If you like this video, please hit the like button down below and if you want to see more content like this do subscribe to the channel and if you have any questions or anything to say about this product, please leave a comment down below and now let’s Get to today’s video, so i recently now got myself this invents v12 plus smartphone i’ve had some requests to do a review of it as well, so today, i’m going to have a look at it. So first of all, let’s have a look at the packaging. So, first of all, it comes in a pretty decent box: it’s pretty sturdy it’s a thick hard cardboard box and yeah that’s. Basically it nothing too much to see there here on the back. We have some information about the phone, so, first of all, as you can see, it comes with android 8.1, which is slightly older, but it’s still new enough to be okay, especially for a budget phone. It has a quad core processor, 2 gigs of ram and 16 gigs storage, a 5 megapixel front camera and 5 megapixel rear camera. It has a 6 inch ips lcd display, fingerprint scanner face unlock and a 3 000 milliamp hour battery that’s. Basically, all there is on the packaging to see so let’s get right into it. First of all, the box just opens up by sliding out off like this very simple, then you put it at the side and then it just opens up, and there we go.

You have this piece of paper with the name invent smartphone written on it, and then we have the phone itself there. We go let’s put that aside and see what else we have in the box. So then this just comes out. We have the removable battery since it does have a removable battery, just like all the other, intense phones, we’ve done so far, and then we have a pop socket just like we got with all of the other phones. We have a cover once again. This one is quite similar to the one we got with the a9. As you can see there, it doesn’t have sides it just hooks on the top and the bottom, so we’ll have to see how well that fits and how well it sits on the phone. If it comes off all by itself, if you haven’t checked out the my review of the a9, yet please do go check it out. I’Ll leave a link up here in the info card. Then next we also get a glass protector with its pads wipes to clean the screen and that’s the basic manual so that’s. Basically it nothing abnormal here, yet, basically all the same stuff. We got with all of the other phones so far, a micro usb cable. Just for charging or and data so that’s, pretty normal old school, but normal a hands free, basically the exact same one we got with the other phones and then a wall wart also just a basic one: amp normal charger, no fast charging or anything like that.

Okay, so that’s, basically all that’s in the box, so let’s put that aside and first of all let’s have a quick look at the phone itself. Okay, there we go that’s the phone. You can see right now. It’S still got its plastics on it, so we’ll just remove the back one: first: okay, that’s, quite sticky. Actually, okay, there we go so it’s got quite a nice um reflective design on the back. I don’t know if you’ll be able to really see that on the camera it’s quite nice it’s, not just plain it’s, like a gray color kind of it does come in a couple of different colors, so you can check out the other colors. If you want a different color, but i quite like this color it’s quite nice to me, i, like it some of the avocados. I know it comes in like a baby, blue color, also kind of like this reflective, but just baby blue but uh. I like this more but that’s all up to you so now let’s quickly install the battery sure this back cover is quite tight. Okay, there we go came off so here’s, the battery 3 000 milliamps it’s, pretty decent, nothing abnormal, but it’s, also not that normally small. So it should have pretty decent battery life, as you can see, it’s dual sim here, and it takes a memory card as well. Okay, so the battery goes in like that. I do quite like the fact that it is a removable battery as well now let’s just remove this front plastic.

There we go nice, big, six inch screen, so let’s turn it on and there we go yeah same basic invents, intro that all of the other phones has okay. There we go boot it up pretty quickly: okay, first impressions, the display looks pretty good, as always with these cheap phones. It is still just and basic air gap display, but you can’t really expect anything more because it is a cheap phone. After all, okay, nice flower wallpaper, if you’re into that the quality of the display, does look pretty good viewing angles, also not bad at all. Actually, it’s very good for normal ips display, like this it’s got the exact same software on it that the a9 had so that’s quite interesting. So yeah not much to see here. It’S got a torch, let’s test that out it’s, always interesting to see how bright they are once again, just like with previous invent phones, it’s, not a very bright torch, it’s, quite dumb. So once again, you don’t have a very good flash then as well. So you’ll have to keep that in mind. The phone does feel quite responsive. I mean it’s, not slow or anything at all. Any app that you open up launches pretty quickly does come with a couple of apps pre installed, basically it’s all very similar to what we got with the a9 okay now something else. I want to do quickly that i haven’t done before with any of the other phones.

I did is to run a benchmark, so i’ve decided to just run geekbench since it’s, a pretty simple basic benchmark that most people know and can use for free so that you can compare it to any other phone, so i’m quickly, gon na download it. And then we can check out the performance. I’Ve just run into a little bit of a problem with benchmarking, this phone it actually isn’t compatible with geekbench 5., so because of that i’m now just going to be running a different benchmark. So the easiest one that i could find that is actually compatible with it is just pc mark for android, so i’m just going to be running that and seeing how well that works. Okay, so, unfortunately i tried to run a couple of benchmarks on it and i just couldn’t get it to work. Geekbench isn’t compatible with this specific phone. I think it is just the software is playing too old or something like that and i tested some other ones and they just wouldn’t run properly on it. So i won’t be able to benchmark this particular phone, but i will be benchmarking. Future phones, but now let’s see what else we have here to test out. So, first of all, we have this here cover, so i want to test how this fits on the phone, so it just goes on the phone like this basically identical to the one we got with the a9. It sits pretty okay, i don’t know about this type of design with this here.

Maybe you could even use it to put like a card in here or something, but i think that might be a little unpractical in its own way as well, but yeah whatever there. We go that’s the cover it does sit pretty loose on the phone, so i don’t know if it’s gon na stay on this phone. This phone is slightly bigger than the a9, so that fact might make it so that this cover doesn’t sit properly on the a9. I said it’s okay, it feels like it will stay on the phone, but like with this one i’m, not so sure, because it feels kind of loose, but you would have to test it out properly to really judge it in that way. Now, what else is there that we still have to test? So? First of all, i think we should test the security on it. Let’S test the face unlock so we’re just going to use a pen set it up and then continue okay face capture, so it just takes a couple of seconds to capture your face: okay, and that should be set up now so let’s test it out. We’Re just gon na lock it there we go unlock and it’s. Looking for my face, okay, it’s, pretty quick, let’s see how long is that yeah so it’s about like one or two seconds so it’s, not too long, it’s, pretty nice it’s, pretty okay, i guess it’s doable. We could you could use that that’s if it’s actually safe to use but it’s, basically the same software that they had on the a9 so i’m, pretty sure it is okay, so let’s see where we can set up the fingerprint so i’m, assuming that’s going to be Under security, yeah fingerprint, and then we can just say, continue – set up screen, lock, okay, so it needs to have a screen lock still once again, just like any other fingerprint, because this is basically just the normal android.

One just need to do this a couple of times so that it can detect your finger. Okay, there we go now. It should be all set up so let’s test it out i’m, just gon na lock the phone yeah that’s quite a bit quicker than the face unlock but that’s to be expected, especially on a cheap phone like this one let’s just test it once again: yeah it’s. Quite quick, it’s like immediate, like it’s like this, you just have to touch it and it unlocks immediately let’s just make sure it won’t unlock with a different finger, just to be sure again, nope there’s, no way it just doesn’t want to unlock with a different finger, But if i use the correct finger, oh okay and look at that – so basically just locked it because i attempted too many times to unlock it with the wrong finger wrong finger right, finger together, fingerprint scanner, i have to say, works pretty darn. Well, so now what else is there on the phone that we still need to test? I think basically only the camera so i’m, just gon na have a quick look here and yeah. The camera is actually not too bad on this phone. I have to say all things considered: the rear camera is pretty good for a cheap phone, so let’s just see what the front camera is like yeah, this one might actually even be better. I personally think so once again, just like always i’m just going to overlay a photo here of the rear and in the front camera, and you guys can see how it performs so yeah that’s.

Basically all there is to see on this phone. So my conclusion on this phone is that it is a pretty decent phone for the price, so this phone is slightly more expensive than some of the really cheap ones and the smaller invinci phones and some other cheap chinese phones as well. It comes in at around a thousand four hundred grands right around there. You will find it or around just below a hundred dollars if you want to convert it to dollars so yeah the price isn’t too bad in comparison to more expensive phones but you’re. Also getting what you’re paying for the phone is pretty responsive but it’s, also not the fastest phone in the world. I tested it out a little bit now, especially wells. I was trying to run the benchmarks on it and it isn’t too fast, though it isn’t a dead, slow phone either. Now. The one thing that is a little concerning to me is the fact that i had so much trouble running any benchmarks on it. I’M. Not sure what to make out of that, i think i will do some further investigation into that and see whether there was a reason for that. Maybe it needs to do an update or something like that, but i’ll have to take a little more time with this phone to be able to do that so that’s. Basically, all i have to say then about this phone. I would suggest it if you are looking for a phone in this price bracket and it’s easy to acquire the specific phone.

I wouldn’t suggest you go out and look for this particular one. I would actually rather recommend you go and buy the invent max 8, which i did a review of a couple of weeks ago. That phone is a much better phone for the money. It’S more modern it’s got android 9 on it. I believe it was so that’s much better, but if you want to see that phone’s review, you can go and check it out. I will leave a link up here for that, so that you can go and check it out, so that will basically be all for me today then. So please do remember to like this video, if you liked it and subscribe to this channel for more tech, related content. And if you have any questions about this video or you want to say something, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below.