The most valuable player in the phone landscape – and this got me thinking every great phone – deserves a great cell phone plan to go with it right. So in this video that’s, exactly what i’ll be covering the best cell phone plans to complement, marquez brownlee’s smartphone award winners for each phone i’ll be recommending two plans: i’ll recommend one premium plan. This is the flagship plan from verizon at t or t mobile themselves, and i’ll recommend one great budget option. This will provide an excellent value for people looking to save some money on their cell phone plan. Now that said, there will be spoilers in this video because we need to talk about the winning phones in order to discuss the best cell phone plans that will complement them. So if you haven’t seen marquez brownlee’s video already, i highly suggest you check it out linked in the video description. He goes into more detail about why he chose the phones he did and runners up in each of the categories with that said, let’s just jump right into it, starting off with the xiaomi mi 10 ultra marquez brownlee’s best big phone of the year award. This won the award for its excellent use of space and the sheer amount of features xiaomi was able to pack into their huge phone now. That said, one of the key features xiaomi neglected to include was support for key 5g and lte bands for use in the united states.

It’S only got five of nine, a t, lte bands, four of six t mobile lte bands and three of five verizon lte bands. Additionally, verizon only accepts devices on their network that have gone through their verizon device certification process, and you can bet xiaomi definitely did not do that, so you can forget verizon with this phone. That leaves a t and t mobile. I think t mobile is the best network here and to get the premium experience i’m recommending t mobile magenta plus. This includes 50 gigs of priority data 20 gigs of hotspot data up to hd, video streaming and international support. So if you do happen to travel abroad once that’s, okay again, this phone should work on t mobile’s roaming networks internationally. Now this plan is expensive at 85 per month. So, if you’re looking for a budget option, i recommend mint mobile. Their 30 plan includes 35 gigs of high speed data, and it includes some of the same great features as t mobile, including support for the mobile hotspot voice over lte, wi fi calling and more. The one thing i will say about mint mobile is video. Streaming is capped at standard definition, but you can get around this by using a vpn like expressvpn, linked in the video description. Next up, we have the iphone 12 mini. This won the best compact phone of the year award because it packed a flagship level experience and one of the smallest form factors we’ve seen in 2020, now what’s also excellent about the iphone 12 mini is it is a champion of 5g and lte band support.

It includes all eight 5g bands and all 15 lte bands for use in the united states. You can literally use this phone on whatever carrier you want and you’ll be totally fine. That said, here are two of my top picks for the best premium plan. I suggest you consider verizon’s 90 get more unlimited plan. This plan includes 50 gigs of priority data with support from millimeter wave 5g. This plan also includes 30 gigs of dedicated hotspot data and as a bonus for iphone users, apple music is included for free. With this plan, not only that you’re also getting disney, plus hulu and espn, plus bundled as well so it’s a great value for getting all of your entertainment and a premium network experience to complement your new iphone 12 mini now in terms of the best budget option. I’M recommending us mobile us mobile actually uses the verizon network for coverage and the two plans i suggest you check out are their 30 30 gig plan and their 50 50 gig plan what’s great about the 50 plan. Is it includes 10 gigs of international data roaming with us, mobile’s, international e, sims and that’s? Another reason us mobile is perfect for iphone 12 mini iphone, 12 mini supports esim, and you can easily activate it on any one of us. Mobile’S international esim data plans, including plans that are available in the united states. So if you just need a little bit of data boom, you can pop it on your esim on iphone 12 mini next up.

We have the asus rog phone 3. This one marquez brownlee’s best battery award for having a 6 000 milliamp hour battery. This phone also happens to be great for media consumption, with up to a 120 hertz refresh rate display great for gaming and with two front firing. Speakers, great for watching movies tv shows youtube or more so you’re gon na want a plan that supports hd, video streaming and fast data speeds. So you can have low latency when you’re playing your online games. Something interesting to note about the rog phone 3. Is it actually lacks support for verizon’s millimeter wave 5g bands? It only works with the sub 6 gigahertz 5g networks available on at t and t mobile. So with that said, you could go either at t or t mobile here, but in my opinion at t is the move here with their 85 unlimited elite plan. This plan includes 100 gigabytes of priority data, which is the most available in the industry right now. You’Re getting 30 gigs of dedicated hotspot data and you’re getting hbo max included for free with your plan, so you can enjoy all of your favorite shows available on hbo max on your big, beautiful asus rog phone 3. for the best budget option; i’m. Actually, switching networks to the t, mobile network i’m recommending their 50 unlimited plan from my testing. This actually has the same speed and performance as t mobile’s, more expensive, magenta and magenta plus plans.

So why pay more when you can get the same experience for less it’s? A great value plan it supports plenty of the features you need. The one downside is, this plan is limited to standard definition. Video streaming now the ultimate hack to get around this is to use a vpn. Expressvpn is one of the top rated vpns for streaming. Netflix content and using a vpn allows you to stream your favorite movies or tv shows at full hd quality, with no limits whatsoever, i’ve been enjoying using expressvpn and if you’re interested in checking them out, you can get three months free by signing up at stetson. This comes out to just six dollars and 67 cents per month, which is way cheaper than the three dollars per day. T mobile is charging, and even the ten dollars per month that metro by t mobile is charging for their hd streaming pass. Add ons so check it out, link in the video description and if you choose to sign up using my affiliate link, i appreciate your support. Next, we have the note 20 ultra this one. The best design, award and samsung is actually really great about including support for 5g and lte bands. This phone is no different. It’S got 7 out of 8 5g bands and 14 out of 15 lte bands being used here in the united states. You can pick pretty much any plan you want and the note 20 ultra will work great.

That said, it does have a big gorgeous display optimal for consuming content and streaming. Video and it’s got some excellent cameras on the back, which are going to be great for capturing and sharing posts on social media. So you probably want to plan with great video streaming capabilities and with a lot of priority data for sharing your content. We already talked about it. I think at t. Unlimited elite is a great plan to consider here now, there’s, a second kind of user. I feel like would pick up a note, 20 ultra. This could be a business person who wants a premium flagship phone, but perhaps doesn’t necessarily need a premium plan to go with it. Maybe they work at home and they have great wi fi, all the time or maybe they’re in the office, and they have wi fi there, so they don’t actually need a whole lot of data for those people, i’m going to suggest ting’s set 5 gig plan. This is 25 bucks a month and includes 5 gigs of high speed data and what’s going to make this plan great. Is it supports all the features you need like voice over lte wi fi calling and the mobile hotspot? Ting is known for their excellent customer service and support, and you can choose to use this plan on either the verizon or t mobile network, depending on what offers better coverage in your area. Next, we have pixel 4a this one, the best budget phone of the year award and like with iphones pixels, are notorious for offering excellent support for all lte bands.

Pixel 4a is no different. It supports all 15 out of 15 lte bands being used here in the united states, so you can pick pretty much any plan. You want, i think, a big plan that a lot of people are going to think about when they think of pixel is going with. Google phi the phone carrier by google but i’m actually going to recommend against that. Google phi in my opinion, has become more expensive, as other plans have come down a lot in price and the google fi subreddit has basically turned into a support forum. Unfortunately, i’m, seeing a lot of posts sharing poor experiences with google phi, whether it’s losing phones trading in a device and not getting credit or having an issue with service and just not being able to reach someone at google phi to get that issue resolved. So i think google fi their customer service could use a lot of support and the plan is more expensive. So, instead of getting google phi, i suggest ting’s flex plan. This plan is ten dollars for unlimited talking text, half the price of google phi and then five dollars per gig of data. Again, half the price of google phi plus with ting you’re, getting full feature service and support, including domestic roaming data and ting, has built a reputation around their excellent customer service and support. So i really do feel that plan will get you a much better experience with pixel 4a.

Another great value plan to consider with a more budget option is the cheapest unlimited data plan currently available, and that is visibles 40. Unlimited data plan you’re getting true unlimited data with true unlimited hotspot data, though hotspot speeds, are capped at five megabits per second and you’re. Getting great feature support. The one thing to note is visible, is de prioritized. So during times of network congestion, visible customers will have slower speeds than those people who are paying for the premium verizon plans. Next we have the galaxy note 20.. This one marquez brownlee’s bust of the year award because it basically shipped with a flagship price but more mid tier specs. Still this is a samsung phone. It has great support for 5g and lte bands, so you could use it on any plan you want, but if you’re getting a bust phone, maybe you want a bust cell phone plan to go with it and my bust of the year award would go to boost Mobile boost was owned by sprint and offered true unlimited plans at the beginning of the year, but when sprint was merged with t mobile boost was sold to dish and, as a result of that boost had to make their true. Unlimited data plans capped at 35 gigs. So people who had signed up thought they were getting an unlimited plan and then they got a 35 gig plan and that caused so much outrage. If you’re looking for a real plan, though i would recommend visible their 40 unlimited plan is one of the most affordable options available.

I also want to give a shout out to red pocket here. They offer super affordable plans that use either the verizon at t or t mobile networks for coverage. So you choose what network you want when you sign up and if you’re able to commit to a longer 12 month option, then red pocket will over double the amount of data, that’s included with many of their plans. Next, we have samsung’s galaxy z, fold 2.. This one the most improved award for the sheer number of improvements samsung made to their second generation folding tablet device what’s surprising here, though, is while samsung has been known for including great support for 5g and lte bands. The z fold 2 is actually missing. Four of at t’s lte bands – these are supplemental bands, so they’re, not part of att’s core lte network, but considering the z fold 2 includes all 5g and lte bands on the verizon and t mobile networks. I think those networks are going to be the move. If you’re looking to pick up a z, fold, 2. so i’m recommending you consider verizon’s 80 play more unlimited plan. This is 10 less than the get more plan i recommended for the iphone 12 mini because well, i don’t think samsung users are as likely to need that apple music subscription. The playmore plan still includes 50 gigs of priority data 15 gigs of hotspot data. All the features you’d expect, as well as the disney plus hulu espn, plus bundle in terms of an affordable plan.

I think we should look to the most improved carrier of the year and in my opinion, that is us mobile. They did tremendous work, improving the rates for their custom plans and they launched their 15 2 and a half gig plan and 30 10 gig plan, which they then promptly updated to be a fifteen dollar three and a half gig plan and a thirty dollar thirty gig Plan and us mobile introduced their first ever family discount on their unlimited plans, along with the perks of getting your favorite subscription services included for free with the service. So yeah. I think us mobile is a great option if you’re a z, full 2 customer. Looking for something that’s, more affordable and also a really great service, and lastly, we have the galaxy s20 fe, which won the mvp of the year award. This phone combines some of the best specs features and performance at a reasonable price point for a great overall package, and i think a phone like this deserves cell phone plans that are really great, too great value. Great customer service and great feature support and my top picks are visible’s 40 dollar unlimited plan us mobile’s, 15 3.5 gig plan mint mobile’s, 30, 35 gig plan and ting’s 25 dollar set 5 gig plan. All of these plans offer an excellent value for their service. They support plenty of the features you need and they offer great customer experience as well. I’Ve used all these plans myself and really enjoyed my time on them, so i definitely suggest you consider them if you’re looking for a great value plan to complement your galaxy s20 fe and of course you can scoop up a premium plan from verizon a t or T mobile and you’ll get exactly what you expect and that’s gon na, be it for this video click the like button, if you found it helpful, subscribe for more videos like this one share this video with a friend.

So they know what are great cell phone plans to complement marquez brownlee’s smartphone award winners of 2020 i’m stetson. Thank you.