Well, i think that the solid phone is great for gaming it’s great for value. You got 6 000 milliamp battery. This thing will power you into tomorrow, like no big deal at all and very well priced 140. 969 us dollars respectively. So there’s a lot of things in here worth talking about there’s, been a lot of really cool improvements and changes, because poco has actively been trying to make this film better since it came out and that’s some of the big things i want to talk about here. Now, before we get into this, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. I appreciate you being here if you enjoy the video please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell. If you want updates, when new videos come out now, let’s talk about the poco m3 one month later, Music. So the poco m3 is a very, very interesting phone. 149 169 us dollars. It’S running me: ui 12, based off of android 10, so it’s pretty darn relevant and pretty up to date. The important thing about this phone is: they have specifically put out two performance improvement updates, since this phone has come out, maybe more than that. But i know at least two i made a video about it before talked about it. It did seem to make some improvements across the board this one. They just came out with it not too long ago, as well, really seems to have actually really improved the performance, and that was one of the hang ups i had with this phone.

It has a snapdragon 662, which is a very capable, very powerful chipset, especially in the mid tier department, but it just didn’t feel like it was taking advantage of it in the day to day system usage on the user interface and the performance on the phone like. If you opened up a game and it loaded you started playing, it would be fine. You can play pub g, you can play call of duty mobile here, no problem. Well, whenever you try to do other stuff, though, like the switching back and forth between the apps to all the the page, scrolling and flipping and turning and using the phone yeah it just, it felt a little laggy it wasn’t, quite as sharp as i thought it Could, or should be especially the amount of power behind it, because i’ve tested out other phones that had the snapdragon 660 that were a little bit on the snappier side than this. So that was a hang up. I had with the phone also the camera, the camera. Whenever it first came out, didn’t seem like it was the greatest in the world. I had some complaints about that. It seems like it might have gotten a little bit better too. The only thing that hasn’t really increased is the snappiness of the fingerprint sensor and maybe by a hair but it’s still a little on the slow side there. But as far as the actual day to day performance of the phone.

It is much faster when it comes to doing a lot of just the normal stuff. Like it doesn’t slow down it doesn’t get choppy it doesn’t, you know lag between the screen switching, so i like what they did there. I think that it matters and i think, that’s important, because it shows a commitment from poco that they really want to make this a good phone. I mean it was already a good phone at 140 969 dollars and if you got one on the introductory price, when it came out at 129 or 149 that’s an even better deal so talking about having all day battery 6000 ml amp battery, that will carry you Over the next day, no problem it’s got a 1080p lcd screen on it. Stereo speakers that’s not something that i’ve seen in a phone this cheap before headphone jack you’ve got the cameras on here which are pretty capable. I wouldn’t have said that, and i didn’t say that a month ago, but it does seem like they’ve made that a little bit better too. So i took some pictures here now, just so you can see the difference. I took this picture before and, like the skin tone, seemed kind of washed and flattened out. I mean just i wasn’t overly impressed with it and i have ideal lighting in here and then i took this one today and like yeah it. It looks better to me. Maybe it doesn’t show up as well on the screen, but i feel like there’s an improvement there and i really feel like the primary shooter looks better too.

I took this picture in my office and i was really happy with that. I was like hey. This looks pretty darn good, so that does seem to have been improved. Hopefully it gets better and better as we use it more and more and they come up with more software fixes and updates and stuff like that. But the biggest thing with this is look. We already know it could play games. We already knew it lasted all day long. I wanted to know kind of what the commitment was from poco in trying to make this phone better. They have definitely answered that again. Like i said, i made a dedicated video before about the software update to improve the system, optimization and the performance they came out with another one, and i was like okay i’m glad that they’re doing this let’s see if let’s see if it actually works and yeah I’Ve been testing it out and i’ve been much happier with it and that’s a win win for consumers who are looking to get this phone and it’s. Also a win win for people who already have the phone at 150, approximately there’s not a whole lot out there. That really competes with it. So i like that poco has really moved into this sector to try and establish themselves in the low end phone sector also mid tier because there’s not a whole lot of brands that really compete there, that have a big name.

Everybody knows poco and poco is associated with value and performance. They have done some really good things with their poco phones and also like the poco x3 nfc. I reviewed earlier this year, really really solid phone, absolutely love it. So i i expected good things: whenever this phone came out and it’s got a premium, build quality, usbc fingerprint sensor does facial recognition. I mean there’s, nothing that it doesn’t really do at the 150 price point and it’s not really water resistant. It doesn’t have wireless charging, but i wouldn’t expect to see that at this price point, but as far as my impressions taking a look at this phone a month later, i’m very happy with it i’m happy with what i’ve seen come from poco with regard to their Commitment to making this phone better and, of course it comes with the case, and it comes with a screen protector on the phone as well. So you’ve got everything you need straight out of the box. Of course, this is not an advertisement i’m not being paid for this. This is not sponsored. I just wanted to go back and touch base, because i saw that there was that update, wanted to test it out and really and genuinely. I was surprised when i started using it whenever i got the phone initially. I think i was fairly critical when it came to talking about how you know there was enough resources. There me ui 12 kind of drains the performance on the phone and also the camera, but those two areas seem like they’ve been fairly well addressed.

I mean no it’s, not an iphone 12, but you’re not paying 800 to the phone either we’re talking about. Basically, a 150 budget phone and i don’t know of any other phone out there that comes close to touching this and the 150 class, especially if you want to play games. I think that that’s important i made a whole video on it. I’Ve showed you the gameplay for pub g and also call of duty mobile. Those are super popular games and you can play them on here. So this is a great phone for kids it’s, a great phone for students, it’s a great phone for family members it’s. Just a good phone: if yeah there are people out there who don’t want to spend three four five, six, eight one thousand dollars on a phone – and i don’t blame you, because maybe one that’s not your priority two. You may not feel like you’re getting your best. Bang for the buck, because you can get a phone like this, it does so much you don’t need to spend 600 and i totally don’t blame you and of course, it’s unlocked. So you can just throw your gsm unlocked sim card in there and use it. So i definitely have a better impression of this phone since it’s come out, and i give poco two thumbs up for their commitment to making the phone better i’m glad that they put it out and they said: hey people recognize that maybe this isn’t 100, where it Could be we’re gon na we’re gon na do something to make it better, so the people can enjoy this phone.

They can use it for a long time and if anybody else is interested in picking up the phone we’re gon na make it better. So software updates solid. I appreciate that. I think it goes a long way to showing their commitment to their new brand, underneath the poco name instead of being underneath xiaomi and also, i think that it’s a pretty solid device, so that’s all i’ve got. If you have any questions or comments about the poco m3, please feel free to leave them down. In the comment section, i will get back with you if you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and little notification bell.