Obviously you can play it on your pc, your xbox, your playstation, but today we’re actually going to do a couple of things we’re going to check out all of the goodies that come with this special edition. One and of course, we’re also going to be able to play cyberpunk 2077 on the cyberpunk 2077 smartphone. This is tk let’s check it out, Music like and subscribe, and make sure you hit that bell icon so that you’re always notified whenever we have new videos on the channel. Packaging, of course, is very, very special we’ll notice right there. Obviously it says cyberpunk, 2077 and, of course, right there oneplus as the branding. Of course, if you take it up, the packaging is actually wrapped in a box or a package that actually shows us the city of knight. What the map of night city with the different sectors, so obviously, if you played the game you’re pretty much very familiar with the way this looks now. This package includes a lot of specialty. Pens, first and foremost, obviously, would be the night city one made specifically here and there’s actually another one inside of the box, but if you’re buying by itself, you’re, probably just gon na get the night city one. But this actual package, which was sent to me from oneplus, which again thank you very much – includes all of these additional ones. So we’ll see here right there v for valentino’s and of course we also have the animals.

We have the mocs, of course, and last but not least, a special edition, one that is one plus related specifically for cyberpunk and, of course, the night city one as far as what we actually got in the box itself. Once you open up the box, you’ll notice. First and foremost, we have some nice theming here as well a letter here. Of course, the phone is sitting right: there there’s a little map and, of course, some stickers here, one plus yellow one plus stickers to match, of course, a welcome letter and of the summer. Ejector tool and this nice little wall poster that you could definitely put on your ta on your wall, so you can see right there, an arm opening up and, of course, with the hand in there. It says oneplus 8t cyberpunk, 2077 limited edition, and here we have the phone, as you can see, there’s a lot of customizations, but first thing that’ll stand out to you obviously is at the back. The camera bump on the back is definitely a lot bigger because it actually has to have the same area here to be able to have this 2077 logo in here as far as the optics. This is exactly what we have on the oneplus 8t there’s, no difference. As far as hardware. We have a nice little, almost like a speck of crystallizations going around here with the oneplus logo in the center cyberpunk in yellow sitting here, and of course, we have some nice uh little backgrounds here that don’t show up unless you hit the light again at the Right angle, a nice custom color here, yellow tint all the way on the bottom.

Now, here next to the power button, we have that same coloring, although the button itself is not colored it’s the same thing here with the volume rocker on the left side, we have a nice little accent color, but it’s present right next to it on the top. What we have essentially is just one of the microphones on the right side. We have the obviously the toggle to be able to turn on silent, vibrate or obviously normal sound power button on the bottom. We have a bottom firing speaker usb type c. Of course, one of the microphones, the sim tray here, that’s capable of supporting two sim cards, since this is a dual sim device. Of course, the top earpiece married with the bottom speaker gives us access to stereo speakers on here. On the left side, all we have essentially is just the volume rocker that’s present on there as well. The display is pretty much the exact same technology. What we have here essentially, is 120 hertz gaming ready device that is basically running uh 12 gigs of ram 256 gigs of internal storage, running hydrogen os, not oxygen os, as this is a china intended model, you’ll notice, there’s a few games in here in the system That were intended basically to be for the chinese market. The theme is installed throughout the phone. So if i go ahead and turn it off turn it back on you’ll notice, the coloring i have been running it on t mobile in the us and i’ve been able to get 5g in here.

The fingerprint sensor also has a nice little customization there’s, the samurai wallpaper, and one of the other things that they also did here, which is a really nice thing, is the ability of customizing the boot up sequence on the smartphone. So let me go ahead and put this down real, quick and before, as it’s booting up uh we’ll notice. It also that the charger is the 65 watt. Charger is also a cyberpunk theme, although not yellow or black. It definitely looks like a standard packaging that we got with the oneplus 8t uh. Definitely really nice and you can see right there. Boot up animation looks absolutely fantastic in here. Of course we have to put in our pin and once you’re done with the boot up animation it boots up, takes us in and of course you can actually use dui. Normally i have gestures, turned on and of course, i’ve installed geforce. Now we have game space. Uh the google play store is installed there. I installed a few other applications and you can see that the theme permeates throughout the actual phone. The last thing i want you guys to pay attention to is on the box there’s, actually an arrow down which tells us there’s an additional compartment. That’S present right there on the bottom. If you missed this that’s, where the case is going to be so, if you’re picking up the special edition device – and you don’t find the case it’s actually sitting at the bottom of your box and you’ll notice – that once you open it up, we have a very Nice custom case made specifically for the oneplus 8t again the cyberpunk edition and last but not least, is a custom pin again the nice city, one if you end up buying the box by itself and you don’t get the entire package the way i have it.

You’Ll. Definitely get at least the night city pen made specifically for the game, and you can see here the case fits it perfectly. You have the logo here in center and of course it comes. This is the actual backing here and, of course, the color changing effect on the background here, very nice, very simple, the toggle here or the switch is not covered, but everything else works and looks perfect. Now, as i mentioned to you guys at the beginning, this is running hydrogen os, not color os. So if we jump into the about again, the snapdragon 865 power is this device. 12 gigs of ram 256 gigs of internal storage. The camera setup is pretty much the same: a 48 48 as a prime shooter, 16 ultra wide 5 and, of course, the 2 megapixel quad camera setup on the back and a 16 megapixel camera on the front. The 6.5 inch display is 120 hertz, fluid amoled display and it is running at 1080p. But again, the charging capabilities on this device is absolutely fantastic as it charges at 65 watts, as i showed you guys at the beginning. As i mentioned to you guys, this is running android 11 on top of hydrogen os 11, which essentially gives us all of the benefits that we can expect from oneplus. As far as the customizations and some of the things that they’ve done to this device. Obviously, we saw the boot up animation. The wallpapers are also very nice.

If i press and hold here, we can go into wallpapers. We have the new canvas option that’s built in here, but we also have some custom ones here that are built in. Although the samurai one is the only one that’s built in here, that is animation style, so it’s actually a live wallpaper, but you can go in there and customize additional things under a system. You can jump in directly for customizations you’ll notice that the wallpaper is in there. We also have the clock and ambient display custom made one for cyberpunk. Last but not least, the fingerprint animation is also a specific one for cyberpunk horizon light. Didn’T have one specifically for it, but i left it on gold to match the color scheme and then of course, other system. We also have the cyberpunk icon pack that’s present here, and you can obviously customize it or switch over back and last, but not least, essentially, is that this is actually a custom theme built in so you can either have it on or turn it off, and it Is a dark mode theme by default? It just has the accent colors to be yellow, and one of the things that we saw with the oneplus 8t is that this was a definitely a very much a gaming centric phone. The fast refresh rate on the display, the fast charging, the large battery the stereo speakers, all of these things obviously screen gaming, so the game space is installed, you’re able to download and install different games.

Of course, i have ganshin impact. I have, as you saw there, uh geforce now and, of course, fortnight, to be able to round off some gaming in here the google play store isn’t. Here i was able to get 5g on this as well, and i did a couple of speed tests here in the us overall performance wasn’t too bad, but depending on where you are, if you have good access to a good network connection, you should be able to Get about 80 and 40 up so 5g, not a problem, but because i want to actually show you guys how to play. Cyberpunk 2077 on your cyberpunk 2077 smartphone form oneplus. We need to install and actually use geforce now as well as actually a controller for that. So this is the kishi controller made by razer and it’s, essentially a perfect controller to work with geforce now for any smartphone that you can actually install geforce now, be it android or ios, and the main thing that we would need to do obviously is connect it Using the usbc connector on the bottom, and since it nice, it has a nice configuration where it stretches, you’ll connect it here at the bottom, around the top and it’ll just work perfectly fine for you and you’ll be able to obviously connect your accounts and customize them. The way you want, the bottom fire speaker will actually channel through here there’s a nice little opening that will channel the audio out and, of course, the front facing speaker is sitting at the top which permeates the sound forward.

We are able to charge our device in case. You guys are worried about this and, of course, use bluetooth, headset and connectivity with this for any kind of gaming experience the standard gaming modes that we’ve seen before so fanatic mode and gaming mode turned on all of these things are in there and, of course, the Controller just makes it easier to be able to control and use different things geforce. Now it has a massive collection of library or applications that supports it. One of the things i really like about it is that it actually connects over to my steam account. So let’s go ahead and stop talking. Let me show you guys some gameplay of cyberpunk 2077 on the cyberpunk 2077 oneplus 18. Applause, regina jones. Here, if you’re looking for work in watson, give me a call how’d, you find me how’d, you even know my name. I know where to gather my intel. You could even call me a collector later: Applause, Applause, ripper, Music, oh team bug, ain’t, no people person and jackie’s only good at some things. I know you know what i mean it pretty much leaves you. I think i got everything time i got to work well, that’s, just music to my ears. I’Ll set up the meet with miss parker at lizzie’s bar flat head. Those are gon na, be all you need to see. It show yourself dynamic thermal optic, camera armor, fully cognitive aversion with a raven controller, pinned down prototype actuators, made of titanium, vanadium, kevlar composite and gentlemen, having collaborations like these, with companies between let’s, say oneplus and other companies we’ve seen this before so we’ve seen oppo coming Out with their own uh league of legends phones or even their, i think, was that the evangelion phone that they released in europe and, of course this is an amazing device to start with, the oneplus 8t comes with a lot of great specs.

To start with. This is the standard one, but the cyberpunk 2077, if you’re, a fan like i am playing it on. My smartphone is as good as playing it on my pc and the reason behind that is because we are using geforce. Now there is no mobile version of cyberpunk 2077 if you see that somewhere, somebody’s probably pulling out pulling your leg or doing something there, but for me playing it on uh, well playing it on the oneplus 8t with the kishi controller. Is the perfect combo again, you need to make sure to have a good, solid, either 5g connection or a good wi fi connection, depending where you are. I want to say thank you, first and foremost to oneplus for allowing me to check out the cyberpunk edition. I am a big fan, i’m, actually playing this for the second time right now. I finished it first with the street kid i’m, going with the corpse side and then, of course, later on, we’ll do nomad again um, but again. The overall experience here is, if you’re, looking for something unique, if you’re looking for a very, very unique smartphone form oneplus in 2020 or even 2021, this will not disappoint. Thank you very much to oneplus. Thank you very much for checking out this video like and subscribe.