I think it’s – 2018., Music, Music, woof Music. I hope you find this video uh informative. If you’re new to our channel with charles uh don’t forget to subscribe, hit the like button, if not, you can click on the notification button. For me, more videos to come. Okay, so hit subscribe. Okay! So without further ado, since i’m, a father of three it’s three boys, okay, so uh for me, it’s uh, uh from which earners like me. Uh this year, i decided to buy a phone before out of the moon since it’s been performing well in school. I think i am obliged to buy a phone, but the new phone is for me, his former phone that i have will be to him because without further ado, let me just give you an overview of the huawei mate. 5D huawei nova 5 is powered by the green 980. G980 is a flagship killer, or this phone is a flagship killer. Actually because uh, the kirin 980 uh processor is also powering the pp30 pro. I think it’s p34 pro technic pro p30 pro or uh the mate 20, eventually, okay, so uh student boxing. So on the box upon opening the box, you will see the phone. You will see the phone, the uh small box, that has this sim ejector tool. This one sim ejector or okay, so uh also you can see in the box the warranty card or the one or the uh booklet, the smalls starters guide or the manual and also there’s a headset, the fast charging or the supercharged charger and the headset.

So, as you notice this year’s release of the noise normal 5t, it uh the the headset is already converted to type c before uh last 2019 there was an adapter, the uh type c adapter, going to the 3.5 million to jack headset jack, so there’s an adapter Before uh it’s, this uh, those are, they have to be for this it’s this. So at this month december 2020 it has a different type, it’s, an adapter or error or headset. So at the back it has four at the back. It has four cameras. The back has four cameras. This is what the 84 camera – and this is the 16. This is new and flash. This is a flash actually it’s just that the camera. This is the macro lens. This is the micro lens. The micro lens has a 2 megapixel uh opacity, so it has green capacity and also at the front. Cam is a 42 megapixel cam, so it’s good for selfies vlogging, just taking videos actually it’s very good here – are some clips of the videos and the pictures. Applause and it has a whopping, eight gigabyte of ram and and 128 gigabyte of room, which is internal storage, nice. So, unfortunately, storage is not expandable, so you can’t, insert any microsd card is already dual sim it’s a dual sim phone, so uh, Music, 120, 828 gigabytes of rom or internal storage is already good, it’s, already good for an average type of guy.

Like me, it’s already good for vlogging for and just daily tasks picture, taking selfies it’s, already good games, apps, app installations, it’s very good gaming, wise it’s, fast, it’s, very fast, switching uh games, apps it’s, very fast, and also, let me tell you that we uh the The fingerprint sensor is here: you can see that between your center it’s on the side, it’s not on the back it’s on the side, so i think it’s faster and the thumb is really accessible at the side and also the volume adjuster also get another box. There’S. A free jelly case b jolly case and also this there’s already a built in screen protector foam and the color that i have is blush green, fresh, green, color, beautiful, crush green is a crushed screen. So if you’re planning to buy a phone, uh high performance phone let’s, see your monitor Music and try to check this one out, it’s uh, so that the price in the market now december 2020 is 69.90 it’s. 69.98. Not that cheap, but it’s an affordable phone for the blitz, we will have a freebie. This is the 3b huawei gift. This is a moonlight lamp. This is another light lamp. Can you touch this? You can just charge it here, see it changes, colors off white and Music goes a very, very good, giveaway, okay, so uh. If you find this video, informative Music or for your partner or anyone that you love um, please hit the subscribe button.

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