Review of the infinix zero eight let’s go hi ben from lover of tech. If you enjoy videos like this and you’re new to the channel, make sure you hit that, like button subscribe, hit that notification bell to your part team tls, the tech level squad, so you don’t miss any future videos on the channel. Now everything i’m going to critique and break down about this phone, the good and about just consider the price of this is 250 dollars. So take everything into consideration at that price. Point let’s start with the building the design. Now, when it comes to that it’s, probably one of the best parts of the xero, a yes it’s, not using any top tier materials. But the clever two tone finish at the back. The unique diamond shaped camera module and a curved at the back with a flat display does make it feel nice to hold. Even though it’s, based on a large 6.85 inch footprint size, the placement of the power button. Fingerprint scanner is perfect, but i do wish the volume rocker was lower or on the other side, to prevent less hand. Reach plus, you do get a headphone port, usb c, dual sim and honestly overall i’m pleased with the build and the design of the zero eight let’s move over to the display. You know displays are something i really care about on a smartphone, because to me i feel that’s the center and the central part of the experience to a smartphone and the interaction, and when it comes to it, i am a bit mixed, but at the same time I’M, not surprised that the decisions made at this 250 dollar price point.

I do love the size, 6.85 inches nice size and that near enough 21 by 9 aspect ratio, but it really does make overall, the handling of it feel really much easier, especially at that size of the screen. Also, the addition of a high refresher 90hz panel is also great on paper. Firstly, some of the drawbacks and some of the feedback i have for it that it is a tft display instead of amoled, which it does get decently bright outdoors, so viewing outdoors is actually pretty decent and good. Secondly, it’s a 1080p display which, obviously, for most people, is going to be okay, but i do notice some pixelation, especially when it comes to watching video and obvious. You know what it’s expected at this price point. So i’m gon na put my hands up that’s a bit of a small reach for me when it comes to this particular part, but honestly it’s so funny. But my main issue is actually the unique selling point, the main selling point, the 90 hertz mode really kind of seems off, and i think it’s really down to that slow pixel response of the display because you do get a decent amount of ghost and blur, which Is kind of low key jarring for me and i get it when it comes to marketing smartphones in 2020 and beyond. Having a high refresh rate panel is cool, but i would have rather have had an amoled 60hz panel at this price overall it’s decent at this price.

The display design has even enough borders and it’s a functional enough pill shaped selfie with a good screen size. Now, when it comes to performance, this is my first encounter with the mediatek helio g90t mouthful it’s paired with eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal storage, now i’m, not really much of a mobile gamer as such, really stress test the zero eight soc. But overall it moves along good enough. It really does seem to help that having eight gigabytes of ram, because, obviously, when it comes to things like app, switching and task switching, it works moving up and also multitasking with things like dual apps split screen. At the same time really does work well better than i expected the performance again. It’S, not gon na light your world on fire, but remember this is a 250 dollar price, so it’s more than punching above its weight for sure now battery. I have to say when it comes to the battery and the charging experience the zero eight is one of those budget phones that does so well here for the price that it starts to even make some of the more expensive flagship phones, look kind of suspect, it’s Packing a 4500mah battery with 33 watt wide fast charging in the box. Now, of course, at this price you can’t expect to have any form of wireless charging of any sort, but for me the fact that it can charge from zero dead zero to 100 in 57 minutes is definitely more important at the price.

So yeah well done here to the zero eight again. Overall, the battery life is great as well. No real mention and focus of the screen on time, but it’s gon na last. You today easily no issues software wise. The zero eight is running xos version, seven. On top of android 10., now honestly, i doubt very much you’re going to be getting android 11 at all when it comes to the zero eight. So this is something you’ve got to consider if it’s important to you – and you want your software updates, because i think it’s just going to be on android 10.. The software is feature packed as expected for android, but sometimes the navigation and the overall ui at times felt intrusive to me with odd few add on apps and stores that really felt like they were getting in the way of the experience. I guess it’s decent enough, but it’s necessarily not going to be my favorite os on top of android being used. The software pretty much gets the job done it pretty. Much is where it is at this price point now when it comes to the camera, it performs as expected for 250 phone and that’s to say it’s, not a pixel, 4 8 contender or killer, but it will kind of do the job if i’m being a bit Kind to it, let me just put it that way. I would definitely say i recommend you to go. Watch my camera comparison with the zero eight that i did to see the full breakdown of the camera performance, but a quick rundown overall, as you can see from what i look at it, i see the rear camera system as a dual system, because, obviously, with the Main and ultrawide, because the two extra megapixel sensors that are on there are nearing us near enough pointless to say the least, and i would actually give it some credit.

At least a dual selfie at the front has got some form of functionality, with an additional ultra wide there and again when it comes to the video performance, unless you’re using a super stable mode in 1080p, you basically get no video stabilization in order of a video Recording modes pictures are decent with good detail, but you do take a hit to dynamic range night time and night mode. Shots work, okay enough and again, it’s, definitely not in the leagues of the phones like the pixel 4a, but it does what it needs to do at 250 dollars now wrapping this up for 250 dollars, the infinix zero eight pretty much does what is expected on the Tin, definitely not 250 dollar flagship like what they were saying, but overall it does what it needs to do at 250 dollars and it’s a decent enough phone, not bad at all. That is it for me, ben from lover of tech. If you enjoy videos like this, you know exactly what to do. Make sure you hit that, like button subscribe, hit that notification bar so you’re part team tls to tech level squad, so you don’t miss any future videos on the channel, i hope you’re all safe. During this time.