So pretty new player channel – and this is my first time to review – and i teleport Music – is the itel vision, one plus so tada budget smartphone, so hi guys i’m. A palace, elizabeth and gadget psychic and welcome back to my channel it’s, also been a happy new year and santa this year, uh just a plain red box and i’ll print silicon canyon, specs. Then all you need to do is simply to just slide it out. So next thing to do is, of course, to open the box d card. Then of course miroshan case hard case. Then, of course, you know what’s the charger and i’ll probably eat and i’m cute cute a little it’s been a while, since the charger then of course i’m getting a micro, usb, cable headset, not bad, then of course next is to open this plastic. So if you pilot and of course, kind of fingerprint scanner thing to do, is my favorite people of nothing then because around the a lot speaker, micro, usb charging port microphone, sim card tray, support, micro, definitely it’s. Just simply your power button and your volume rockers record sc986, which is a octa core 20 nanometer, medium mechanical anatomy, processor, 2018, button processor, then next you’re going to scores and two to begin 90. 900 points which is for me mention my kababa. I know parsley and price point now: 4 6999, but i never did let’s mention three gigs of ram and 32 gigs of storage for me mention a beating house kind of score.

Just to be honest with you, america has 6.5 ips lcd, hd, plus display 720p under bright sunlight. Okay, definitely negative, and i quite expect a little bit more out of him. 5000 pesos facing foreign Music, camera Music, well, Music, Music feel a part of beating. There is something lacking: there is something else: Music, three hours and six minutes for me. Well, i don’t expect too much, though some phones below 5000 pesos, okay, okay, 1999 at 50 percent, brightness vinegation of 15 hours and 45 minutes, though there are some other phones, the price, more cheaper and can probably perform a little bit better than this one, better Music Out better at this same price point so another thing: you need to suffer nato, guys vision. One plus comment comment section below for an opinion review. For me there could have been better options. So if you like, this, video don’t forget to like subscribe and click the bell icon, so you don’t miss any videos.