Okay, where to start, i suppose we might as well start off with the external externalness yeah. So the front screen is a huge improvement. I absolutely love it it’s, basically, a normal phone except it’s, a lot thinner and a hell of a taller. I mean personally, i can’t one hand this thing just because you got ta. Do that sort of weird hand, gymnastics hand gymnastic sort of thing, but it works. Well enough. I, like the whole punch as opposed to that massive forehead and shim we had on the previous generation. I mean the case kind of sucks, but we’ll get into that in a minute. But one of my favorite improvements is definitely the additional bristles inside the hinge. So as you do that, if you do have anything on the hinge nothing’s going to go inside your phone, but yeah that case let’s let’s just get this off and we’ll put the phone to a cycle. A second the case is okay. I mean this. Is the leather one made by samsung it’s it’s nice enough? I i really like the color it’s really great. It does have a a nice bit of raised protection around the camera pump, so at least when you put your phone down it’s not going to be touching. The surface, but it doesn’t cover the hinge and, as i say, you’re not going to be too wide about it nowadays because of bristles, but it only covers half your phone.

That means all of this is open to get scratched and damaged again: i’m, not too fast. But some people might be you, there are other options. You’Ve got some spigen ones out there, but i don’t know personally i’m pretty happy with this case yeah. As for the inside, oh it’s, it’s it’s tons better. Have you seen the original had a massive notch? Thank god. We’Ve now got a hole, punch but yeah that screams. That does not great look at that. It picks up fingerprints like a fingerprint thing. It is awful i mean you can get these removed, but personally speaking i’m, not gon na, because hey it’s gon na protect it from i mean if you do tend to drop this thing down. If it falls off your desk or you have like long fingernails, which i don’t um yeah it’s, certainly gon na help out i’m gon na keep it on there just because it’s and it’s a fairly expensive device. I don’t really want to damage it. I don’t want to run the risk um. I want to be quite cautious with this thing: um, but yeah. Nevertheless, it’s got some pretty decent specs as well. We’Ve got um 12 gigabytes of ram a snapdragon 865 plus 256 gigabytes of storage. I don’t know if that’s ufs, 3.0 or 3.1 it’s got the whole fast charging thing and usbc, thank god and, of course, stereo speakers, hallelujah, um, overall it’s, a really great device and um.

I think, if you’re going to be doing a lot of big screen things like reading a lot of articles, then this is an amazing phone um. What can i say really it’s just is it exactly, is exactly what you see it’s a miniature tablet and to be able to prop it up like that and watch a youtube. Video and like you know like that scroll for comments, or indeed how i tend to do it like that, and you having your video there, it’s really handy, you can do time lapses on it. The only issue is, as i say, the rear cameras are there and the front display is there. So if you are doing a time lapse, you have to put it down on the screen and then point it outwards like that: that’s, not amazing, i’m, not a fan of that at all, really, just because i don’t really want to run the risk of scratching this Display as well as i said by some of those cases you can get, do you have a second portion to them and it might be like a a front bumper which goes around this side and so at least of a bumper it’s going to be a similar Sort of deal with this this bit of raised material there you’re not going to have it touching the screen itself, there’s, not really there’s, not really a ton. You can do about that to be honest overall it’s, a huge improvement, the fingerprint scanners nice and fast, and it feels so much more solid, so much more durable than the first generation.

I still wouldn’t bring this thing out in the rain i mean, god forbid, any water gets anywhere near it, but it’s great you’ve got those same caps on the top and bottom protecting dust from getting inside and overall, the engineering that’s gone into this thing: it’s, absolutely Beautiful it’s, a lovely phone, would i recommend it if you’re a samsung, fanboy yeah? Obviously you’ve probably already got one if you’re interested in the latest and greatest tech yeah, you can go for it overall. I probably wouldn’t recommend this phone it’s just because it’s a bit fragile for the average person i mean i probably wouldn’t bring this thing about. If i didn’t have a microfiber cloth, i do like to keep my things nice and protected it’s, also hella expensive. So again, if you’re a bit short of money or you just don’t – really want to invest the whole 2g’s into that you’d rather buy a pc or something like that. I can’t blame you. I mean to be honest in that respect. I do kind of regret buying it, but i’ve got it now and i love it. It’S, a great phone it’s super unique. I always get asked yo. What is that, and i say: well it’s it’s, a z fold too, but yeah overall buy it. If you really want one uh, maybe wait till the third generation, maybe wait until we’ve got. I know some extra protection added, potentially an s pen that’s a common rumor.

I do hope that’s true. That would be amazing that would be like using the ipad and apple pencil. Really i mean you’ve got such a large canvas compared to a regular phone that’d, be beautiful, but yeah overall great phone i’m gon na. If i had to rate it out of 10, i suppose i’d give it maybe an eight i don’t know, but yeah great device, um yeah buy it. If you want i’d, probably wait to a third generation, or at least maybe take a look at the z flip that’s a bit cheaper, you get a similar issue. Experience that’s more, like a wallet form factor. Some people like that. One of my friends has it, but yeah and yeah overall thanks for watching um. Hopefully i can get some more reviews out there. I’Ve got a fair bit of tech i’d like to review. I’Ve got a fair amount of ideas: i’m, just practicing premiere pro i’m, getting better at it as you’ve seen on this channel. Hopefully, hopefully, the footage that i’ve been releasing has been getting at least a little better in quality. I i i really would like to just get a bunch of content out there. I’Ve got a ton of tech that i want to review a ton of opinions. I want to get out there, nothing controversial, just everything, sort of videography photography and tech related. I love. I have a ton of footage planned uh, a couple of bigger projects.

I’Ve started to work on so yeah we’ll see how things go. Hopefully, we make great progress as we move into 2021, but yeah thanks guys for watching and uh fingers crossed i’ll see you in the next video whenever that is hopefully not too long after this one.