With these three products, they were all like five. I think this one was four dollars, though this uh selfie shutter ring. This is we’re talking about already let’s get right to it, so this is a selfie shutter ring now um. I did a review, or i spoke about another um ring that i did buy for my iphone case, which i’m using to record so i’m. Using this as the demo phone um another, i bought it for another case right uh, the last one i did is the one that fits into your um into into the uh ac vent. You know you can just like every other ring just like it says back here. You know you can stand it up. You hold your phone like this and for holding the phone in the back, but this one goes a step further um and this one has a shutter button for you to take selfies. So when you’re holding the phone, you know you don’t got to do this or whatever you could just use your pointer finger and take your your selfie with a little bluetooth shutter button in the back. I don’t know how i haven’t seen this before, but now this kind of this is old tech. This isn’t anything new comes with two batteries and it does not attach to your ac vent that’s one thing so you’re giving up something. You know you’re doing something for something else, so this doesn’t attach your ac vent or nothing like that.

But let’s look at it now, i’m gon na go ahead and uh give you a disclaimer i’m. Not attaching this, because i have a. I got a special case of my phone. This is for my iphone and i take it off just because i can’t put this on the tripod, but um. This one was a strong case that i got from amazon and oh it’s, real plasticky it’s. Really it is really not the best quality. This is not 3m tape, but i’m sure it will hold. Hopefully, oh my goodness, this is really pla. This is, i mean four dollars. What do you i mean? I don’t know what what you’re expecting you know. I mean so that’s where the battery goes so plus the positive up battery in here bam it’s nice. You know it’s nice, that they give you that extra battery, though it’s nice, i don’t, know how much you use this, but it’s nice that they give you an extra battery, so let’s go ahead and turn on this galaxy. J7. Prime old school joint that i gave my son when he first won the phones uh, i didn’t, activate or not. I just gave her them, so you could say he had a phone. He was like when he was really young. It was one of those you can see where he dropped it numerous times, but the j7 prime held i’ve had this for years this phone. I think this was my mom’s first smart.

No anyway, i had it for a long time, but let’s go ahead and see if this works now i’m not going to put this on the phone because i’m not going to waste it on here, i’m – probably going to have it. I don’t know if i’ll give it to my wife or something because i don’t really use the selfie button like that, so let’s go ahead and turn it on again. It connects just like any other it’s. Only one button uh there it goes connects like every other selfie. I mean every other bluetooth device that connects that thing babe. Is it okay? Okay, so it connected as input device. It was by sh105. If you actually read the directions like, i should be in the back: you’ll see it by sh105, so it connected. That is what will come up when you, when you first turn it on. This will be in pairing mode. It’Ll blink, like every other thing and let’s see if it works, we’ll go into the camera. Now this isn’t the best camera in the world, so we’re looking at what’s in there you go and it’s taking pictures. Now, if it was in the back, you’d be holding it like this and you’re snapping, you’re snapping away snapping away, and it snaps you before you put it on the selfie that’s me on the selfie and it takes a selfie and there it is not the best Camera in the world don’t matter, uh, okay, just for demonstration purposes, all right.

Next thing we have is this deluxe studio light which i have tons of them? You can see they’re all different types. I’Ve got a lot of these man, but every time i see one, especially in the five dollar or the five and below store, i end up getting one because i’m, a maniac for these i’m telling you i got a lot of them. I shot a lot. A ton i would do a giveaway but they’re five dollars. I mean i mean i don’t know i don’t know you know plastic and it’s usb and it’s got. Oh i’ve got a whole bunch of these man. I never use these. I buy other tripods that are just better, but these are table ones. You can use these. These are these aren’t bad? I just you know just just me being stupid, but okay, so let’s go ahead and build this. I don’t think there’s any rocket science to it. Bam wham bam. You spread the feet of the tripod out and i’m gon na have to move this back a little more so that you can see. Oh, i see how i see what’s going on here so on. The top of this ring light excuse that there is a cold shoe, a hot shoe, whatever you want to call it mouth, and this thing is all crooked. Somebody didn’t care about this when they put it on and what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na go ahead and put the this camera on here, so you can see what it looks like you know.

I mean oh okay let’s go, so this is what the video looks like without any light. That’S horrible. I don’t even see why anybody would do this and then you turn the light on and you got yourself a nice little horror youtube channel just kidding but um. This is what it looks like. So look at this it’s, not it’s, actually actually pretty good light man. You could actually do something nice, you get yourself a little yellow light back there, which i do. I just don’t have it on, and it looks great man. This is actually, this is actually pretty good. I’M, not gon na lie. I might continue this video with this actually so check this out. It comes with this here right and i’m stupid. I didn’t put it on. I just jumped to conclusions, and this is the little swivel mount swivel head or whatever. So when you put it on, if you want to aim down like i’m doing right now, you can do it. I have hundreds of these, but this is. This is good man. Four dollars for five bucks: this is not bad. This is not bad and we have this adjustable. Smartphone stand, which is pretty much kind of the same thing i got here. Only this one would be this one. I guess you would get if i’m assuming you already have like yours by a window or something you know, or you use your phone as a um as a whatchamacallit as a webcam, then this would be a great thing for you to have just say: let’s go Ahead and open this one and i’m not gon na, let this thing beat me: it’s, a four dollar box, a five dollar box: i’m, not gon na get beaten by a five dollar box.

One thing i was afraid of was weight. This base has a little weight on it, that’s good, counterweight, a phone holder and a little stick all right. Oh man anyway, so pause so anyway. Obviously this goes in here, just like so Music. Now, with four dollar items, you’re gon na run into some trouble. Some things this isn’t made in the best way so it’s super the threads are not the best. It is not the easiest to get in there, but when you’re in you’re in that’s it it’s in it has a little bit of weight. It has a little bit of weight. Let’S see, let’s, see what this does. I mean it’s all about your content anyway, it’s, not your equipment. Remember that so this comes up. I see i got a problem with this already my history with these, especially if they’re from uh, you know lesser expensive product i don’t want to use. The word cheap is that they give out after a while from doing this many times they start to get weak, and this right here i’ve never been a fan of this this little thing, so this is the phone on that stand. Looking good! Looking good! Let me go ahead and try just so you see what it just so you kind of get a feel, a look at what it looks like a look at what it looks like yeah, whatever i’m going to go ahead and put this phone, this uh, my old Trusty samsung sidekick phone over here, so you can see what it looks like on the tripod alright.

So this is my old. This is the my older one, and this is the newer tripod or not tripod, but desk stand and it’s pretty good it twists. If you want to do like tick tocks, because that’s the magic word now tick tock, you want to do tick, tocks he’s, going to bring it up this way. You can film like this. You want to film vertically horizontally. However, you want to film not bad four dollars, man for four or five dollars, not bad there’s, two and i’m, actually using the tripod light or the ring light cell phone holder to film this part. You know i mean so not bad, not bad. Look at that! Nice, nice, so three things you should go, get at uh five and below, or you could go pick it up this one that’s on you, man, i mean it depends it’s, not the best. I i feel like this ring will break off fairly fast. I feel like this will break off quick and you got to take into consideration. I am pretty sure that this thing is not um, uh, waterproof or even water resistant or you can’t. Even talk about water around this thing, i’m. Pretty sure that this thing is like that, so you know what i mean anyway, and so you can tell that i’m using that ring like there goes the the gooseneck right there, but anyway that’s. All i got y’all don’t forget to like subscribe.