It came with puts off too much heat and wastes electricity, so i’ve been meaning to replace it with an LED bulb that had the same sort of look, and i discovered that tp link released their KL50 smart filament bulb as part of their kasa ecosystem. So i purchased this one to hopefully replace this incandescent bulb with and using our view today. So today, i’m going to be setting up, this smart bulb with alexa, but it also works with. If this, then that and google assistant, this is an LED bulb that uses an e26 base and communicates over wi fi, this bulb is dimmable. You can control it remotely use it in kasa device groups, it’s LED so it’s energy efficient. You can use your voice through alexa to control it, and you can set schedules in the kasa app. This tp link light bulb, has a 600 lumen brightness, which is equivalent to a 40 watt light bulb, which is what we’re replacing today, and it has a warm appearance which should be a direct match for what i have here. So you get this nice orange mood. Lighting versus that daylight kind of white color – i have in the background so now let’s open up the box and see what’s inside. So here we have the KL50 light bulb. You can see the sort of uh fake filaments here with uh LED rods and i’m curious to see what this looks like plugged in so i’m, just gon na not read the instructions and just pop it into the lamp base.

Now, hopefully, you don’t burn myself fast fingers fast fingers, so yeah you’re getting every bit the 600 lumens of brightness here, it’s actually incredibly hard to look directly at it’s like staring into the sun. So i will be most likely bringing down the brightness in the brightness control adjustments here in the kasa app in a moment, but right now we have to get things paired up. So let’s go! Do that next, all right so let’s head into the kasa app now and let’s head under devices and click the plus sign. I believe i already have local network permission now: let’s click on plus we’ll click on device, we’ll select, smart lights and then filament LED bulb and we’ve already swapped, our old bulb with our smart bulb, so we’ll click next and the bulb’s already blinked three times so Now we need to go under our iphone settings and select the tp link bulbs network temporarily, so under other networks, here, we’ll click tp link, smart bulb, and now that is connected. So we can hop back over to the kasa app where it says connecting to smart bulb, so let’s give it a few moments here so now, let’s give this smart bulb a name i’ll call this the office light and click on. Next i like that. The kasa app lets you assign an icon to your smart device or choose your own, which we’ll do here and then we’ll save that all right sounds good.

Let’S apply this firmware update. You never know what they might have fixed all right, we’ve completed our update and our light bulb needs to restart, maybe alright. So now we can see it in our smart lighting so from here we can change our power and brightness and under presets it looks like there’s four customizable levels of brightness that you can set and as with all the other kasa products, you can set it on A schedule which i go over in some of my other videos but it’s a really slick interface and really easy to set up. I have that, for my exterior lights already and a nice value, add you get here with the cost of smart bulbs. Is that it tells you your energy usage, and it also gives you a breakdown on what that would be against an actual standard, 40 watt bulb, which is neat information to know so. We’Re back and again, one of the things i wanted to accomplish by replacing the incandescent bulb with a smart one that is using LEDs, was that it should put off a lot less heat. So let’s check this out now that it’s been running for a little while, so the bulb on full brightness is only getting up to about 96 or so degrees fahrenheit, which is really good. So now, let’s try out alexa alexa turn off the office light. Okay, alexa turn on the office light. Okay, alexa set the office light to five percent brightness okay, so this will be like your nice like mood effect lighting.

I guess alexa set the brightness to 15, okay in person, it’s, not quite as blown out as it is on the camera. So let me see if i can change the um lighting adjustment here on the camera and make it more to what i’m seeing here in the room. So this is a bit closer to what it looks like in person. Alexa set the office light to 50. Okay, alexa set the office light to 100, okay, so yeah. This KL50 smart bulb here should make a good replacement for this incandescent bulb. They have a very similar look, and i like these LED filaments that it has. It fits in well with the sort of steampunk lamp holder that i have and, of course it comes with all the features and convenience of the rest of the kasa ecosystem. Subscribers to my channel know that i’ve reviewed quite a few of their products already and they’ve. All been really successful for me, and i definitely recommend this one and if you’re interested i’m going to leave more information down in my video description down below and before you go today.