This is a nas yeah. If you are confused about what is a nas, then it’s, a network touched storage, it’s more like a computer, because it comes with desktop class 12 core processor. Even you have the ability to increase the ram, and this one is my favorite, because this one have this nvme cache system to speed up data transfer rate now. This is why i have switched to nas i used to have a lot of portable drives. I used to use all these portable drives to store all my photos, all the video footage and all the final cut projects, but slowly i have got to understand that these can be a good solution and i needed something: solid synology came forward and yeah they provided Me with this synology, ds218 plus, which is not only powerful enough, but also versatile in features, but over time, as this channel grew with more videos. I needed more storage. As usual, i have talked to synology and they have sent me this ds420 plus to me exactly two months ago. I took two months to make this review, because i wanted to share the truth about this product, even if synology provided that you need for free. I had to make sure i am sharing all the pros and cons. Let’S talk about the positives. First it’s easy to install it’s like click and activate and as i was using another synology device, i mean that ds218 plus migration process was really easy.

It couldn’t be any easier if you are thinking that okay, you have migrated, so it was easy. You are wrong, it’s, the same for a new user. What you have to do is to click through the process and you don’t even need to have any technical experience. Okay, if you want me to do a dedicated video about how to install synology nas servers, then please, let me know the best part of using a nas is if any of your hard drives goes down. If there is any issue with a single drive, you can replace the faulty hard drive without losing any data, no that’s, not the end that’s, even the beginning. Like me, if you prepare yourself for a future upgrade, then when the time comes, i mean when your storage, when the nas is totally full, then you can just add another new drive to the system and you have more storage. If you need faster, read, write speed, then install nvme, storage and yeah select trade, one for this ssd cache. This will protect your data. Even if one of the nvme fails it’s like there is protection everywhere. Your data is totally safe and protected yeah. I know this is important. Different people uses nas for different reasons. I have four synology nas two here. These two are actually provided to me for free and i have two other in my home, which i bought with my own money. These four have their own different tasks like i have this ds420 plus for active backup.

I mean i don’t even have to do anything. I change anything in my computer. I add any data to my computer. I add any file any folder any photo. Any final cut projects the backup is done real time on the nas. I cannot even imagine how hard and freaking tiring it was for me to backup data to those portable drives. Okay, i have the synology ds208 plus as a real time sync station, as i sometimes work here in the studio, and sometimes i do some editing while i am at home, i needed a good solution. What i do is all my portable work is stored in this portable ssd it’s very fast, and i always carry this one with me when i’m. Here i connect it to my imac and do the editing while i am at home. I connect it to my macbook pro and do the editing and once i’m back to this studio, and i connect this drive to my imac again, this ds218 plus automatically syncs all the files, all the works. That was done all the changes that i have made at my home. So i have all the files synced over here and even if i forget this portable ssd drive, i can still access to my data from my ipad or from my home or from any other places i’m not worried about accidental delete. Okay, there is one negative point about this device and that is there is no esata port yeah.

This one is named as ds420 plus, but you cannot expand the storage. If you check this ds218 plus, then it comes with the esata port, but on ds420 plus there is no esata port. So you cannot expand the storage. You cannot add additional synology storage expansion. You need to expand your storage other than that this is a great device. I am in love with this one and i believe that if you need any nas, then you should go with this synology ds420 plus well.