First time for many smartphones launch was just a real mistakes. Redmi c3 redmi note 9 poco x2 is that it was competing against redmi 8 8a type k smartphones. It was a no brainer. Seven thousand rupees e3 was one hell of a deal and um m51. I know everyone is going to choose a budget device because it’s the most value for money. Let’S talk about some of the flagships, which are also value for money. Me 20 or mi 10. Series of devices were launched in india and uh as a bulls are thinking those are value for money, but then again, uh lcd screen against amoled screen it’s, something i personally prefer amoled screen over there and that’s where oneplus 8 comes into the play, one plus eight. Ninety hertz amoled screen, which i personally feel, is slightly better as compared to the lcd screen present on the meat end. I mean not the color accuracy wise, but overall, i personally prefer amoled screen, not just that one plus eight cases are stock.