I will be using my iphone 12 pro max, but these cases are also available for iphone 12 and the 12 pro let’s kick start with the organic core case. This case is made up of plants which makes it 100 compostable. So when it’s time for this case to take rest, it will not add to the landfill. Instead, it will re enter the environment from where it all started. So, if you’re in the mood to do some good, then pick this case up today inside the box, which itself is also made from 100 recyclable material, comes a case that is off white in color, with tiny gray and brown specks on the side of the case. There is a cutout for power button and the cutout for volume rocker. The inside of the case looks and feels exactly like the outside, but with some inscription on the back, there is a small engraved in cpu logo and a raised brim or bumper around the lens area that gives extra protection. The texture of this case is really good, and by no means it is slippery, it really does feel very good on the hand it’s lightweight, but still can give you protection from crops of up to eight feet. I also like the raised edge screen protection, which means i can place the phone face down on any surface. The next case that i want to show you is called duo. This case has two layers, which means it can give drop protection of up to 12 feet.

It is dark blue on the outside and light blue on the inside. As usual. There is nothing inside the box other than the case itself, but if you want more info like their lifetime, warranty or any other stuff then feel free to visit their website. The dual feels a little more heavy than the organic core case, but that i guess is due to having two separate layers that gives more protection. The two layers can be separated if you want to, and then you can just use the light blue colored layer on your phone. If you don’t want to deal with the extra thickness. But if you do use both the layers, then inside layer will give you protection against bumps and drops, while the outside layer provides 99.9 prevention against surface bacteria and germs. Now i have no way of measuring this claim from in cpu, but apparently this is possible because of the innovative microbial treatment the outside layer has received during production. The inside surface of the case has a pattern texture which prevents scratches and on the outside. You have the standard power switch cover, one in cpu engraved logo on the back four bumpers. That raises the phone when placed on the ground a lens slip, a cutout for the silent rocker and finally, some cutout for the speaker, grills and the charging port. Putting this on the phone is very easy and it feels really good against the hand. It has a soft touch finish and kinda blends in very well with the new deep blue color scheme of the new iphone 12 pro max.

The next case is also from the same dual line, but this one is just transparent in color and the material used to build. This also looks to be different as well, but other than that on paper. All the features are exactly the same for both the cases. The transparent case, however, feels a lot more rigid and the internal layer cannot be easily removed either. There is a difference in the texture of the inside of the case, as well as the outside of the case. It does feel a little more smooth even on the sides it’s, not that slippery, but it is quite smooth. The rest of the case looks very similar. It has the same protective features and has an end great logo in the bottom. This case, however, leaves a lot of fingerprint smudges, which i am not a big fan of, because it will be quite high maintenance to keep it clean once the phone is on the case, you can see some more similarities in the build of the phone cases, the Transparent case feels good in the hand, maybe a tad heavier than the blue dual case that we just reviewed, but nevertheless it does feel solid. The buttons on the transparent case take some effort to press. I really did not like this, though i think this will require two handed operation. If you want to press the buttons which is very annoying, the blue duo case was way better though there is a good tactile feel on the button press.

They even feel better than the organic four buttons, in my opinion, so in terms of button pressing, i guess the transparent duo comes last. Finally, let’s take a look at the in cpu grip case. Unlike the duo, it gives 14 feet drop protection. The difference is that the grip has a tactile, non slip, pattern and texture on the side that prevents the phone from slipping apart from the side. All the other protective features are the same on the grip like the rest of the cases. It also has scratch resistance. It has discoloration defense, it is wireless charging and 5g compatible. This case also feels really good in the hand because of the matte texture on the back and has a very lightweight feel considering that this gives 14 feet drop protection. Also, the button press is the most responsive among all the cases that i just tried. So, to summarize, if i had to rate the cases that i just reviewed, i would put the blue dual on the top and then the grip, because the blue dual case overall wins in terms of protection, looks and usability. The organic core case is the second and the transparent dual case comes last, so guys that’s it from me today. If you enjoyed watching this video, then please like share and subscribe.