The oneplus node runs on the oxygen os 10.5. The smartphone is available in two colors gray, onyx and blue. Marble. Oneplus not has a quad camera setup, which includes a 48 megapixel sensor with f 1.75 lens. It also comes with optical image. Stabilization. The setup has an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor with a field of view of 119 degrees. It has a 2 megapixel macro shooter and a 5 megapixel depth shooter as well. The oneplus note is powered by a qualcomm snapdragon 765g chipset. It has an octa core processor and adreno 620 gpu. This particular model is 128gb variant and has 8gb of ram oneplus. Nord has a 415mah battery with 30t fast charging. The phone features a 6.44 inch full hd plus fluid amoled display with 90 hertz, refresh rate 1080 into 2400 pixels resolution and a 20 to 9 aspect ratio. The phone comes with corning, gorilla, glass, 5 protection and supports features like reading mode night mode and video enhancer. It weighs around 184 grams and those were some of the key features of the oneplus nord Music. Hey guys welcome to yet another unboxing video and this time, as you can see, we have the one plus not look at the packaging it’s quite different from um, the other one plus boxes that you usually get uh for its phones, they’re, big they’re, large and, in Fact quite long, but this one is compact and it’s done differently as well: there’s, a nice blue and black color as part of the packaging let’s unbox and see what’s inside.

So here we have the user manual. This is the phone this way not as is written on the packaging. Yes, this is how the phone looks like Music. The display is quite bright. Of course, the touchpad is pretty smooth and very, very quick, the buttons the power button and, of course, the volume buttons at this side. This is the power button and, of course, if you want to put this on silent or you want it on ringer, these all are within the reach of your fingers and look at this how it fits in my palm it’s, pretty snugly fit look at the back In fact, it’s a cool blue color uh really really different from what oneplus has usually done with its phones. Most of them usually come in dark tones, but this one is a really really nice soothing powder blue. What else you get in the box then of course there’s a charger as well. The usb cable – and let me show you this – is the warp charger Music. Meanwhile, let’s see what’s in this box, so you get some because this is a welcome letter from not and of course, you get a phone cover as well, which is really great, so you don’t have to go and hunt for a cover, uh or you have to Order a cover separately for yourself and, of course, some booklets in here some from oneplus look at the packaging. It’S really really nicely done: it’s slick and a very, very edgy.

Looking packaging and there’s a quick start guide safety information guide. Then you have a membership card as well that you’ve been given let’s first go through the quick start guide guys before you actually use your phone it’s very, very important that you quickly dive straight into the details that are given in this quick start guide. So it tells you all about how to use your phone if you’ve never used a oneplus model. This will actually help you how to use your phone. You must go through these two guys, the quick start guide and the safety information right. So this is all that you get as part of for the oneplus packaging and yes, of course, there is a sim card, ejector pin as well that’s given in here.