Cool thing about this is look how compact this is right. You can fit that in your pocket, get a nice little pouch, a little baggie and you’re good to go now to open this. You have to turn it like this, pull it out a little bit until you see the little you know, and then you you pull it you you bend it right, so you bend it out and then you slide this open this way. Yeah this way two times, then you bend this back and you can either extend it, extend it or keep it in now, here’s the power button here’s the charging port, it uses usbc wire, and it tells you right here to put your camera. So it goes like this, my other phone it’s not connected to this phone it’s not connected to this phone, but just for demonstration purposes. So the camera goes right here and you see where it says: camera right there. So you put the camera right there. All right put your phone in there and you’re good to go. Then you turn it on. You turn it on you press and hold it, and it’s powered on and it’s ready to go. Let me see is this treasure yeah now is is connected to the phone. This phone that i’m recording with um you know i’m just using this, this phone as a demonstration, because you know, can record on this phone and then you get the little joystick get the little joystick.

You got the record button, the zoom in the zoom out button. Now, i’m, not really that good at using this thing. Yet because you need a lot, i need practice, you know but it’s cool and i used it a little bit, but i was able to only do it slowly. You know, but i wasn’t able to do it. Like rapidly um so yeah, i definitely need work on that turn it off, and then you just go back. You bend it. This way, pull this out a little bit bend it that way. This you bend up and then you just turn it twist. It bend it down, push it up and then you twist it and there you go that’s how you store it. You’Re going to attach to a tripod or a stand over here is the wires in the book. Okay, so the recharging wire and the book and that’s it really cool, gimbal, really cool gimbal. I can’t wait to master it, but unfortunately i don’t i’m, not a master of it.