So today we are going to discuss about the new phone which was launched on fifth number 2020: the moto g9 power. So, as you can see, uh it’s a pretty big phone, so let’s go through the details, so let’s go through the basic features of this phone. As you can see, this phone is pretty big. It was it’s having 6.80 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 into 1640 pixels, so uh when you compared it with a 6.1 inch font. This is an iphone 11 and uh. If you compared it with this it, the font is pretty huge, as you can see, it’s pretty huge, but the width is not as uh, not very big. Also it with this very easy to hold, but the height is pretty huge, pretty long uh moving to the next other features, important features there uh it has 4gb ram. It runs android 10 uh it. It is powered by octa core qualcomm snapdragon, 62 processor, 662 processor. It has a huge battery, backup that is 6000 mah, almost as stable as an iphone 11, which i just showed you. There are four cameras behind. You can see. The primary camera is 64 megapixel uh with f 1.79 and the all the secondary cameras are 2 megapixel and there is a front camera which is of 16 megapixel for selfies, then uh it all. It supports dual sim um 3g and 4g lte, no, no 5g. Then it also supports bluetooth version 5, which is quite common.

The colors are, it has launched in two colors. Actually one is violet and another one is metallic sage. This one is the violet color, as you can see, and uh yeah, so pretty much that much with basic features. Then, if we go to the uh sensor, details uh, this phone has only basic sensors like accelerometer ambient line sensor, gyroscope proximity sensor, then fingerprint sensor. The price is only 11 999 in india. This does not have any face id sensors, no compass, no barometer and also does not have any infrared port. So uh there are um. The compass uh feature is actually available in the similar fonts, like redmi note, which is important for getting the directions in the map and getting the directions using only using your phone. So that feature is not available, so you have to depend on your internet to find the directions. Then the next thing is barometer. So barometer is an important sensor as well. If you are a fitness person – and you want to uh, you want to search for like you want to know how much flows you have climbed in a day, so those details actually uh for calculating those details. Uh, the apps use the barometer as an altimeter, so uh that does not have. Ah, that sensor is not available here, so those features will not be available and there is no face id of course, and then there is no infrared port, so you won’t be able to uh control your ac or tv channels using this phone like redmi jam just Compared uh, comparing this with the similar class phones like redmi, so in those cases these these are the disadvantages of this phone um, then um, otherwise uh it looks pretty decent.

The ui is good uh. It looks like a stock android without much uh issues. So, looking at the accessories, you will get some instruction manual and then the uh adapter. This is a usb air to usb c adapter. So with the new uh adapter disk and the ui is pretty smooth when we touch the sensitivity is also nice. Now the camera quality is is okay, i would say i will show you some pictures which i have taken from this phone uh, but so far it is good. There is no image stabilizations for videos, as i can see the videos when you take and if you uh walk around while taking the videos that it does not look that good. So there are a lot of stabilization issues with those videos, but otherwise these photos are coming fine. There is, there is a little lag when you take photos um. That is the only uh thing which i have noticed. So when you uh, when you click, there is a slight lag as you cannotice here, small lag, which is not a big deal, but otherwise it’s decent compared to the camera quality of uh, iphone 11 or redmi uh. This.