Now, first of all, wishing everyone out there a very happy new year, and i hope that 2021 would be stable or better than 2020. 2020 wasn’t an easy year. But you guys showed your support throughout the year and that is excellent, so huge shout out to everyone out there and thank you for all the support throughout 2020. Now, as you cannotice, i have a bit of a cold. Now don’t worry i’m, not sick, or something like that i’m, just very tired and that’s. Why i caught a cold because of the weather, nothing to worry about, but anyway let’s get to the main topic, and that is poco. X3 i’ve been using the poco x3 for a very long time, and it is in time for my long term, review and that’s exactly what we are doing today. So this is my long term review of the poco x3 Music, all right right off the bat let’s talk about the design and build quality. The design of poco x3 is different from poco x2. I actually like the design of poco x2 better than the poco x3, especially the camera module. Camera module, looks way better on poco x2 and it looks kind of weird on the poco x3. Even the branding is a bit too much. So the big, bold poco branding is not for everyone, and i am a minimalist, so i do not like this branding at all. Now you might be asking what about the build quality and the weight? Well, the build quality is pretty good.

It’S not cheap at all, but the weight is on the higher side. So, as i said in my impressions, video, this is a big and bulky phone and it is not for everyone, but with that being said, i got used to this phone in just 10 days. So after 10 days, i did not even notice the weight, because i was using it as a daily driver. So if you are worried that you won’t be able to adapt to this phone there’s, nothing like that, you can definitely adapt to this phone. In a couple of weeks now, there is a big reason why there is so much weight to this phone, and that is the battery size. So this phone comes with a 6 000 milliamp hour battery, and that is excellent. So this time around poker just played safe and did not take any chances on the battery life. So with the last iteration that is poco x2. The number one complaint was with battery draining issues. People did not get the expected battery life and that’s. Why? This time around poco played it safe and gave you a very big 6000 milliamp hour battery. Now you might be wondering numbers aside, how is the battery life well, the battery life on this phone is excellent. Despite of having a 120 hertz refresh rate display, the battery life was surprisingly good. I could easily use it for one and a half to two days and i am a normal user i’m, not a heavy user and that’s.

Why? I could easily get through one and a half to two days, but if you’re a heavy user, you can definitely use it throughout the day with some charge left towards the end of the night, maybe like 10 to 15 percent. So no worries about battery life. The battery life is excellent now, with that massive six thousand milliamp hour battery, that is, support for 33 watt fast charging out of the box. So, yes, you do get the charger inside the box itself, and that is a very good move. You can fast charge this phone at 33 watts and that is very helpful because of the big battery moving on let’s talk about that display. So this phone comes with a 6.67 inches full hd plus ips lcd display with a refresh rate of 120 hertz. Poco is sticking with that decision of 120 hertz lcd over 60 hertz amoled, and i think that is a very smart move, so this year really moved on to a 60hz amoled panel with the realme 7 pro. So that creates a very good separation between both of these products. If you want a higher refresh headphone, you can go with the poco x3. On the other hand, if you want a 60hz amoled panel, then you can go with the real me 7 pro, so there’s, a very good differentiation, and that is excellent. But anyway the actual display panel is very good in terms of colors and viewing angles as well.

The colors are accurate and not too over saturated, which is very important, while you’re consuming media on the phone. So if you’re watching movies on netflix or youtube or playing your favorite games, you are going to have a good experience on this phone and the display. Won’T disappoint you alright! This gets me to performance. Poco x3 comes with the snapdragon 732g and it is a mid range processor. Now the performance with this processor is excellent. For the price point. Poco and xiaomi know how to optimize performance and the poco x3 does not. Disappoint in that aspect now i’m, not a gamer. My usage is very basic and very simple. For example, clicking photos, editing them on snapseed and lightroom uploading them to instagram scrolling through instagram, watching youtube videos or playing light games like subway, surfers or doodle jump. So my usage is very basic, and for that i did not notice any lags whatsoever, and the cherry on the cake over here is the 120 hertz refresh rate that makes the experience smoother, which is great. Now, as i said, this phone comes with me ui, but it does not have ads. It does come with a lot of bloatware that is pre installed apps, but it does not have ads, and that is a win that i will take. So xiaomi phones in this price range do show ads, but poco phones do not show ads. So this is a big point over here you can go with the poco phone and you won’t get any ads.

The next point in this review is probably the main one and my favorite one that is them cameras. Poco x3 is capable of shooting some of the best pictures out there. I have done a dedicated camera review of the poco x3, which includes a lot of camera and video samples through various conditions like daylighting conditions, artificial lighting conditions and low lighting conditions as well. So you can go ahead and watch that video to gain more information about the cameras like it’s, an in depth analysis and do not miss that video. I will make sure to drop a link to it in the description box below but long story short. I love the camera setup on poco x3. Poco has done an excellent job in terms of optimizing. The camera software, like trust me, the camera software, is excellent and the job well done to the poco team. I also like the front camera on this phone. This phone is capable of shooting some amazing selfies, and you can also use it for zoom calls or video calls for that as well. It works flawlessly. This gets me to other things. Poco x3 comes with a headphone jack, which is very important at this price point, and the output from the headphone jack is excellent as well. So if you have wired your phones, you are going to have a good experience while listening to music on this phone. Apart from that, it has a physical fingerprint sensor on the power button and it works really well, it is fast accurate and the position is right, like literally it is on the right side.

I’M. Sorry for that pun, maybe i’m, not i’m, just a punjabi! Sorry, for that too, all in all poco x3 is a very easy recommendation. There’S just one thing that is the size and the weight of this phone. So if you’re a person who does not like big phones, you can go for the real me 7 pro, which is a more comfortable phone. But apart from that, poco x3 is a very easy recommendation and the poco team has done a very good job over here. So kudos to them, this is a great phone and i’m hoping that the next version, that is the poco x4, will be even better. This phone is definitely value for money and i will make sure to drop a link to it in the description box below so anyway. This was my long term review of the poco x3. Do. Let me know how you feel about this video in the comment section down below. If you haven’t already please subscribe to this channel, it would mean the world to me.