Show you Huawei MacBook X In this, with Pretty heavy box, May be Devices laptop Ultra Bucur, Which, at least In my perspective, or at least from my point of view, could To do Owners of MacBook Super Jealous. Let me show you why And of course See you next time Comments section: Where can you decide if It is or True, but until then let’s see what I hide like that Box inside it And why I’m lying wet So much It’s the first time I’ve had It Paws on this Huawei Me And yes, I know mommy played with copper Some time ago. However, this model seems to have been seems It’s like someone He even gave interest Into the Voltage and what Setting – and I know Someone who made laptops – Surely He also made this laptop Because it is wORDS Let’s see, Let’s talk for the first time about the materials Construction, Obviously we have You better say metal, Put, aluminum or Or others, But not that we can’t, For we put only aluminum For laptop or not HOUSING. It weighs somewhere around 1 Kg and has a thickness of 13.6 mm Wait it’s, just as thick Like a notebook dictating Before talking about the laptop Let’s quickly. Look inside the box, where we have some accessories One of them. It is the 65w charger Similar to the From With 14, and Here We have some books, A dongil or a Doc, Or an adapter or Or whatever you want to call it And a cable Stay weight, type, I’ll put them aside and they’ll cool down Where they Are You’re curious? It looks exactly like the one on your MacBook With 14.

It is very solid, very portable, very compact, and I really like all the laptops Such chargers, But what I like Very much Huawei There were some boys Pretty cute I’ve included this Avenida oldruck package, Connect it to usb c And that’s it HDMI VGA. Another USB Stay weight And a USB plug Type, A for connecting various accessories such as Mouse, A USB hub where you can connect Other devices and so on, But I find it nice. Let’s just say it looks nice to me That is included In the package and And that I don’t have to run Let’s, see how I can connect all my peripherals In the idea that the laptop has only two ports Stay weight, One left and one right Now that we’ve talked about accessories. Let’s talk about the laptop itself. It is Comes in Lite, as some like to say is ultraportable weighs somewhere at 1 Kg and is About as thin as a notebook Dictating what 13.6 mm Thickness. It seems stupid to me. It seems aberrant to me And yes, I know there are models, Even thinner And so on, but coming from Huawei, I am glad to see such a design, especially in this area of Laptops, more Ultra Bucur At first I said: look Strawberries, look up Thin and I Grabbed him, I felt the weight and out of curiosity flexed a little, and I realized that I did not leave It’s pretty Well balanced in what Look at his weight in the idea that Weddings of that product sensation, Cheap Or the product that is made Thin house.

Only Paris A house He stole the eye. In any case, it is a very well built, laptop, Very thin and very portable, And somehow this table Surprises at first sight. Yes, Clapa stood up One hand And on the other side, when you want or close He doesn’t fall So simply Easy. He didn’t fall. I didn’t have to abruptly do it.. You don’t have to do anything at all Which I really like, and there are a few elements I know Which Add value But don’t add physical value only to yoga value. You can count on Indicate rather Add to that feeling you have when you use it gives you the feeling of quality, gives you the feeling of foreign exchange where Let’s invest time and so on I’m, not saying the MacBook 14. It is not a quality laptop, But Look I want to hang up. You saw me Not that it would be a problem because all my laptops, my laptop and your laptop Most, are probably falling apart, But until with me, Soft close, I don’t think there is Something like that.. I don’t think this term exists, but we could tell him he has a soft close, Which I find quite interesting So far, ten out of ten in what it means, Construction in what the feeling you have when you use Feeling ul And, of course, The tactile sensation It comes in two finishes: Pearly sky Cellar in front of you and Forest Green.

If I’m not mistaken, it feels A little satiny, A little dumb And depending on how Niall shines, perhaps It shines differently. Just like a pearl Next Let’s talk about the screen of this laptop, Where I had a very, very pleasant surprise. First and foremost, we have a resolution – 3, More precisely 3000 per 2000, An IPS panel, One hundred percent srgb And one aspect of 3 on 2 that I really like very much.. I have a picture, is full screen and bezel To the left Up And on the right. It has. The same size is a very, very narrow bezel And he gives you that experience Very, very immersive when consuming Multimedia The screen having a very good color. Reproduction accuracy is perfect for editing at Pictures of strong videos and multimedia consumption, such as videos on YouTube and so on. Overall, I declare myself more than satisfied with these clans And this configuration is quite difficult to meet, at least in the It segment of Price somewhere around 7000 RON. Next Let’s talk about the base of the laptop Where on the right we have a button, One Of which incorporates the fingerprint sensor below we have the chewing gum keyboard. We don’t have those numbers on the right. It is a keyboard with a standard layout And I have a keyboard that uses some Stihl mechanisms – Travel scissors – It is 1.3 mm like that, but it is neither very long nor very Yard takes some time to get used to, At least from my perspective, where I Use Very often a gaming laptop And Those shutters have a slightly larger traveler and somehow feel better spongy Than this keyboard Three hours of buttoning, this ordinary laptop and TV, without any problems.

I like the fact that it is backlit In two steps And you can write Good thanks for the nostril. What I don’t like instead is that between the F6 key And the S7 is hidden The room. Obviously, this is very common in laptops, Hi, this very, very narrow pool, Because Physically there is no place To put The whole room Somewhere on the edge laptop Next let’s talk about the touchpad, and here we had a very pleasant surprise again, Besides being a medium sized Touchpad, It is Finished somehow Speechless. Satin has a very very fine grain And the finger slides without any problem, regardless of the natural oils or I pray The fat on my finger and so on, and I particularly liked it is that I can click Absolutely where on the touchpad and in this area. Obviously, I will have Click Right, But what I like is that I can carry arrows like I clicked on a file I shoot too Elsewhere. I can move or Copy various files Shut up. I really like the duel and of course we also have support for Windows. Precision driver That means I can use four fingers two Or three For various functions that we can customize in the settings His windows. Another aspect I encountered Very very rarely Not at all, if I’m not mistaken, It is this edge, As you can see, Taci on the duel comes straight to Buza’s laptop And, if I close it Here, you can see Here is silence Very interesting designer And Mama comodat.

I like it pretty quickly On the silent The moment you press it, it doesn’t click. Let everyone hear. Actually I have nothing more to say than that. It is a touchpad, Very good And very qualitative. Next Let’s talk about hardware and performance based on the laptop. We have an Intel chipset, I5 10210u. My model has 16 GB RAM and 256 Gigabyte houses, internal storage space. We do not have dedicated video card or dedicated video chipset. Finally, Bank issued 2793 on Multi 662 points in single Core attention. This is self banner2, 93 onwards. We go to the big put when we get a general score Of 2400 6.3 points K What I don’t like about this laptop, But It is obviously normal. Given its construction. Are the temperatures Atis some pretty high temperatures close to 97 degrees during the synth tests, But instead It sits somewhere at ‘, 40 degrees in the idle 43 45 degrees. When I have more tabs open, I have Background music and so on. I really appreciate that laptop. It stays pretty cold when you use it and it doesn’t turn on it’s. Pretty quiet, Don’t burn yourself In your arms. The moment you hold him. My legs have nothing to comment on and it is normal that when I give them very, very heavy tasks, Let it heat up. If you want to play on this laptop it’s, good it’s, a no! No, no! No! No! No! Why? Because, Obviously, it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card.

Of course you can run on older games that aren’t that intensive or games that don’t necessarily Need From a video card or in a dedicated video chipset. In any case, I ran strong. The average was somewhere between 20 and Two and 28 straight horses For me, it’s not playing Bill at all And the laptop gets very, very hot.. You overload it And, of course you will use it For something he is not designed for And because we still got to this multimedia topic, it’s good, that the laptop handles a lot Very, very good. We have four Some noise, We call you very strong And he had bass. We also have tall ones And somehow the audio quality is up there. You can enjoy Sound, you can enjoy music. Of course, it doesn’t compare to a what Dedicated audio system, But there is more Than To enjoy the content Multimedia, But here I have a little problem with this. Okay, no problem Something came now, namely the audio quality On Jack. Perhaps The sound card is from realtek Cool plate. We meet At most laptop manufacturers, But There is probably a problem with this model Or it’s a driver issue When Connect a pair of On the cable. The quality is Somehow weaker than The average laptop I’ve tested over time bass With the averages Very intertwined. The sounds are not very clear again. The bass itself tends to be Super super strong, Plus that in Realtek audio manager.

I have no option to change. I equalized Next Let’s talk about this autonomy Laptop that surprised me again, Although we have a relatively small battery 42 w hour, This laptop has doors To stay Feet to stay in position Six hours easily. I sat on YouTube for an hour or so About two more hours Browsing while Pro installed The more programs he left on Snapchat the more he took after me, The farthest Gathered Five to six hours of use, And then He really liked the 60’s charger, though The Cows Silva loaded very very fast, for a laptop attention. I have only one major dissatisfaction Related to this laptop, Namely I only have two USB ports. Type c Huawei were nice guys and included in the package. This adapter, where I have A USB type, USB type c, VGA And HD me. My major dissatisfaction – is Because I do not have Including this doctor What an rj 45 plug, And even if the laptop has wifi 6, Not all routers. Have this technology and the download speed is quite low, You will have to carry after you. Another adapter Connect it Here. I’M connected. I connect the pastelle adapter here to the left or right of the laptop cable bag. Here Further, I freely downloaded a mouse or other peripherals Connected to SnapTube needs more, At least after you Another Product, Namely a USB hub that You have a choice Or connect it to usb ce Here, or here you either get an adapter and now towards the end Of the video, I would like to talk to you about An aspect Which I meet Quite often they have, Or at least I am very often in such a conversation in which someone says that These laptops are Very expensive and do nothing And you better keep such A thick laptop Hunchback Behind Ola ola, the battery also keeps you going Coloring and And ports that that does too And the king And so on.

And now I would put the discussion differently In the idea that I personally Take and buy such a laptop as a secondary, laptop Okay, I’m still playing for you. I have another Tasks to complete on a laptop On the other side. If I move all day Obvious I’m, not going to take a home gaming laptop in the back group in two I’m taking a laptop out of it, I put it nicely in the backpack, And with that Enough, everyone says you can’t With a cigar head. Of course you can’t play the ultrabug. These laptops have another Destination in vain. I run 15000 tests, Synthetic and And in vain I say he does everything and in vain I tell you he does It heats up and so on. When I go out it’s not done Such salt About this would be for today until next time. You know what to do. Do not forget to Check the description for licking, ass And so on And, of course, give your opinion on this laptop. In the comments section below and don’t forget, it exists And mate book 14.