In fact, even a little bit last year, we’ve seen some massive improvements in sensor design. Physical size of the sensor, the isp and even the software used to process the raw data coming from the sensor. There’S, a lot of improvement. That’S happened across the board and across the entire price bracket, not just at the very top, but there can only be one winner of the best smartphone camera award and that, surprisingly, actually not so surprisingly, goes to the iphone 12 pro max. The apple iphone 12 pro max wins this year’s awards, based on a number of criteria in terms of its photo quality. The fact that it embodies a larger sensor this year allows it to shoot far better quality of images in low light than it has ever before. Done so, the sensor based image stabilization allows the iphone 12 pro to be handheld for longer shutter durations than again possible with the previous ois based implementations. The second reason why it comes out ahead of every other smartphone camera is the fact that it is capable of shooting video in dolby vision, hdr with in camera, dolby vision, hdr processing. It stands to reason that the video quality coming out of the iphone 12 pro max is going to be superior and is superior to everything else out there. By incorporating this white color space you’re also getting a better dynamic range, significantly better dynamic range, actually along with better colors and more rich and vibrant footage.

Also, the microphone pickups on the iphone 12 pro max have improved significantly this year and the combination of all of these factors results in the iphone 12 pro max being the winner of the best smartphone camera award this year following the iphone 12 pro max. Is our runner up, which happens to be this year? The oneplus 8 pro now the oneplus 8 pro houses a fairly standard 48 megapixel primary sensor. This is something we’ve seen in a lot of cameras, but one of the reasons why it stands above the competition is actually thanks to its ultra wide lens. Unlike anybody else in this segment, oneplus has chosen to use an additional large 48 megapixel sensor for the ultra wide camera. This allows it to have noticeably better dynamic range, far better color reproduction and also makes the ultra wide lens usable in low light. So these factors put together make the oneplus 8 pro the runner up in this category. Last but not least, we have the best buy recommendation for the best smartphone camera and this title will go to the apple iphone 12. Now the iphone 12 does not have a telephoto lens that’s one, and the second thing it does not have is the lidar sensor that’s built into 12 pro max. However, the iphone 12 delivers impressive image quality straight out of the camera. It gives you the same dolby vision, hdr videos that we’ve seen in the 12 pro max putting them at par, but in terms of its photo quality.

It falls just slightly behind when it comes to low light photography. However, in daytime and in most average use cases, the iphone 12 goes almost neck to neck with the 12 pro max, the lack of a telephoto lens does cost the iphone 12 a few points, making it the best buy recommendation instead of the runner up. So there you have it folks. This is the digit zero one award, video for the best smartphone camera and the winner for this year’s category is the apple iphone 12 pro max. Thank you guys for watching and make sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button so that you don’t miss any future updates from us.