Moto is renault 4z and it’s a 5g android smartphone. Now this is a budget price smartphone, so you can purchase one of these for less than 300 pound uk currency and it has a lot of features packed into it. Another thing that really impresses me is that the camera i’ve also done a testing on the camera. As well, so i will show you later on in the video he has a quad camera here and i’ve done. A testing and the camera really impressed me. It has an amazing ultra, steady camera, the autofocus is brilliant, it doesn’t blur out or anything, and it has 4k built into it. So it has a lot of features packed into it into this smartphone that’s only worth less than 300 pounds. So i will show you all those features now inside the box. You would get these earphones it’s a wired earphone because it takes a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. It also comes with this usb type c, charging cable as well, and this mains plug. It also comes with this user manual here, and it also comes with a built in screen protector as well, because if you go online, you won’t find these kind of screen protectors for this model, and it also comes with this case it’s a transparent silicon um case. As well, it also comes with this pin to open up the sim tray. Now i like this smartphone because it has built in 5g and that’s.

The main thing for that price to have 5g built in is very impressive, that’s. The reason why i like about it because it has 5gb into it, it has a lot of features as well, and you can see it. Even the style of the phone is brilliant. It has a nice aluminium metal, build quality as well and quad camera at the back with the flash in the middle um on the left side. Here, if i open this up, let me open this up. It takes two nano sims, so you can put two nano sims to it in this phone, so it’s a dual sim smartphone. It also has the volume buttons here at the bottom. It takes a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack, the usb type c, and it also has the speakers built into it here on the right side. It has the power button here, and this also acts as a fingerprint sensor, so to unlock your phone so got that feature as well. It has a built in 8 gig ram as well and 128 gig memory, so that’s decent and 80 gram is brilliant because you can do a lot of um a lot of a lot of multitasking with the absolute burn playing games, etc, and you wouldn’t slow. Your phone down so that’s another great thing about this smartphone and it has 120 hz visuals. So the screen display is amazing, watching films watching youtube videos, etc. The quality of the screen is amazing as well.

It also has a dual front camera as well, so the selfies that you would do has a lot of quality too, as well when you’re capturing photos and the rear camera. Yes, quad camera and the main camera is 48 megapixel with double free. There are 8 megapixel, 2 megapixel and 2 megapixel. He also has a 4000 mah battery capacity as well so that’s, another great thing about it. That would give you at least a good six to eight hours of continuous usage time, and he also has a 18 watts fast charge as well. He also has a um, aussie and vision effect that brings a rich color depth and realism to your viewing experience. So that’s what i was talking about with that um 128 visuals – and it also has a dirac 2.0 automatically it automatically switches to the most um suitable audio mode for your scenarios, so that’s. Another go of these features that a lot of other phones don’t have yet, and it also operates on android 10 um operating system. It also has a lot of great features like oppo, relax, multi user mode, um, dark mode etc. So let me go through some features and you can see the screen display as well. Look. This looks amazing that’s. This is on full brightness as well. So bad i mean you can put on low if you want hold on. So if i put on low that’s how it is i’m putting on that i’m just putting on max for now, so we can see the quality of this phone now i’m gon na go to the settings here now in the settings.

These are all the features that you have. The bluetooth, wi fi then go over wireless connections here, and so you got nfc tap and pay android, android beam screen and cast print etc. So for this, for the price range, pretty much has everything that you need. It has notifications here so all the other features here and wake screen when a notification is received. All those options there display and brightness home screen wallpaper standard vibration do not disturb fingerprint face password, so you got face unlock or fingerprint both on both of them as well and fingerprints, pretty good, because if you’re using certain apps that requires pin to unlock it, it’s Very easy just to tap in your unlocks. It would have been better if you had a built in in screen unlock fingerprint unlock, but for the budget price. The fact that it still has one on the side, it’s still brilliant. It also has the convenience tools as well here, a weight. Google assistant with power button um go gesture, motions here as well, and then you got privacy, you’ve got location, security, battery, digital well, being apparently controls languages. Here, you’ve got additional settings so additional settings. You got storage day and time keyboard input, method, screenshot, screen, recording, so we’ve got a screen recording as well for those who need a screen recorder, so you can capture stuff, so it yeah. It has a lot of features built into it. Software update about phone legal information and app man management, app cloner game space, split screen as well, so you also got a split screen user users and accounts as well so pretty much.

It has a lot of features now bit win. It also has the oppo relax that’s, it oppo’s own app here that has it’s like a meditation um way of you know staying you know just meditating, so that kind of way. So he has that options to you know that breathing option it has certain nice relaxing music as well meditation sleep mode, coffee, shop, concentration, solitude concentration, then you’ve got ambient mode here as well. So you got ta, have the nature sound as well? So it has that all those features there, it has um a few other apps as well built into it. But generally, this phone is brilliant for that price range i’m: very impressed with the quality of the phone, the um speed of it and the style of it, and the camera now i’m going to show you the camera as well. So let me get the camera ready. So i can show you how the camera operates. Okay, so i’ve, taken pictures with the light on and without the light on, i’ve also done a video recording as well with the light on and without the light plus, also recorded on ultra steady mode as well. So that’s a separate mode that has that excellent stability as well and it won’t lag when you’re moving, and it has that amazing autofocus focus on both the ultra steady mode and without the auto ultra steady mode as well. So let me start off with uh the pictures so that’s the first picture, i’ve taken that’s without the lights on, and you can see that the quality of the camera is brilliant.

It doesn’t have no and no pixel pixels or no fuzziness at the background, just captured it brilliant it captures quickly as well. This is with that, with the light on the flashlight on and you can you can see that the quality, the the sharpness everything is brilliant. Now i’ve done a video without without the flashlight on, so let me put that volume up: it competes with um camera phones that are worth around 600 to 800, pound and that’s in my opinion, because it has a lot of features packed into it now. This is only worth less than 300 pounds. They have other models that were 4 500 pounds that have even better cameras. They have better features, but the stability so that’s. The camera that’s with the flashlight for on price range of this smartphone. The camera feels like a flagship camera. It competes with a lot of smartphones that were from 600 500 to 800 pounds and that’s on ultra steady mode. By the way we have the flashlight on well done, it doesn’t blur out and i can go to any objects. It won’t blur out it just captures everything, and this is recording in 4k as one just amazing how this camera has such a brilliant stability and auto focus to it even capturing my voice. The quality of the sound is brilliant as well. Let me off the light as well, slightly pixelated but that’s, because it’s ultra steady mode, if i remove that it gets slightly better.

So i hope you like the videos and the pictures i’ve taken and the camera is very impressing and the sound quality as well is very good to watch. Films youtube anything. The sound quality is brilliant, it’s, not squeaky, or anything like that. So everything is brilliant. On the smartphone i don’t, i don’t see any downside to it for that price range. Everything is brilliant. All these features that he has packed into it and i highly recommend it to go to try this phone out and buy it yourself and you you won’t, regret buying it.