But what are we actually getting with this new generation? I’Ve got all the information right here in this video. A cracking new smartphone from samsung, no doubt but it’s, also going to have a few things that might make you think Music, whatever that is drop a like on the video. If you are excited for the new s21 series and uh let’s get straight to it. So the s21 series will consist of a 6.2 inch, s21 6.7 inch, s21 plus and a 6.8 inch s21 ultra. The s21 and s21 plus will both feature full hd plus 120 hertz refresh rate display panels. Whereas not only will the ultra be available in w quad hd plus resolution with a 1 600 nits peak brightness, but the refresh rate will also be adaptive, so the phone can toggle between the max 120 hertz all the way down to just one, depending on what You’Re doing – and this could be absolutely huge for battery life, but more on battery in a second all, models will have a central punch, hole. Camera cut out housing front facing 10 megapixel sensors on the s21 and s21 plus, with the ultra expected to have a 40 megapixel snapper. Many of you guys were hoping for the under display camera technology that has been hyped by samsung and has been worked on by samsung for what seems like an eternity but as far as we were, but as far as with the but as far as we’re aware.

I still can’t speak in any video that i do as far as i’m aware, it is still not quite retail ready for mass production according to samsung, and we are expected to possibly see it in their next fold device later in the year. If you are interested in watching a video on a smartphone that does have an under the display camera tech in it, i will leave it listed up here. Well worth a watch, the zte action, 20 um retail ready as well. If we flip to the rear cameras, this is where it gets a little interesting. The camera bomb is actually built into the frame and certainly adds a sleeker more eye friendly design than we saw on the s20 series from last year. Absolute eyesore again, the s21 and s21 plus share the same 12 megapixel primary and ultra wide angle, sensors, as well as a 64 megapixel telephoto lens, but the ultra will have a second generation, 108 megapixel primary sensor, as well as an ultra wide and telephoto lens. Also, but get this it’s expected to have optical zoom of up to 10 times optical 10 times, which means you can punch in 10 times and it still be exactly pretty much the same sharpness incredible for comparison. The iphone 12 pro has ten times zoom max digital. So two times optical two times punch in the same quality ten times digital. Only so the difference between the two phones will be drastically sharper on the s21 ultra.

Of course, the pro max does have 2.5 times optical zoom, but you’re splitting hairs a little bit there compared to 10 times subscribe, of course, for camera comparisons on launch. If you can hear the sound of somebody eating it’s dottie, my cat, she’s grazing and it’s pretty annoying, so i apologize, all phones will be able to record video on both the front and rear cameras at the same time and up to 8k at 30 frames. A second as well again, can’t, wait to test that now, of course, recording 8k video on a smartphone is battery zapping. So where do we sit on the s21 in terms of battery capacity, while the s21, s21 plus and s21 ultra will contain 4, 000, 4800 and 5000 mah battery cells respectively? No real surprises there and decent battery capacities across the board, but of course battery life is also dependent on software number one and the phone chip. So where do we stand on that? Well, it will be android 11, with one ui 3.1 over the top, which will bring a glut of new features, including rumoured new display features for better eye comfort. Google discover feed on one ui home and a possible bixby voice to unlock feature which again it’ll be interesting to test that out and the chipset. Of course, the chipset always the big debate. When we’re talking samsung phones, we have different regions, we have different chipsets, usually but this time with the s21, the big rumor was, we were going to see the qualcomm variants completely dropped from the range across the board globally and they were going to stick with exynos And use the exynos 2100 across the board, thus avoiding the constant discrepancies and it’ll be far more profitable for samsung.

But we now believe that isn’t going to be the case and we are going to go with the tried and tested almost formula from samsung of places. Like the us and china receiving a qualcomm variant, you will be receiving the qualcomm snapdragon 888 chip and the rest will be getting the exynos 2100. Both are built on a 5 nanometer process like the apple a14 bionic on the iphone 12 series and early tests appear to show they’re actually closer than previous device comparisons. The gpu performance does look superior on the qualcomm chip, but cpu performance looks identical. Of course, one big difference that many noticed last year with the s20 series was that the chips actually had an effect on battery life. More than anything, and i certainly felt that for the size of the 5000 mah cell, it should be performing a little bit better and it didn’t compete with the qualcomm models. So why would you to see this issue again this year? Well, the good news is from the looks of things possibly not, although the exynos 2100 doesn’t appear to perform quite as well as the qualcomm 888 it’s not too far away. Obviously i will have the real world use battery life drain low down very soon. Now this info was taken from nanoreview.net and i’m, not sure how reliable it is. But if it is true, it will be very interesting to see real world results due to those differences, and i will try and get my hands on both variants to compare it.

For you, if that’s something you’re interested in, let me know below, there will be six color options of either phantom black phantom white phantom silver phantom violet, phantom, pink or phantom grey a lot of phantoms. If you’re asking knowing something, i would imagine that certain colours will only be available on certain models. The ultra usually has maybe two or three possible color options, whereas some of the other sizes have more we’ll see whether that works again. 25 watt fast charging, as well as reverse wireless charging and an ip68 rating, are all expected, as is samsung dex compatibility and apparent s pen support for the ultra, although it’s difficult to work out currently right now, in what context that will be, but there has been Heavy rumors of that support, so yeah, eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage are said to come as a minimum on this series, but unfortunately, it looks like there will no longer be support for a micro, sd card slot um, no expandable storage. Let me know what you think about that: a heavy feature that many samsung fans are a fan of the phone’s not fully been revealed yet so not all hope is lost, but this is what we expect. Don’T shoot the messenger i’m just saying all models will come with 5g options with expected starting prices from 849 euros for the basic s21, while the s21 plus will be from 1049 euros and the s21 ultra from 1 ‘9 euros.

Let me know what you think of all of what you’ve heard fair price too expensive and which model do you prefer and which model might you go out and buy remember to sub to the channel? If you want to see all of that juicy unboxing and review goodness, which is coming in just a matter of weeks or days, it might be days, you never know like the video.