True wireless earbuds, with active noise cancellation. Now you can pick these up from amazon i’ll, throw the link up in the description, the price on these 300 bucks all right. So, first things. First, let me start off by saying happy new year and, ladies and gentlemen, white shoes is back in the building. All right here we go dvla gemini, true wireless earbuds, with active noise cancellation let’s go through the features real quick. Now these are bluetooth version 5.0, all right, so dvla, gemini on the side. Note dvla, that’s, a french name. All right, tvla gemini, delivers an all envelope and sound experience. Permeable sound alright, so you got modes for every situation: active noise, cancellation and transparency. Now you also have air active matching intelligently, adapts audio signal for optimal listening at all times. You got voice calls. These are ipx4 rated built to withstand all right, so you get 24 hour battery life with the key compatible wireless charging case now up to six hours of listening uh with the on the go charging case so six hours, a total of 24 hours using the charging Case replaceable charging case battery voice assistant compatible and it comes with extra small, small, medium and large ear tips all right. So all that for 300 bucks and there’s, an app for android and ios let’s grab a little unboxing knife, alright. So for new year’s we got the little unboxing night back from vacation. I shoes, i need you to watch those whiskers.

Let me do this at a high angle. Okay, here we go dvla gemini, again apple android and ios 300 bucks. Now the side note at this price range i’m gon na – have to compare these to my top truly wireless earbuds, with active noise cancellation number one on my list: the sennheiser momentum twos. I love these for all around sound performance and active noise cancellation number two on my list: the bose. Now, if you want pure active noise cancellation, nothing beats the bose number three. Now this is a tie between the airpod pros and the techniques. If something, if i’m, using an iphone, i go with the airpod pros if i’m using an android phone, i go with the techniques both of these sound amazing and have active noise cancellation top tier status. Okay. Now i got a little hangover right now, but we’re gon na work through this dvl gemini’s let’s unbox them and see what it is. She was patiently waiting here. We go okay, we need your full attention, please okay, usual books and pluck them and save them. Now. 300, bucks, this better, be a nice presentation. Let’S start it off. First, okay, you got your usual books and okay pluck those let’s read them real, quick. Okay, now, on the side note hold up just in case y’all don’t. Remember i just seen it if y’all don’t remember the phantom now only my true subscribers remember when i did the video for this, because i had to take it down because of that designer song.

This speaker was dope, but i had a lot of problems from the manufacturer that’s why i never bought it again. I swore that i would never buy another dvla product, but here we are all right you’re, only as good as your last product, so let’s give them a second chance. Okay, now this is going to be your charging case. Okay, let’s see. Okay, now the earbuds they looked a little bit bigger in the picture, but in real life they do look small, okay, let’s. Take a look at that charging case. One more time see if we can one hand that open okay, shoes inspect that case for quality. Real quick let’s see what else we get now. This is going to be your usb. A to usb type c, charging, cable, all right, quality control and let’s see what this is going to be now. This should be your different size, ear tips. Okay, so you got extra small, small and large, all right, extra, small, small and large. Let me put those in my pocket, so shoes, don’t nibble on those okay and that’s, pretty much it now. Let’S take a look at the earbuds here’s how they’re gon na look? Okay: dvla geminis, okay, again nice and small. When you look at the picture, they look like some big giant earbuds, but in real life they are pretty small drop them back in the case here’s. How they’re gon na look now this case does have wireless charging got one led on the case: okay, usb type c and that’s pretty much it nice and lightweight all right.

So let me pause. The video i’ll grab a phone and we’ll start our usual testing. Talk amongst yourselves. All right, josh will be back in first let’s check the charging case for wireless charge. Now look for the blue lights on the charger and the green light on the case. Okay, there’s. The blue lights there’s, the green light charging right up all right. So now, let’s take a look at the charging case on the top. You got some dvla branding. You got these little ridges right here, easy to open with your finger. It is wireless charge compatible usb type c. You got one button for reset and pairing and one led that’s, not the smallest case for size, comparison, here’s, the airpods pro okay, so it’s a little bit bigger, but not the biggest case, here’s the bose, all right. So the bose case is definitely bigger. Same thing with the sony’s, like the sony case is definitely bigger. Now let’s check the magnets we’ll start off at minimum shake edge. Okay, no movement let’s go to intermediate shake inch; no movement let’s, take it to maximum shakeage. Okay. So the magnets are excellent: they survive maximum shakeage all right, so i just downloaded the gemini app. It said: there’s an update available, so let’s go ahead and do the update all right y’all. So we back in one hour later now. Let me say this: the update process for these earbuds is the worst, i repeat, the worst in the history of updating processing.

I was literally two seconds away from rage quitting and throwing these shits in the garbage. I hate it. I i literally hate it. The update process is so garbage check this out now i usually never read amazon reviews, especially on products that i’m going to review myself, but i was having so much drama with this. I said you know what let me take it over to amazon and see if anybody else is having this issue and sure enough everybody i mean everybody is having this issue now i tried two different iphones. I tried all my android phones. The updating process is garbage. You’Re gon na hate it all right if you ain’t, got patience you like to plug and play you’re gon na hate this all right. Now i just powered through it took me forever to do it and right when i was about to rage quit, it must have known that i was gon na rage quit and it finally decided to work. I got it to update, but you’re gon na hate. It you’re gon na hate the update process. Keep that in mind. Okay, so now let’s check out the app. Now you got a picture of your earbuds. It shows you your battery percentage for the left, bud the right bud and the charging case take it over to settings. You got gemini control that should double press, so you can activate your voice assistant or skip and reverse tracks. Now you got smart paws.

If you activate that feature when you’re playing your music and you take the earbuds out, it’ll automatically pause your song when you put the earbuds back in your music, will start playing. You got audio preferences, you got a fully customizable eq and you got a bunch of presets, so you got custom default news, podcast bass, treble dynamic and low mid now, i’m gon na leave it on base now let’s put the earbuds in and it should give you Some more features: okay, let’s, get them nice and snug. Now, once you put them in your ears now you get three levels of noise cancellation, so you got low high and plain you got neutral mode, and you got transparency now. Two different levels of transparency, low and high. Now, if i put it on high, i can easily have a conversation without taking the earbuds out. My voice sounds a little bit robotic but again and ambient sound mode. They pretty much sound the same on most of these earbuds. Okay, now let’s. Do the uh head shake test i’m gon na start off with minimum shakeage? Okay, no movement let’s go to intermediate shrinkage. No movement let’s go to maximum shakeage, okay, so no movement. So i do like to fit on these now. Let me show you what they’re going to look like all right, shout out to the corona dredge still in effect, here’s, how they’re going to look in your ears. Minimalistic look a little on the big side, but not gigantic all right, and i definitely prefer these better than the pencil style earbuds.

Okay. Now this has been a rage. Full video all right, i’ve, been raging out all over the place, let’s see if these earbuds can make it up in the sound test department. Let’S grab some music all right, so i got a classic song. Cued up, we got snoop dogg let’s, get blown now i’m going to start off with minimum noise cancellation, the eq set to base and max volume. Okay, here we go birdman hands rubbing together. I promise y’all i’m not going to sing because i actually want to hear these and i hope these sound good because so far i’m having the worst experience with these all right. Here we go one shot for playing pause, let’s get blown. Can i get my thrills? You know you want some more good so come on. Can i get my thrills? You know you want some more girl, so come on let’s get ba. Okay, these sound good, all right they making up for it in the sound department. Let’S go let’s get boom. Yo shoes where you at let’s go looking at the ladies, all of them fine, i don’t know which one i want dog i can’t make up my mind so won’t you make it easy on me. Take this drink and sit this weed two step with me: let’s slip to the dance floor on and on and on and on we go i’ll dip you if you want me to okay, hold on hold on let’s head forwards, let it pull us: okay, okay.

Okay, now i can relax. I i was getting ready to bash these earbuds, because the setup process is atrocious. All right, the pairing process is horrible. The app is wonky and buggy. I wasn’t having a good experience, but the sound quality all right. The sound quality on these – this is what i’m talking about. I sound quality is a go matter of fact. Y’All know what i got to do now. Y’All know what i got to do now. I i’m feeling these. I got to take it right to my bass. Test song hold up where we at y’all know we got to take it to nipsey hustle blue laces, 2.. Okay, y’all know how that goes. I got to test the bass here. We go. Oh baby, yes, okay! Here we go hold up hold up: okay, okay, oh yes! Okay, all right! Whoo! All right now! Look i took off smart boards because i want to try to hear that the music is actually on okay hold on you, go that’s what i’m talking about all right? The clarity on these all right, the clarity on these i’m ready to give these a real look. Now, because i was, i already wrote these off, but the sound quality i the sound quality is great. I just hate the the whole experience from the app and updating and all that, but the sound quality i i’m feeling the sound quality let’s do a little bit more testing all right.

So now, let’s do the reconnection test. How long does it take to reconnect to your phone after you take them out and put them in the charging case? I’Ll just hit play on the music. You see it’s connected okay, so we’ll take these out drop them in the charging case, fully disconnected take them back out. Okay, here we go one mississippi, two mississippi three mississippi four, mississippi: five, mississippi six, mississippi, it’s, seven mississippi you get the idea, no instant reconnection. All right, so let’s go to settings. Let’S go to gemini let’s, see connect. I so now says connected now. They reconnected. I said that sucks that you got to do that every time i’m, not feeling that at all that’s, pretty whack let’s keep it moving all right now the side note just to be fair. I tried that three more times and each time they didn’t automatically reconnect so that sucks alright. So now let’s do the one earbud test. Can you play music from one side, while the other side is charging up in the case let’s hit play on the music okay? So i’m, going to take out the right side, just drop it in the case. Left side is still playing. Let’S put the right side back in okay, let’s hit play in the music okay. Now let’s take out the left side left side. In the case they just disconnected so if you want to play music from one side, it has to be the left side.

Now, let’s try this real, quick let’s see if we can pair just the right side. Okay, so we’ll go to settings, we’ll hold the pairing let’s see if we can get any pairing going on in this one let’s see all right. Let me play with this for a minute and see if i can pair just the right side all right now. They’Re, probably gon na fix this with an update, because right now it’s not working on my iphone, but it is working on my galaxy. You could pair just the right side, but this is still just way too much drama to hear music from one side. You should just put it in the case and it automatically switches to the next side. You shouldn’t have to go through all of the settings and having to repair it that’s way too much hassle again. Hopefully, they’ll come out with an update to fix that, but as of right now, it’s not working on my iphone let’s keep it moving now for the touch controls very limited now on the right and left ear bud a single press that’s going to play and pause. Your music and answer and end phone calls now for the double press, that’s customizable, but you only get two choices. You can activate your voice, control or you can skip and reverse tracks. So let me show you how that’s going to look alright so from the right earbud single press for play and pause, double press double press that’ll.

Take me to the next song now from the left: earbud single press, that’s, playing pause and double press; that’ll reverse tracks. That’S, it extremely limited alright. So let me wrap this up quick now i did the bluetooth range test. I walked all the way to 50 feet, no drop connection at all for lag. I watched youtube netflix and amazon no lag when you’re watching your videos. As far as call quality pretty good, i call them eye on the phone. No static, no issues. You can hear the person out of both ears, no problems ambient sound mode, not the best. Alright, the voice sounds a little bit computerized a little bit too robotic. For me, i, like the sennheisers, the sony’s and the airpod pro’s ambient sound mode a little bit better. It does work but it’s not the best. Now as far as active noise cancellation, these are top tier. These are right up there with the sennheisers right up there with the techniques right up there with the airpod pros right up there with the sonys. But if you want the best active noise cancellation, you still got to go with the bose all right. The bose is still a champ, the sound quality in these amazing deep, rich bass. They get nice and loud, clear highs and mids. I love it and the eq actually works now here’s the downside to these number one. The reconnection are you’ve seen the tests for yourself. These take forever to reconnect if they even reconnect at all you’re gon na have to manually reconnect them.

I don’t like that. You can’t use either earbud at a time. Right now. Maybe they’ll fix that with an update, but i don’t like that. Either you got limited functionality with the touch controls. You only got skipping reverse tracks playing pause. I don’t like that either, but the biggest thing that i don’t like about these is that initial setup process right that that upgrade that you have to do from the beginning. You’Re going to hate it all right, that’s going to make you want to rage quit if you don’t have patience you’re going to throw these in the trash before you even hit them all right. So dvla y’all need to fix that upgrading software y’all need to fix this app software it’s just too buggy it’s, just too too wonky. I i’m not really feeling the software at all read the reviews for yourself. So all these worth 300 bucks – i would say no i’d – be comfortable spending 200 to 250 at max for 300 you’re, better off going with the sennheisers you’re better off going with the airpod pros or the sonys or the bose or the techniques anyway, devvla gemini’s. I did i say that right, dvla geminis, on a scale of 110. These are a major goal. They just need a little bit of work hit me up in the comments.