Today i have a lot of products from luncheon yeah. This brand i mean luncheon, sent me all these products for free. These are review units, but, as usual, this is an honest review. I will not only share the pros of these products. I will also share the cons of these products. I mean the things that i don’t like about these products. If you’re interested in any of these products, then i think that you should watch through this video. The first one is at usbc digital av, multi port adapter. This one comes with the usb, a 3.0 port hdmi port card reader for both sd and microsd, and there is a 3.5 millimeter port. Also, this one supports power delivery. There is a usb c pv port. The second one is also for ipad pro or ipad air 4. yeah. This one is also a usbc dongle, but this one offers more ports and this one also comes with the stand. I have made a separate video for these two products and today we are actually going to talk about the products for macbook pro or macbook air. This is lentil ls1 laptop stand. Actually you can put any laptop inside this. This is a stand for any laptop, but it’s perfect for macbook pro yeah build quality of this one is good, but the design is really pretty ordinary. There are many other products with this similar design, but the ergonomics and cutouts of this one is different.

I mean there is a cutout for good airflow. They have place protective pads, very good quality protective pads everywhere. They have also placed some protective pads at the bottom. It really sits firmly on any flat surface. Now this one is lens and usbc universal docking stand. They have different type of talking stance. I think they have two or three different styles of talking stands. This one is one of those. This one has a lot of pores and it comes with a very good quality, 10 gigabit per second usb c to usb c cable. So you don’t have to worry about connectivity in front. There are three, not one, not two: three usb 3.0 ports and that’s. Really enough at the bottom, there is a 3.5 millimeter port for audio input or output above those usb 3.0 ports. There is a usb 2.0 port and, above that there is a nice little led indicator that matches mac mini led indicator. Yeah. This one comes with a stand and you can dock it on a flat surface yeah at the back. There is a usbc port for power delivery and this one supports 100 watt power delivery so that’s more than enough – and there is another usbc port. This one is a usbc, 3.1 gen, 2 port and yeah. You connect your computer to this board. There is a gigabit ethernet port and i don’t know why they have added another usb 2.0 port. I think these days most of the people who uses macbook pro or macbook that don’t need usb 2.

0 ports. Okay, there is another for a hdmi port, okay, it’s time for pros and cons. First let’s talk about this stand this one. I would say i really tried hard truly. I really tried hard to find some negatives of this product, but actually there isn’t many. The one thing i could say that this one is heavy yeah, because this is truly aluminum built. So this should be heavy and if i try to nitpick the another thing is it’s a bit difficult to change the position, because you have to pick it. You have to rotate the screws and then to select the size. It takes a little time and effort, but other than this, the build quality is really great. The pads included inside is really protective. Your macbook pro is truly safe inside this, and the vents and cutouts for the airflow is awesome. Your macbook will never get very hot, and if you are not using any protective case or cover like me on your macbook pro, then it will also dissipate some heat from your macbook pro. So this one for the price is one of the best. So actually, i don’t have any complaint about this product yeah one of the cheapest usbc 10 gigabit per second dock, but as they have the ports, but i think there are a few things they could have addressed like they have the boats, the boats that you need Usually people need usb 3 ports in front and there is a usb 2.

0 port. There is another usb 2.0 port at the back, but could they have changed this usb 2.0 at the back with the usb 3.0? Then it would be easier. It would look better um. Other than that it doesn’t support hdmi 2.0. I have tried with hdmi 2.0, but it didn’t support that it works on hdmi, 1.4 that’s, okay for the price, it’s; truly okay, but i’m, trying to nitpick i’m trying to talk about all the negatives and there is no usbc port to connect any accessories. I think i would love that one i mean if they just remove this usb 2.0 from here and put up usb c port. That would be great. This one doesn’t need any power. Brick, i mean you: don’t have to connect it to any power, you just plug it into your macbook pro and it starts working, and you can also use this power, delivery, port or delivery, usb c port to charge or connect your macbook pro to power. So that’s really really convenient. Okay, if you ask me whether it’s a good buy or not whether you should buy or not without any hesitation, i would say you should buy this one because for 60 us dollars there is no other, no other dongles. That offers this great performance and it never gets hot. I think if you are not going to spend more than 200 dollars to get those top quality premium supreme, usbc, dongles or thunderbolt 3 dongles, then this one is the one that you want to buy that’s.

My first impression and seven days review i’m gon na use this for a longer period of time, and i will make another review, but my first impression my honest opinion is this: one offers the best bang for your bucks. Well, i would like to know what you think don’t forget, to share your comments and all the links are given in the description box below.