. This is a new fitness tracker with a lot of cool features. I bought it for 35 us dollars here in china. The watch has a 1.47 inch amoled display 10 days battery life 10 different sports, mods nfc and is water resistant. We will compare it with the huawei watch fit. The two watches have a lot in common, but the huawei watch is three times more expensive. So let’s find out which one is a better fit for you. In the box we have a manual and 2 pin magnetic charger. This is exactly the same charger that comes with the huawei watch fit, and this is the watch itself. My first impression is the build quality. It looks. Solid, definitely is a better build than the mi band 5 or oppo band, which i reviewed recently, but it’s also more expensive than both watches. On the right side of the watch, we have a button and a microphone on the back side of the watch are the two charging pins and the sensors. Now let’s start the watch for the first time and complete the setup. I will begin the comparison with the huawei watch fit right away. The first thing i notice are the supported languages. As you can see, on the honor band 6. We only have english and chinese. While on the huawei watch, we have a much bigger choice: to connect the honor band 6 to the phone, you will need to install the huawei health app.

The watch also works with the iphone. You will need to install the same app on your iphone. You can see here in the app that huawei considers the watch feed a smart watch and the owner banned a fitness tracker. Although i don’t see a much difference in features between the two watches, i think they both fall into the category of fitness trackers. When we compare the two watches side by side, we can see that there is not much of a difference. The watch fit has a larger display, but everything else remains the same. We have only one button on the right side and on the back, we have the same two pin charging design Music both watches, have the same interface swipe from the top brings the control center swipe from the bottom shows the notifications. You can only read notifications, you cannot reply. This applies to both watches, swipe, left or right brings your daily fitness stats, music control, weather and heart rate monitoring. Now let’s look at the fitness features of the two watches and see what are the main differences. The honor band 6 comes with 10 different sports mods. As on the huawei watch fit. We have 12 different animated fitness courses and 96 workout mods. This is a huge difference. All other features are pretty much the same. We have workout records, workout stats, heart rate, monitoring, spo2, sleep data, music, notifications, weather stopwatch timer and alarm. The heart rate monitoring works fine and is accurate on both watches Music.

The sp02 also shows similar results. The find my phone feature is available for both watches and sounds like this i’m. Here we have two levels of vibration: soft and strong, i would say the honor band 6 has a slightly more strong vibration. Both watches have five levels of brightness. However, the difference here is that the honor band 6 doesn’t have auto level. I guess the watch doesn’t have a sensor for this. Both watches have amoled displays. They are very bright. There are no issues seeing them clearly in bright daylight, Music to change the watch face. We have to touch the display for about 3 seconds, then swipe left or right when it comes to features inside the health app. There are no differences. Both watches have pretty much the same features as we know, the watch faces are essential and the honor band 6 has a lot. Some of them are pretty cool, but i have to say that the watch fit has a lot more watch faces and because the display is bigger, they are more functional and better looking and with so many similarities. It’S no surprise that we have exactly the same charger on both watches but that’s a good thing, because this magnetic charger is a much better solution than the charger of mi band, for example. As for the straps, they are very soft and comfortable and can be easily replaced, but i am not a fan of this design. There are small parts that come out and you have to be careful not to lose them so guys.

These two watches have very similar features and they both have long battery life of 10 days. They both have very bright amoled displays, but the main question is which of these two watches is better for you. The difference in price is not small. Huawei watch fit costs. Almost 3 times more than the honor band 6, and i don’t see significant difference, except, of course, the larger display and more fitness mods. If i have to recommend one of them, it has to be the honor band 6.. It has a better value for the money and, as always, don’t forget to subscribe like and comment.