They call it bluetooth, amplifier model h2 we’ve seen a lot of similar devices in the last few years. Chandling feel and many others release such solutions, but heidi’s decided to go their own way and they offered a bit unusual approach, it’s based on the qualcomm’s csr 8675. If i remember write the number of the chip, so basically all that cheap qualcomm chips that everyone use and use max as a operational amplifier and it supports all codecs, virtually all sbc aac, all types of aptx, including low latency and aptx hd ldc, and even they Support high bu at codec, and that makes this thing stand out from the vast majority of other receivers, so higher resolution higher bandwidths and so on. They selected a nice price 65 dollars and i think for such device it’s a really well balanced figure. Uh let’s proceed to the review. Few additional figures i will mention in during the main text so package is simple: it’s traditional for the heidi’s black cardboard, without fancy polygraphy but by all basic stuff, is listed here, battery life time up to seven hours and it’s. True for the sbc and aac codex, with aptx hd you’ll get about four hours with the ldc about three or even a bit less but it’s common for such receivers, because with ldc they are much more power consuming and weight is 12 grams. Size is really small. So in this aspect, figures are nice: it supports nfc pairing.

It supports two devices connected simultaneously inside of this tiny box. You will get the receiver itself i’m, always afraid that i will tear this ribbon out. You can see that it’s really tiny and cute looking so it’s more. I won’t peel this films because i need to also to make photos so let’s. Let them stay here and accessory set, includes warranty card short manual, long usb type c cable for charging and to connect to uh through your to your pc or mac or to desktop computer, because it can be used as a digital, auto converter and a shorter cable. If you want to use it as digital to another converter with some smartphone or something like that, so nice thing and a short, tiny half case with clip. So if you want to clip it to your shirt, for example, you can you make it easily it clips. This way in the – and here you will get the headphones input here usb, so all controls are available and you can reach them without issues. So let’s put it off actually let’s peel this stuff, it’s small and it’s, easy to wipe if i’ll need it in terms of build quality. It’S nice it’s uh, made of a nice durable plastic with glass like front and back panel company’s logo looks really stylish and it’s simple microphone and headphones input on off button. It also works as a pairing button led indicator that shows a resolution to usbc for charging and to use it as digital to analog converter and two buttons.

So short press change volume longer press navigate the tracks, it’s small tiny compact works nicely microphone. Quality is good, but it’s better to move it closer to your mouse to get the better sound connection. Quality is also pretty good. It it’s up to 10 meters with low resolution codecs and about three meters with high resolution like codecs like ldc or uat. With that codex connection, quality is pretty reliable. Work. Time is good. There is a slight delay for video and games, but it’s, not big but sometimes it’s noticeable, so basically that’s all about the exterior design and other related stuff. Of course, a few words about the companion app heidi decided to outsource the creation of firmware and companion up to high b, and you know as a programmer myself, i think it’s always a good idea to outsource some software work to to companies. That has expertise in that and we got really good stable working firmware and the companion up is high b blue. So if you launch it, you can see that model name. Uat codec is used here, 96 kilohertz, so pretty good figures for the bluetooth transmission. As usual, you can see the user guide. Information about the device actually will show user guide, it will know, probably they didn’t add it. Yet. You can turn on and off indicator light. You can see the connection quality and remaining battery status, find us 2 isn’t very useful feature, but if you turn it on the lead will start blinking.

Maybe sometimes it will help you to find it equalizer it. It will uh actually work only with 44.1 and 48 kilohertz, but still really good feature, because because you can adjust the sound, but of course you need to toggle the codec notification tone, you can select english and chinese, you can power it off and you can power Immediately and power after certain time – and you can upgrade the firmware once they will release some new firmware for it. So basically it’s simple but functional and sometimes pretty useful and, of course, about the sound let’s, have some headphones on the table kind of spoiler. For one of my next reviews, we’ll talk about one of the most hyped top of the line models and actually the most uh discussed feature is the output power of this tiny device, because uh it’s, just eight milliwatts per channel for 32 ohms load and it’s uh. Really low figures from one hand from another hand, it’s devised at weight, 12 grams first, so making higher power will reduce battery life drastically and with the regular monitors with waste majority of them. Actually, eight milliwatts will be enough. For example, it can drive this unique melody, mast or mist, actually not sure about the pronunciation of the name, to good volume, at least to my ears, so it’s, not the most powerful, but still really good. And actually, i will describe the sound based on the ldc and uat codex, because you know it’s that case when you selecting inferior codecs and you hear the how sound to reduce quality.

So, basically, with ldc and u80 you will get nice punchy low frequencies with good control. Of course, it’s not uh. It can’t be compared to wireless connection, because still you will lose a bit of tiny nuances, but in general you will get a nice resolution. You will get normal depth, not not maximum, because wireless codecs reduce the depth of low frequencies, but still you will get normal normal sense of realism and you will get enough of punch. Of course, if you select some sensitive in air monitors and as an example for the low frequencies, i’ve got music anoda and their live album because, actually you know live album, is more complicated, comparing to studio ones because to represent that live sound of this duo and Uh source should be more technical and more resolving and usually uh. Listen to such albums via bluetooth is not a good idea, but here, thanks to the advanced codex, you will get normal resolution. Of course, you will lose a bit of overtones on the acoustic double bass, but still you will get a nice sense of realism and actually it’s a good tradeoff for this, for that wireless freedom, at least for me and in general, sound quality – is pretty nice anyway. So you know i need to make this uh reminders that it cost just 65 dollars that weight is about 15 grams or even less, and that it’s a wireless device, because it’s really good so don’t expect the performance of a big high high end up.

But for such a small device, it’s really impressive and acoustic double bass. Sound realistic without issues. Meads are also done in natural manner. A bit focused on the emotions not on on the microcontrast it’s, not trying to be super. Resolving not trying to give you all the tiniest and smallest nuances, but anyway showing no maximum possible resolution for wireless sound. You know. Actually, when we speak about the bluetooth receivers, the best ones are limited, basically by bluetooth codecs, not by the schematics, not by the engineering efforts putting it. Basically, the main limiting part here is just bluetooth, codecs and that’s. Also true, here difference is like some trying to highlight small details like fields btr5, for example, others more focused on the emotions like h2, but the difference you know, it’s really really small and meets unnatural. Resolving imaginary stage is about average plus minus because also it’s limited by the bluetooth, but still nice sense of realism. No attempts to be need peeking, no attempts to highlight some issues with records, so no big issues. If your media library, isn’t perfect here and as an example i’ve got queen so who wants to live forever, perfect great record famous good, vocal nice orchestral part touching lyrics so great masterpiece, one of the greatest masterpieces ever created in the history of music and once again Of course, you need to wired connection to unveil its full potential, but heidi’s h2 plays it nicely, not perfect, because you will also lose a bit of resolution stage, but still it’s, good it’s, listenable, it’s pleasant and no big issues to focus on and the slightly slightly Highlight highlighted emotions just sealed this track pretty well and treble extension is average and it’s also common and it’s also a case when it’s limited by the bluetooth codex, not by the device itself, and actually i did try the wired connection and treble improves the extension improves.

A bit resolution so it’s definitely an uh problem with even these best bluetooth, codecs it’s, still a bit reducing treble extension, but anyway, normal resolution, good control. Of course, almost zero uh almost to zero uh layering, but it’s common for inexpensive devices, just very basic layering, pretty normal overtone, saturation and sounding natural with good resolution. So just normal treble for this level and so and as an example, another masterpiece, pink floyd time. You know this track. You know that introduction with the different uh clock sticking and then that alarms that loud sounds going pretty high to the treble area and this device plays it’s nicely, of course, once again, not perfect, but on the good level. So, to summarize, everything pretty natural with good control and with slightly highlighted emotions on the mids, but just a tiny bit speaking about the pairing, so it creates created for the sensitive in ear monitors and it plays nicely with them. No big sense in using it with some full sized cans power hungry, headphones, high, impedance models; it’s, not just not created for that. Speaking about the compressions in this price range. We’Ve got a few btr3k another good model and more powerful without uat codec support. But this one is a bit more resolving and a bit more natural while btr 3k is a bit warmer, so just different types of tuning and slightly bit better resolution, especially with uat codecs. Compare it with more advanced Music receivers like btr5 qdlix, shanlink up4.

There is not much sense because they are better with 2 times higher price. You know, it’s not surprising, they are also more powerful and it’s. Sometimes it play it’s important, compare it with some dongles. It also doesn’t make much sense because wireless wired connection is like a bit better. So you know high disk release the device that is uncomparable because i don’t know other models here in this price range. There is channeling up too, but i didn’t test it. So, basically, maybe it’s also a competitor for this model, so basically just btr3k in this price range. So anyway, if you’re, looking for a small lightweight, actually it’s, really lightweight in sometimes it’s important for some people, you just can clip it to your shirt to your collar or somewhere and it’s all all way too it’s weight less than this uh jack with adapter. Basically and it’s surprisingly surprising for me like a good example of modern technologies because device small and sounds good and wireless like magic. So anyway, if you’re looking for small lightweight bluetooth receiver, you need to drive just average and sensitive in ear. Monitors. Heidi’S released a really good model for your attention. Thank you for listening.