and a couple dollars. So, as you can see here, i bought it, and this is the receipt for its iphone 11 from mercari. It was listed for 375 and taxes and shipping. It came out to be 402.79, which is pretty impressive, because these devices are currently going for a lot more. In store, so in this video i’m going to do the unboxing tell you guys how you guys can actually get these cheap devices and then talk about a couple things about using marquari and where to find the best deals on it on iphone, so stay tuned. So let’s talk about marquari what is marquardt it lets um anyone buy and sell anything it’s an app you download and we’re going to be leaving a link in the description section for you guys, if you guys join using the link today, you’ll be able to get Thirty dollars towards your initial purchase, as you’ve seen in other previous unboxing videos from marquari, were able to score some really great deals on it, because it’s a lot of individual people selling their devices, usually looking to get rid of it if they upgraded something like that, And that’s, where you can score some really good deal, because they have no need for it and they’re just looking to get rid of it at a premium that you don’t have to pay when you’re buying new and as you can see here, we were able to Get it in this box here that came in it looks like reusable box, so we’re gon na go ahead and really unbox this thoroughly to show you guys what the condition of the phone is itself, so let’s go ahead and start unboxing.

Also, while we start taking this tape off, if you guys are new to our channel, we do a lot of tech, news reviews and giveaways so make sure to hit that subscribe button. So i’m gon na go ahead and take the initial tape off. So it looks like you can set this box that they’re using is a reusable box, because these are not professional sellers it’s, just individual sellers, they usually usually use boxes that they bought something from or that came with something that way you know, because they don’t have. This new boxes so that’s why? Sometimes the boxes are really beat up, which is fine. As you can see here we have the red version of the iphone 11, so put the box aside and we’re going to go ahead and start on by. Of course, this is not the new edition it’s the 64 gig model. It is the product red edition, one which is a special edition, one that apple releases and i think, it’s, one of the more unique design that they have. So i usually find this one to be more colorful than the other one. As you can see here, we have this cleaner and then the actual phone here so let’s take a look at the phone. So inside the box we have is the iphone 11 and then we have, as you can see in the box, we have here. The charging brick looks like his original one, and then we have the used headphones.

They were probably lightly used or so and then the cable itself. There was no instruction manual, pamphlet that you usually get or with the newer purchase of iphone, which is fine, because you know we’re getting at a discount, they might have thrown away and let’s. Take a quick look at the phone, the phone isn’t new. This is a pre owned. You know it’s used phone, so the seller on the app mentioned that they used it about for six months or so, and it’s been paid off and it’s clean ime, which means the phone. You know it’s paid off and you can use it and it’s unlocked. So i can use it on any carrier. If you take a look at the back here. As you see, the back is pretty clean, no crack or anything like that: there’s a dual camera and then, if we start examining the side notice for the most part, the side is clean. And then, if we take a look at this top here clean as well a little minor imperfection, not which you can see it in this light and then the side with the volume up and down clean as well. And then the bottom piece as well looks clean. As well and then the front glass, if you take a close examination on it, there’s no surface scratch or anything like that – that you can see it’s really hard to see so we’re going to go ahead and power.

This device on the power button is on the right hand, side here and, as you can see, i’m holding down the power button until i see the apple logo, so we see the apple logo that did take a little bit of time. Hopefully, the phone is charged up. Sometimes, when you buy phones from our car, you only need the app sometimes they might not turn it on right away. You might have to charge it delete this one turned on that’s because it’s been through a shipping and it’s been probably in stock for some time or they just had it a drawer, never charged it and such thing as you can see, the phone already has been Factory reset this is the main menu usually get whenever you buy a new phone to go ahead and set it up and we’re going to go ahead and set this up here so again select our language, our country start menu and then we’ll go ahead and put Our wi fi here so we’re putting the wi fi. If you don’t have a wi fi, you have to connect to either a mac or pc using itunes. You can set it up as well, or you can also use your sim card, and the sim card on the iphone 11 goes on your right hand, side right here and can use the same data on it to activate it. So, though, those are the three ways you can activate it, so let’s talk about more quality, whatever you guys are looking to buy on marcori.

Of course, uh make sure you guys use the link that we provided for you guys on a device you can’t get the credit if you’re on the desktop. So first thing is that the other thing is whenever you guys are browsing around on the app once you have signed up and such uh. One thing you want to note about: marquari is you’re going to see tons of deals. Some deals are going to be too good to be true and they probably are and the way to determine. That is that whenever you guys see a listing at the bottom of the listing, you’re gon na notice that there’s a seller’s rating and um rating and how many stars that they have you want to buy from a seller that has close to five star. If not five star, and then you also look at how what kind of items they’re selling if the person is selling only like iphone, 11 or 12 or 2 300, most likely it’s, a scam and – and the other thing to kind of note about the scam. Is that if they’re telling you to pay through some other app, so whenever you guys are on this app make sure that you stay within the app don’t do any transaction? No matter what the seller says, if they’re saying they’re going to give you a discount or they’re going to give it to you for a hundred dollars or fifty dollars, don’t.

Listen to that because that’s most likely to scam it marcari doesn’t have a way to protect it. The only way you’re protecting the marquari is, if you make payment through the marquari system and each item that is purchased on marquari automatically gets tracked using a tracking number. So whenever you i purchase this phone or if you purchase anything once the tracking is labeled, is generated, you get that tracking number to kind of track out the history of it. The other thing is: if let’s say you ordered something, and you didn’t quite get what you ordered. You can actually open up a request on marquari. Just tell them, you know what happened or what you got and they can process a return of course, for you most likely, you know if you are a rated seller and your most highly rated seller. You know they’re going to send you what they’re looking for, of course, whenever you’re buying a used phone, it’s really important to thoroughly check out the phone once you have get bought the phone because on marquari you only have three days to rate a seller. What rating is is to confirm that you have received exactly what you ordered or you purchased, and after that you won’t be able to return it. So you have three days to really do the transaction it’s a pretty fast paced, uh, app and it’s, not like ebay or amazon, like our own other unboxing, that we did where you have 30 day to up to 90 days, return policy that’s a three day: return Policy, so within the three days you really have to know.

If you like it or not, and most of the thing is they’re sold by individuals, which you know there’s a problem, you can only do a return, but if there’s no problem – and you got what the seller mentioned – you’re going to get there’s pretty much – you know Nothing you can do you just have to stick with the device that’s. Why you’re able to score such good deals? As i mentioned, this phone is around six seven hundred dollars new buying in a marquari we’re about to get it for around around. You know four hundred dollars, you know two three hundred dollar saving, hence why you know it’s important to start, you know, testing out the phone, the first thing, you’re gon na test out the buttons and then making sure the camera works. All of this, which we discussed in our previous videos and in the videos of other device whenever you’re buying uh use iphone, which, if you guys want to check out that’s, going to be a link in the either description section or the comment section. On the things that you want to check whenever you’re buying a used phone, so hopefully this video was helpful. This video was helpful for anyone looking to buy a cheap device, make sure you guys check out our unboxing for ebay and amazon as well, where they have some really great deals as well and score. Some good deals, if you guys aren’t comfortable with marquari itself, and you want to go with the more well established site like amazon or ebay.