So this is my lg g8x thing. If you guys know that the lg’s service has been extremely disappointing and i have still not got the replacement glass for the lg g8x thing, while we get that replaced, we are continuing the videos on lg g8x thing and this video will be about the best g Cam for the lg g8x smartphone, it is available on open sale on amazon and flipkart for around 29 000 rupees. You can just go ahead and buy it. If you are interested in the smartphone and gcam for lg gatex think will be uploaded along with the configuration file in a public google drive, link and i’ll be leaving that link in the description below. If you guys just visit that link, you can go ahead and download the gcam for your smartphone, if you guys just see over here, i’ve already downloaded the gcam and also i’ve already downloaded the configuration file for the lg gatex thing. As i said earlier, these two files will be available in a public google drive link in the description we have to install this google camera right now and also we have to just set up the configuration files for this gcam i’ll, be showing you guys how you Can do it right away once you have downloaded the google camera and the configuration files just go to your files, application and just click on the google camera over here, and it will say, files by google.

You have to set the permission to install from unknown sources for this application just allow from the source and come back and click on install and the google camera will be installed on your smartphone. As you can see, the snack bar appeared over there and it says the google camera is installed and, as you guys can just see, the google camera has been installed on our smartphone lg g8x and i’ll. Just open the google camera and i’ll just set all the permissions guys over here. Just allow just allow all the permissions has been set for the google camera on the lg g8x and one important thing is now. We have to go ahead and install the configuration file for gcam if the configuration file is not available. What happens is all those settings or all those best practices that you need to do for google camera? You would have to be manually setting up on your device. Instead, what i’ve done is, i have found the best configuration file that is available for the lg g8 x and also i’ve uploaded that xml on the same google drive link. So once you have downloaded the gcam and installed the next step. What you have to do is again go to your files. Application just go to the files app over here and, as you can see, this is the configuration file right. What you have to just do is just come to the home screen of your file application.

So this is the home screen of our files app right, so we have all these android, dcim, download and all other folders that is present over here now. What we have to do in this folder is just go to the three dots menu and click on. Add new folder! So if you’re using some other file manager – and you know how to add the new folder just go ahead and add the new folder and name the new folder as gcam. So the new folder has been named as gcam just create the new folder. As you guys can see, the gcam folder has been created, go inside the gcam folder and inside the gcam folder. We have to create the second folder. So this is the two folder structure that we are doing guys. As you can see. We have to create another folder, just click on add new folder and name this folder as configs seven type, config, seven and just enter create folder. So, as you guys can see, this is the home screen of our file manager and once we go to the gcam and we have the config summon. So this is two file structure that is available now go to the downloads folder and in the downloads folder. We have the xml file, that is, the configuration file for the lg gatex link, just long press on this and just move or copy. This configuration file inside that config 7 folder just go to here.

Click on copy to go to internal storage, go to gcam over here, go to config 7 and click on copy. Here configuration file has been copied successfully to our gcam folder or the config 7 folder over here guys, as you can see, inside the config 7 folder inside google camera. We have the configuration file xml. That is available so guys we have successfully installed the google camera and also we have installed the configuration file for the google camera, just clear, all the items, and now we have to just go ahead and open the google camera and just check out all the features That is available, so this is the gcam, with the configuration uh files available guys. Now we have to just install the configuration files or we have to just restore the configuration files inside our gcam apk. So, in order to do that, what you have to do is just open the gcam apk, and there is this empty region right in between the shutter button and also the gallery option just double click over here and once you double click over there, you will get An option to choose the configuration files, as you can see, there is an option to choose the configuration files. Just click on restore and google camera will restore the configuration files and restart itself successfully. As you can see, the app has got refreshed and it got restarted. Now that means the config files has been successfully installed on our gcam on the lg g8x think smartphone.

Now we have all the best settings and best possible options that is present for the lg gi text, thing customized exactly for your requirement. This is the place where you can just start, shooting some amazing photographs using the g cam. Now what we’ll have to do is we have to make some tiny adjustments here and there, which i actually think is very important before taking some amazing photographs. I actually turn off this motion option guys. I just turn off this motion: option just click on turn off motion, and there is this option called hdr plus enhanced. I turn it on hdr plus enhanced. Also, i just go to the settings over here and in the settings. I just keep three cross three grid that’s, it only three options. I do guys all the other options are automatically enabled with the help of our configuration files. Now what we can do is we can just straight away: go ahead and shoot some amazing photographs using the google camera i’ll, be showing just a few samples for you, guys, uh how google camera can make a difference. One important problem – google camera will help you to solve is that the front camera on the lg g8 x, think is kind of blurry front camera on the lg g8 x think has the length of focus which is set to a little far distance. That means, if you keep the front camera on this device, if you keep it very near to your face uh, it will not be as clear as it will be on other devices.

This problem can be minimized, at least by fifty percent, when we are using the google camera on the lg. Ga texting as you guys are seeing these are some of the photographs that has been taken using the g cam on the lg g8x thing, and the quality of the photos have improved a lot. One thing to say is that the normal camera itself is extremely superb. In terms of taking photographs on the lg, g8 x thing on the rear camera, but when it comes to the front camera, there was an issue of blurring, but when we are using the g cam, that problem at least gets solved by 50 and the quality of The photographs that comes from the front camera of the g cam on the lg g8 x thing is exceptional, as you guys just saw the photographs that was taken from the lg g8 x thing using the g. Cam are exceptional, and one thing to say is that the night side of the g cam is just unbeatable, no matter what smartphone you’re, using in terms of android department, the night sight on the g cam on any device you use just can’t, be matched with any Night mode of the default camera applications. When you go to the night sight mode of the fg cam on this device, there is an option to turn on the astrophotography, as you guys just saw when i just pulled on from the top there is this astrophotography mode when you just turn on the astrophotography Mode and you point it towards the stars: by keeping it on a tripod, it will take somewhere around four minutes to take the photos of the stars that is present in the night sky.

It will find the stars that is present in the night sky and it will give you some amazing results. You can try it out for yourself, and also one important thing is there is an option to turn on the google auto white balancer, so just keep it put on all the time that will help you to enhance the quality of photos as well that’s it. For this very quick video of the lg ga text thinks gcam i’ll be covering even more videos. I am very sorry that i’m late to the party of lg g8x videos – you guys have liked this video, please hit the like button, share this video with your friends and subscribe to the channel for more interesting content.