s. Now, unfortunately, it is not sold in the united states, but it is sold in asian countries as well as africa and the infinix zero eight does offer quite a few features, so some of the specs on the device here it does have a 6.85 inch very large Lcd ips panel does come in at a resolution of 1080 by 2460 with a pixel per inch density of ‘2.. It does have a 90 hertz refresh rate, which is absolutely crazy to see and a very inexpensive smartphone here does include android 10 with xos ui. On top here, the version we have here is dolphin version 7.0.0. Now it does include 128 gigs of onboard storage, which is expandable up to 2 terabytes by sd card. It does have eight gigs of ram and it does feature a 4 500 milliamp hour battery as well as super fast charging, 33 watt wire charging, which is included in the box, which is really nice to see here. So we do have quite a few cameras. Six in total, we do have four on the back here and on these cameras we have a 64 megapixel main sensor right here. We do have an eight megapixel ultra wide, as well as two two megapixel cameras on there as well on the front here we do have a punch, hole style camera here, but it is a dual punch hole. So two we get a 48 megapixel main main sensor, as well as an eight megapixel ultra wide sensor and for the rear cameras that can do video up to 4k at 30 frames per second, while the front selfie camera can do 1080p at 30 frames per.

Second other great thing here this does include a headphone jack, so you can use traditional headphones. It does include those in the box as well and then, of course, we do have usbc for charging, which is nice to see the zero. Eight also comes with a side mounted fingerprint scanner right there and does offer face unlock, and this does come in three different colors. So the color i have here is the silver diamond right here and it does come in black diamond as well as green diamond. So before i go on, i just want to show you all the stuff that came in the box here, and i am really impressed that for the price you do get all of this stuff. So of course you get the phone here. It does come with a case um, it is, you know, it’s a flimsy little tpu case, but it is still included nonetheless, which is really nice to see. They also include a screen protector, it’s, a film protector. I had problem with mine, so i don’t have it on there. You do of course, get the charger you do get the charging brick which, as we now know, uh, is not included with some phones anymore. Not only that is a 33 watt fast charging, brick. So that’s really nice to see also, and then we also get a pair of headphones, which is also becoming more and more rare. So you know: samsung doesn’t include uh headphones with theirs anymore, but you have you can request them, but it’s not the same as it coming in the box.

So uh. It is really nice to see that infinix gives you all these things when you buy their phone and taking a brief look at the design here of the phone around back is where it is the most striking here. So we are, we do have the silver diamond color here and we do this diamond uh camera array right here. So you can see those four cameras right there and you can see it just shines in the light really nicely we have the led flash as well. We have this two tone design here and it is more of a mirror finish up here and then you can kind of see the rainbow effect on the bottom down here. So, just a really striking design – and it looks a lot more premium than the price would suggest now. This is, of course, made of plastic, but it is still a really nice feel in the hand here and i’m, not sure if this is metal around the edges. Here but it looks like it is kind of a either a metal or painted plastic here, but still looks very nice. So on the right side you can see we do have our volume rocker right here we do have our um fingerprint scanner, slash power button right. There – and it does have a slight indent right there, so you can feel it easily and know which button you’re pressing going down here a little bit further.

You can see there’s nothing there on the bottom here we do have our speaker right there, as well as our usbc port and a mic, and our 3.5 millimeter headset jack on the opposite side. Right here. This side is pretty blank as well, but you can also see we do have our sim card slot and, along with that, we have two sims, as well as your sd card slots. So again, you can expand this up to two terabytes of storage, which is really really nice around the front here. That is where the magic happens, of course, so we have our beautiful 6.85 inch lcd display here. This is an ips panel. So, of course, we do have nice viewing angles right there, and then we have our dual uh hole: punch, camera right there. So we have those two cameras: the 48 megapixel and the eight megapixel right there you can see. We have not much of a bezel here but, of course, with an lcd panel, you do get a larger bottom bezel, so they can hide all the stuff down there. But overall design of this phone is really nice still retains a pretty thin profile and really is pretty light as well. So taking a look at our display here, we do have a 6.85 inch, ips lcd display with a 1080p resolution, and it does look really really nice. We also have 90 hertz refresh rate on this, which is absolutely crazy to see on a budget smartphone.

So really nice to see that now, of course, you can disable the 90 hertz and go back to 60 hertz if you wanted to save battery life. But why would you, when you have this amazing, beautiful display here now? It does have, of course ips. So you can look at it in different angles: it’s not going to wash out or look crazy, like some other budget phones. So really nice there. Now the colors aren’t super vibrant on this display, but they are still pretty good here’s. A little look at a video here just to give you an idea of how things look here. This also does support hdr, so it does still look really good and of course, if you want those deep dark, blacks and those super vibrant colors with saturation, you probably want to look for something with an oled display, but for an ips lcd. This still looks pretty good. As for our software. Here we are running android, uh 10, and this does have the october 5th 2020 security patch that’s, the latest that we have on here. So being a budget phone i’m, not even sure if this will get android 11, but you do get android 10 and it has gotten a couple of updates since it came out back in august now, the ui they use on here is xos and it is okay. We do have quite a bit of ads and it did come with quite a bit of bloatware, which was kind of a turn off for me.

Now you can see we still have some of it here. I’Ve deleted some of it now some of the apps. They include here are kind of redundant and kind of mix in with some of the features that android already offers, but uh. Some of the things that bothered me here were just the integration of this phone master app, which uh kind of just is in the way all the time. So if you install something, if you charge your phone, if you delete something this pops up, so it’s integrated very heavily into the phone which i kind of don’t like and i kind of wish you could delete or disable now. Unfortunately, with this, you cannot disable at all. If you go into the information here, you can see that it is grayed out, so we can’t do anything with it. It is stuck there, you can’t, get rid of it or anything like that. Another thing that’s heavily integrated into the phone here – is this x themes uh app right here, as you can see, it’s on the side panel right here with a bunch of different themes, you can use wallpapers, you can change to that kind of thing and again this Is another one of those where you cannot disable it or anything like that? It is stuck. It is integrated very heavily into the phone now, even in the um app drawer right here you can see we have this instant apps up here.

So, while they’re kind of cool i kind of wish you could get rid of this – you can’t get rid of this and then here right there. That is the x themes up there and you also have another app store called the palm store. So the experience on here is: okay, just don’t, really, like all the extra bullet wear and junk that was included, and i wish you could at least disable some of those things, so they don’t pop up all the time. A nice added software benefit here is this little side panel and you can access this on any part of the screen here. So, of course you have your back gesture which you can use, but if you’re on a home screen – and you want to access this – you just slide back and hold, and so you see the s right there and then this little window pops up now right here. You actually have some commonly used apps or some of your favorite apps, and you can go in here and you can edit them. So you have a couple different options of things you can use in that menu, which is pretty nice, so it is called the smart panel and if you go in here again you can see we have a screenshot, quick screenshot. You can lock the screen. You can scan a qr code and you have a screen recorder, so that’s a nice little added touch.

Another nice feature here is tap to wake here, so you can just double tap to open or close the screen. So if you are uh on, if your phone is off right here, double tap to wake, the screen double tap, to put it back to sleep and that’s kind of like lg’s knock code, which is really nice and uh it’s, just nice to be able to double Tap to see your notification real, quick and then put it back to sleep without unlocking your phone and kind of like iphone, you can just double tap to see the time or whatever and have it go back to sleep it’s, a nice feature. We also have a music gesture which is control your music by specific gestures. We have the flip mute, so you can flip your phone to mute incoming calls. Take a screenshot with three fingers like so kind of cool right there. So really quick don’t have to use the side buttons if you don’t want to raise to ear. So if you have a phone call incoming, you can just raise your phone to your ear and it’ll instantly. Take the call kind of cool there. Smart screen lights up when the screen is picked up and lights off when the device is lowered, so kind of like what came with the iphone 6s, where you could lift it, and it knows that’s kind of cool too, and then you can answer your calls with A gesture, so these are just a couple – cool added features that i really really appreciate and in our settings here we do have some little advertisements of different added features that they have here, so they have social turbo photo compression where they can compress the photos.

On your phone to save some space, ultra power saving mode as well as a game mode, so some nice added features there. So, just to briefly speak on performance here, this one does have a really decent processor, so again really impressed for the price so here’s our geekbench score with the g90t. So we have 523 single core and 1682 multi core on geekbench 5 and then it and 2 2 benchmark that one has a 290 456 so pretty good and about on par with flagships about two years old. Now, being that performance is pretty good on this phone, the gaming experience on this phone is also a really nice one. So, of course, this handles games, no issue at all and everything runs really really fluidly, so let’s check out our social media apps and see how well these run here. So we’ll start with instagram here, as you can see, that’s pretty instant and then, of course, that 90 hertz refresh rate, absolutely makes this such a great experience when you’re scrolling through instagram everything’s loading up very quickly so instagram runs absolutely fantastic on the zero eight let’s. Try out twitter, as you can see, that loads up really nicely here and, of course, that 90hz comes in once again and just makes this experience scrolling through social media so much better. I know this really can’t come through on camera, but it really is a nice experience here and we’ll check out chrome, real, quick here.

So we do get a little infinix home page right here, but we have infinix website x, club video games, all this kind of stuff. So we go to the infinix website here see if that works. There we go and, as you can see, that runs really really nicely there learn more. So the 90 hertz just really is just makes the experience so nice when scrolling through websites so say we want to check out apple’s website here and that one runs really really well also checking. So, unlike some higher end phones that would use uh the bottom firing speaker as well as the earpiece to create a stereo, sound setup. This one only uses the uh bottom firing speaker, it’s, not bad, but i’ll go ahead and give you a quick test of that. Zero eight does include six total cameras, so we have those four on the back as well as a two up front and the camera quality on. This is okay um. They take pretty decent shots. We do have a night mode and there’s also a night video mode, but uh. You can definitely tell it’s not the greatest, but i did want to show you a couple shots and a couple of clips from the phone. Just to give you an idea of the quality of the photos and videos that you’ll get with the zero eight, so of course, this being a budget phone, you are going to have some compromises that they made to get this price low.

So one thing that is missing here, of course, is wireless charging you’re not going to see that on many budget phones, but they do make up for it. With the 33 watt wired charging, which does charge it really really fast. Another thing that’s missing here is any sort of water resistance, so you’re, not gon na have an ip rating or anything like that. So definitely don’t get this one wet my verdict on the infinix zero eight. Well, i really think it is a decent phone, especially for the price, so 250 dollars again – and you get this really nice package here. So of course you get all those goodies in the box. You get the case included. You do get headphones, a screen protector. The wall adapter, which is really nice, so you get all those things in the box here. You do get a beautiful 6.85 inch display with 90 hertz, refresh rate, which is absolutely crazy. I just can’t believe that you can get that on a 250 phone, so i’m really really impressed with that um. The performance is actually also very impressive here. Uh like equal to you know, like i said before, performance of a two fl two year old flagship or some mid rangers of this year, really crazy to see that as well um. I do think that one thing that is just annoying to me is the amount of ads and the bloatware on here. If they could get rid of all that stuff, this phone would be a hundred times better, but even with that, it’s still a decent phone and of course you do get a lot of storage and eight gigs of ram.

So this thing is just packing a lot of features: dual sim. You can use two sim cards. You can expand this up to two terabytes of storage. Absolutely crazy. So you know, of course this is a plastic phone. It’S gon na have decent ish cameras on here, but um. You know if you’re just using this for browsing social media and just you know doing daily tasks and a little bit of gaming and stuff like that. This phone is great. This phone offers a lot of features for the money, so i definitely think it’s a great value anyway. Um, if you guys, are interested in this phone i’ll leave a link down below where you can check it out more i’m, not sure if you can purchase this in the united states. But if you are out of the u.s and you have infinix in your country.