So my own is smartphone. I unboxed the review dito and isaiah tell brand, of course, but this time guys it is, i television one plus screen. I television, one plus now phones helicopters, specifications. So good luck, everyone again! So without talking too much it’s, maxine, molina, Music, Music, tyler and let’s open it by the way your color in the mirror is gradient. Purple maramis along other colors and pop up, produces screen yeah. So now guys see idle vision, one plus guys other accessories. So here as we open the mini box free, clear case nash, micro, usb cables, a micro, usb, cable time, uh vision, one plus and uh adapters spontaneous yeah, so right side, you guys a little onion volume, rockers and power buttons. The left side – young three so pointing like nano sim card slot for the sd cards upper part, slower maritime speaker, grilles, micro, usb port, so micro, usb panel pusha, then microphone, then 3.5 millimeter audio jack, so other than that. Then difference parts and buttons and design let’s move on direct lisa screen display and guys, as you can see, we have here the screen display of itel vision, one plus so far. Oh no canyon display hd plus london displaying a permanent banner number fashion. Water drop design. New screen size new guys same now, then i’ll be 36. I mentioned six point five inches so for me, so: Music, Music specifications so here’s the television one plus powered the channel 1.

6 gigahertz octa core processor and android nine pangalan, pusha and merchants. Three gig of ram and 32 gig of internal storage support, expand external storage via microsd card slot Music and then, when it comes to onion camera guys mention 8m pizza front and 13mp rear cam, then new secondary is for the buki effect. So anyway. Other features like the panorama: yes, french, on low light, then smart recognized, hdr and manchang bro, slow motion, time, lops, Music, Music, Music, low quality, guys, Music performance, yeah and so far for me, testing, connectors, Music, impressive, viewing design, maganda, attractive, colors, vision, oneplus and then then, Is usb and android 9 storage? Because what i have said a while ago, my expand whenever young storage via micro sd card spam results. Music.