contacts, music, air pressure, compass notifications, weather stopwatch timer alarm, flashlight find phone and the settings at the bottom. In the settings we have earphones, display volume, vibration, drone button down button, etc. So this was the gt2 pro from huawei. We have now the gtr 2 from msfit and the toast bars you can see. We have the weather percentage of battery hor, we have date and time also the shortcuts, like usual torch, brightness, lock, screen theater mode, do not disturb etc and the left we have alarm, pai, hard rate activity goals, etc. These are the shortcuts down. We have notifications, we have pii activity, goal, heart rate, weather, music control and again the shortcuts and the at least we have pai hard rate blood oxygen, workouts activity in the workouts.

As you can see, we have plenty of workouts that we will uh try later. You can see now we have the activity, stress, weather, music, control, alarm, event, reminder widget and screen. We can also upload music in the gtr 2 same as in the gt2 pro. Now we have the tasks for the gt2 pro let’s, go to the app list and see what we got. First let’s go to the top. As you can see, we got the workouts here and the workouts. We have running courses, 13 running courses. We have outdoor run indoor run, outdoor, walk, indoor, walk in outdoor, cycling, indoor, cycling, pool swimming open, water, hiking, trailing driving, we have rower other and plus, we can add sports like we do, and the gtr 2 as well out running is the first option. So let’s try this one and see how it will work press go. As you can see. The gps is trying to locate us locate us you can see. We have heart rate, pace, distance and timing, the heart rate zone as well down. We have steps colors calories, sedans, total siding altitude, heart rate we have the trailing by, you can see the kilometers and the average space heart rate, training effect and that’s it in the right. We have the music control and the left we can end the session. Also. We have the gps connection, you can see the roots and we can get directed with that press and hold the main button to end the session.

Next, we have the heart rate, measuring, as you can see it, it starts to measures itself immediately. Next, after that, we have the blood oxygen which we have to rest our hand and the table. So you we get more accurate data. As you can see, we have to keep still keep the watch facing up and without moving. We will get some information, as you can see like we are getting right now. The statistic will be saved in the app as it was saved here and the watch you can see. Every option has its own statistic in the watch same as it does in the app like, i said before, the stress option will measure itself automatically throughout the day you can see, we have the statistic and the app we have highest lowest, etc. Here you can find the automatic stress testing at the page of the gt2 pro after that we have the breathing breathing exercise. You can see. I select it for one minute, so you have to inhale and exhale like it says and the watch itself and as you can see, we got the result very good, not bad, keep it up. It says so that’s a good thing. We have the call logs and call histories that we can make phone calls from the watch. I showed you how to cut how to make phone calls in the unbox video and how to connect as well. So if you’re interested to see that go ahead in our channel, we have air pressure, compress compass which we have to calibrate, and this is how it will look like.

So these are very good options and, for example, the compass goes with hiking options that we got in the sports. This is the gt2 pro from huawei now it’s time for the gtr 2 heart rate is the first option. We got immediately some result, which is very good and very fast, and also next we got the blood oxygen you can see again. We have to rest our hand in the table, keep still face facing up and we got the results. And after that, we have the workhouse that we saw before plenty of workouts, which we can add more. We have here duration, distance pace and hard rate. After that we will find average pace, sudden speed, average speed altitude total climbing total siding totally society in calories. In the right we have the music control and in the left we end the session. After that, we have the all day, stress that will measure automatically and that’s, basically it so we can clearly see we got more options in the gt2 pro, but the gtr 2 has better uh screen. For my opinion, it works better than the gt2 pro. You can see the gt2 pro. It goes a little bit slower than the gtr 2 from ms fit. The misfit works really smooth, so guys this was all for today’s video. I hope you find this video interesting and helpful if so hit the like button subscribe to.