Is this phone still worth it right? Now 6.5 inch oled super retina display on here. You know marketing terms for another oled display tuned. Very accurately, though i do like it, and then we do have a dual 12 megapixel camera on the rear there. That is capable of up to 4k at 60p. So it’s a very good overall video quality. You can get out of this thing: four gigs of ram apple a12, bionic, 7 nanometer cpu. This thing also does have a 31 74 milliamp hour battery housed in the back of this thing and capable of fast charging. So those are some of the key specifications for the iphone 10s max here, late 2020 going into 2021. Those are some decent specs. I think, if you could find this thing on a deal and talking about its build quality, you can see, we do have stainless steel. Lightning poured on board, and while this gold color, you do have space grade silver options available as well, it’s, not the most premium. Looking gold, i mean the iphone 12 pro max is the one that looks super premium now. It still looks very good and you’d be hard pressed to find android phones that feel as nice. Maybe even look as nice as the iphone 10s max in terms of that build quality, so a very durable phone as well. The glass will crack on the back. If you drop it a couple of times, this phone does have ip68 dust and water resistance, so it’s still really great when it comes to.

If you get this thing, wet you’re – probably not going to have too much of an issue with this phone, so very happy about that. The stainless steel frame is really what makes the stove feel very nice in the hand, though overall looks though i would say, because this camera right here really is circa 2017 looks more like the iphone 10. I do think the back of this phone is starting to look just a little bit aged, but nobody’s going to look at it and say: oh that’s, a super old iphone, definitely not, but compared to the 11, the 11 pro the 10r, even the iphone 12 12. Pro all those phones, it does look a little bit aged, but still a very premium overall device if you could find it on a deal. Okay, guys so let’s talk about this display. Now, if you take a look here, this display gets up to 625 nits bright. So it’s a very bright display. It also has 3d touch so that punch in is actually faster. When you punch in you hold it down, it’s quicker than the newer iphone. Even so, it still has that going for it so very bright display at night time. It’S. Actually so bright you’ll have to turn it down now over here you’ll see it does have dark mode. Night shift true tone, so it’s not left behind with features on display it doesn’t get as bright as the 11 pro max or the 12 pro max, which get around 800 nits of usable brightness.

But i mean really there’s not a big deal of an issue with this display at all i mean it really is super sharp. You know the bezels are not that thick and the overall display is pretty much a joy and because the bigger iphones have such a large display. The notch doesn’t really bother as much as on a smaller iphone. So really do like this display. Whether you’re reading news articles you’re reading on the internet or you’re even watching video let’s go watch, some videos say you’re watching some nick ackerman channel you’ll see it’s a very good experience and we’re listening to audio here as well, and the performance element as well. Another area the stereo speakers are pretty loud as well and always on the bigger iphones. They seem to be just a little bit. Louder is the storage, so i do think the newer iphone 12 pro max 11 pro max did get a little bit. Fuller sound when it comes to the speaker performance, but the iphone 10s max still does pretty well in its own right. Okay, guys so let’s talk about the software ios 14.3. Well, what does that mean? Well, it basically means you get the app library like we’ve, been talking about all year as well as widget support, which is very nice. You also get all the other features that come with ios 14.3, as well as 14, with all the new privacy stuff as well. So the software on this phone feels identical to using the brand new iphone 12 series.

So we go ahead and punch in here and you’ll see you do have the ability now to go to 16×9, so it brought over. Some of those pro features that the iphone 11 pro initially launched with and kept off of the 10s max. You can even change your video settings up here now so it’s literally like the same experience, you’re not getting a wide angle, though. So if you try to bring it back and go wide, you’ll miss that out on the camera, but the software itself very nice and of course, you’re not going to get the same. Wallpapers and apple usually puts different wallpapers depending on the iphone you’re using but yeah. The software itself super smooth super fast. It does everything the newer iphone does and there’s really not much more to say about that aspect of this phone other than that. How much longer can you expect of software support i’d say another two to three years. You might even get more considering how powerful the a12 cpu is and performance. This thing is rocking that a12 bionic chipset. It does have an apple gpu of four core graphics, and you know, while this is a hexa core cpu, there are octa core cpus out there. There’S, technically on paper, you would think because there’s more chords, faster you’ve, seen the iphone 10s max against some of my top tier oneplus devices. Galaxy devices just take them to school when it comes to the things that matter like video editing when it comes to like benchmarking, it pretty much beat them in those respects, and that makes this phone really just shine in performance and when you are editing videos here For a phone like the 10s max we go to edit here, the timeline is so smooth here in imovie as well as lumafusion.

The phone is super powerful. I mean this because it’s running on an armed cpu versus something like an intel, cpu you’ll, find on a laptop. The phone is just super fast when doing everything, so no issues at all in performance and even the 3d touch like i said before, feels a little bit faster. So when it comes to memory, we do have 256 gigs on this model that i picked up. You could get this with 512 gigs or 64 gigs, but the 64 gigs is not gon na, be probably enough space. If you plan to keep this a while. This also was equipped with four gigs of ram. So when you did have applications open in the background, it shouldn’t had no issues opening stuff up. In the background, however, i will say that, with the six gigs of ram on the newer phone, if you have more than like 10 or 12 applications open at once on this phone, you might actually see something reopen a reload, whereas on the newer six gigs of Ram iphone 12 pro max with its ram. You might actually never see that so it’s a little bit improved on the new ones, but it’s not bad. I mean you have to be running like 10 or 12 apps even see this happen. Okay, guys so let’s talk about the camera performance on this phone, so we’ll put that canon lens back there for a camera test. Put that right there, man, i just love this camera.

The smart hdr made the photos, look so good by themselves and when you do video, the only issue is that you didn’t have the wide angle. So sometimes you would be too close and you had to back up a little bit, because the angle was just too close if you wanted a wide shot, that’s where the 11 pro and the 11 series did improve, but you could still get fantastic overall video and I would say some samsung phones were more stable than this phone. You know because i had that super steady stuff, but you could do 4k 24.. I believe they bought the 25 as well in this phone, no hdr video, but again the photo quality was acceptable. You have a telephoto lens which beats out something like the iphone 10r. You do have a pretty good portrait mode, panoramic mode and no night modes here for this phone that came with the iphone 11 pro. But again you could go ahead and find you know a camera app that could do it. So if i cover it with my hand, you won’t see the night mode appear, you could find an application that would actually do the night mode, but on the front facing camera we are talking about. You know a pretty nice 7 megapixel camera here. But again, this is another area where i was waiting for an improvement and we seen it for the iphone 11 pro definitely doesn’t match up if i’m doing a video on the rear here and i’m trying to go 4k so so iphone 10s max the camera was Pretty darn amazing, but for people who are really serious about photography, there were a few features that apple left out and they were those were brought in the 11 pro max in the 12 pro max.

So you really have to wait. Do you need the wide angle? Do you need that extra stuff? Because if you don’t, this camera should still perform exceptional for what you need out of an iphone and talking about battery life? I often had this in low power mode because i wanted to, but the phone by itself would last the whole day. The only difference is i found that the 11 pro max improved on this, so much that i would finish the day with like 50 on that phone, whereas this one i was finishing around 20, but still this one never actually died on me in a single day. I was able to make it through the entire day on this phone. However, i will state if your battery health is getting low. You probably will see this phone. You know not get as long that’s pretty much evident across most of the iphones, but at 3174 milliamp hour batteries fast charging up to 15 watt. You would have to get your own charger. It didn’t come with a fast charger. This phone had pretty darn good battery life, and i don’t think many people had an issue with it, but if you did, but if you did, you should consider checking your maximum capacity, because that could be one of the culprits. Your battery might have just been draining. Okay, guys so when it comes to the phone call quality, this phone right here, wasn’t the best, but it was serviceable.

What i mean samsung phones at the time at qualcomm modems, this one didn’t, so it wasn’t as good in this department. It also was a little bit slower on 4g lte, and i also had some dropped calls sometimes want face id and you wanted in a larger iphone. This was the one you had to pick up in the 10s max, so that was nice. Bluetooth 5.0 also made bluetooth connection super snappy two years later. Is the iphone 10s max worth your time? I think it really comes down to the camera. Can you live with the camera on the front, not matching up with the rear at 4k? Can you live with the fact that the 10s max definitely doesn’t, have the brightest 800 nit display? Can you live with the fact it’s a little bit worse battery life than the newer iphone max phones, but it’s still better than some other iphones? You really have to come down to that. The wide angle is the big deal here that it’s missing. That really is the main thing that you’ll miss out when getting this phone, because even some budget android phones have the wide angle so that’s it for me and the iphone tennis max. If you have one, let us know your experience down below. Let us know if you’re picking one up and subscribe if you haven’t already, we have many more videos to come in 2021, i’m, really going to be going hard next year, so stay tuned to the channel.