Just a few of the many we’ll be exploring in the next 365 days, we’re talking airpods max iphone flip today, which i’ve got a lot to say about so you’re. Looking forward to this one drop a like on this video, it does seriously help me the channel out hit subscribe for more, so you don’t miss out on any other apple news, guys let’s go ahead and jump in Music. First up, i just want to flex on you guys with my my airpods bag i’m modeling for louis vuitton, and that being said overall like for such an expensive product, i think airpods macs generally have been very well received, but i’ve noticed a couple of issues. My own that 95 mac is also reported on one of these, specifically with condensation. On the inside i mean one of the coolest features about airplanes. Max right is the modular earcups. I think this is absolutely brilliant. It is one of my favorite parts of airpods max and after i recorded a podcast in these today. I noticed for the first time that, like my ears felt slightly damp, it wasn’t like uncomfortable it wasn’t something i noticed until i actually removed them from my head, but it was also something i had never experienced in other headphones. 95 mac wrote a story recently about some other people saying the same thing but uh like on 10.. I actually opened up my airpods and looked inside when i was done, and i was like no there’s, no actual condensation in here, like it just felt slightly more humid after wearing these for the longest i’d ever worn them, which is like two two and a half Hours straight, this user said after extended use, they were getting a little swampy.

I mean this is like niagara falls level of wet condensation like at first i was like this has to be fake, like somebody just poured water on these, but then after experiencing it myself, i was like i guess, if you’re super sweaty and you listen to these – For a long time, then that could actually happen as far as a concern here, i don’t think it’s a huge deal, but it was something i just wanted to make you aware of because, like these are expensive, and i feel like for the price point, they should Be pretty much perfect, like even the conversation that i experienced, it had no effect on the quality of these airpods max. But something to note, like i don’t think this is gon na, be a big story, but it does seem like it could be an issue for some people, otherwise for airpods max they’ve been great every once in a while. The bluetooth quality gets a little degraded and i have to like turn off bluetooth and turn it back on again, but on i mean these have grown on me exponentially since i first started using them. When i first got them, i was like ah they’re. Okay, i use them more and i i’ve basically been using them full time for my headphones. So i mean what can i say apple? You did good now, following that, we’ve got the crossover story of the decade with apple and tesla.

Not only was apple actually in talks to buy tesla back in the day, and then tim cook was like nah to elon, which is like i’m sipping tea on that we’ve recently learned that apple music could finally be making its way to tesla vehicles. Now, what blows my mind here is when you think about apple and tesla, like apple innovating, hardware, like home technology, tesla, innovating, electric cars, automotive technology, they really are aligned like spiritually. I feel like in the same realm like they care about the product, a lot. They do things a little bit differently and you think they’d be like two best friends but apple and tesla. Don’T, work together very well and like their only collaboration, is the tesla app on the app store. Someone who looks into tesla software found code that they are working to implement it with apple music, apparently they’ve been working on apple music integration for a long time, and i don’t see why apple would not allow this like apple music is, i think, in the us, Surpassed spotify and how many people subscribed to that streaming, which i mean i’m, an apple music, subscriber it’s, really really good. I just haven’t been able to have it in my car. Yet so, if you have a tesla there’s hope it seems like apple music could be coming soon and then leading into the crossover we didn’t know we need, but we are probably getting apple, iphone and folding phones.

I have to sit back for folding phones because i have yet to be impressed by one like i know, samsung has the z flip. I know they have the galaxy fold and while the ideas seem good in suggestion and in the idea form i’ve never looked at a folding phone and been like wow that’s, something i want like. I remember when i saw the iphone for the first time. I even had an ipod touch was like the exact same thing, but i saw an iphone. It was like the call that adds something where i can call somebody anywhere get the internet anywhere that’s like a benefit to the device i have, even if it was so similar with a folding phone. I just don’t get it yet but i’m starting to have my interest peaked just a little bit, especially with the development of the second prototype, so we’ve known for a while that apple was working on a sideways flip phone. Similar to this, this was illustrated by the verifier. This is probably gon na cost, like 1400 bucks, not coming until as early as 2022, but recently john prosser, who also shed light on that prototype. His shared details about something else to me, something that would be cooler essentially iphone, flip a flip phone. I phone that will be like a clam shell design, similar to samsung zflip. I mean you can just totally see the difference here, like apple waits, a long time to bring something to market samsung launched the the galaxy fold before it was even ready.

It was super buggy and then they had to delay it, and then they got the z. Flip already – and i think, it’s cool – that samsung is experimenting with this. Yet i’ve never met anyone with these devices, mainly because i think they’re, pretty pricey, but secondarily i question what the market or need is for foldable phones and i think that’s. Why apple? You know still hasn’t released one, yet the idea of a foldable phone is cool like you can flip it up and down, and then it expands into its full size, but i also don’t think it’s very practical uh. I mean phones right now. I don’t have my phone on me, but you know: they’re they’re, pocketable, they’re, pretty small they’re, pretty tiny and compact. Already i don’t see the benefit other than maybe a larger screen. If you’re folding it out horizontally that, like a folding phone, would bring uh it’s. Just never been something that i’m that interested in so when i’m reading, these stories about apple’s foldable phones efforts, i i like i’m, like into it kind of but i’m still like. I don’t really see the benefit here, and i just really hope that, if apple releases a flip phone, if they do end up choosing in the end to go forward with either the fold or the flip design that we get something more with these. That it’s, not just a foldable iphone and the new feature and benefit of that is the folding functionality.

I want to see something unique that you couldn’t do on the iphone because of this design and that’s. What i’ve pretty much failed to see on the android side of things? I i don’t see something tangible, i’ve, never seen a feature that made me go whoa like that’s, really really cool, and i think another huge part of it is that, because this is so early on in the rumor cycle, like we’re at least two years out from A folding iphone or a flip iphone like we have no idea what these are actually gon na. Look like like these concepts. They look. Okay, these android phones that are out right now they look all right. They get a pass, but like there’s, not that sparkle. Yet you know when you see a product and you’ve wanted something for a while, and you just look at it and you’re like that, is exactly solving something that i wanted. Something that i was really interested in. The question i posed to foldable phones is what current problem are these solving and i haven’t come up with one yet so, while apple is progressing and trying out new prototypes, we know the hinges have been trying to get certified to like open up so many times Without breaking i just i i’m not there yet i haven’t heard about that feature or seen a leak that made me go that’s. It that’s gon na be the next feature of the smartphone and i just i really think we might be misguided as a society with folding phones mark my words here.

I update one two: twenty twenty one, it’s 20 21. and that’s gon na wrap up the video hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did like it drop a like down below hit subscribe for more i’ve, been sam and i’ll catch cool cats. In my next video, no, i was gon na say next year. It is this year all right, peace out love.