This is similar to the live, listen feature on an iphone, but live. Listen currently only supports apple and beats headphones where google’s new amplifier app supports nearly any wired or wireless option. Sound amplifier is pretty straightforward: it’s designed to help users lift audio levels and reduce background noise and on pixel devices. This app can also increase the volume of audio and video played on the device. This is a critical improvement over inexpensive audio, boosting solutions sold to consumers instead of a tinny or harsh microphone, blasting louder sound into the ear. We want to use smarter technology to reduce the noise around us. That signal to noise ratio is one of the more critical aspects of hidden hearing loss. A little extra volume can help, but i would caution against relying on only boosting the volume, as that will likely exacerbate hearing loss over time with sound, amplifier and live. Listen. We can place a phone closer to the source we want to hear and then use wireless headphones to receive that audio. Sound amplifier takes this a step farther by giving us some basic tuning and noise reduction settings to adjust and i’m really happy to see that google allows you to tailor those adjustments per year as hearing loss is often asymmetrical. So does this stuff work? Well, yes, but there is some room for improvement. The general noise reduction effect is working in near real time and that level of audio processing is fairly intense, striking a balance between noise cancellation processing power and battery life.

I would say the final output is good, depending on the noise around you you’ll certainly hear digital distortion in artifacts. You know that warbling sound, which can feel sort of low fidelity for digital audio. But if the desired outcome is to hear a human voice over the sound of a busy office or a cafe, then some digital distortion in the background is far less distracting than being surrounded by that noise. I kind of feel like that’s enough to get a handle on what the app’s going to do so i’m going to go ahead and kill the airplane noise here against proper standalone hearables like all of union and new hera google’s app can’t unseat, dedicated hardware solutions. My hearable earbuds easily outperform, including better hearing analysis tools and finer controls over the kind of noise you might want to reduce. That said, a phone based solution has three key benefits: one, the app is free two, it can be used with existing headphones and three it’s. Not dependent on the physical proximity of your ears when i’m wearing my iq buds audio from my perspective is easier to hear, but with sound amplifier i can move my phone closer to a source if i want to hear audio from a distance more specifically, all in All this is really exciting tech when it comes to consumer noise reduction we’re hitting a plateau where even affordably priced headphones can include. Surprisingly good anc. The next phase of audio, probably won’t, improve much on the amount of noise we can eliminate from our surroundings, but there’s plenty of room to improve unintelligent noise reduction.

Instead of just squashing all noise, we can buy headphones, that scalpel around human speech or maybe improve on highlighting directional audio. So the sound is heightened. Where i look and as processing power increases, this effect can be delivered at higher fidelity like rtx voice from nvidia, which is shockingly good at cutting noise in real time with zero lag and delivering surprisingly high fidelity output for voices. Now that takes a beefy graphics card to accomplish, so we can’t do that on a phone just yet, but we’re heading in the right direction. If any of your family or friends are suffering from some hearing loss but they’re reluctant to try a hearable or talk to their doctor about hearing aids, apps like sound amplifier are a terrific first step to help them out and i’ve included a link to sound amplifier. In the description below, have you tried using the hearing assistance options on your phone or computer? What have your experience has been drop me? Some comments down below let’s have a chat about hearing health, as always thanks. So much for watching for sharing these videos and subscribing to the channel we’ll have plenty more to discuss for hearing health and audio quality in the new year and hopefully, i’ll be able to start taking my audio gear out to public places again soon and i’m excited To follow up on conversations with doctors and researchers, there’s plenty coming so stay tuned. I can’t thank those of you enough who are supporting these kinds of conversations sharing on social media and checking out the support links here and on some gadgetguy.

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