What you would get is something like this. So combining those things we will get the moza nano se that i already put here with my cell phone. So, to be honest, i already use this a lot to video calls to my friends it’s, a really really cool thing that you can move around with a smooth axes and talk with your friends. So i imagine this as well. It’S really great to youtube shorts. Also for instagrammers for making histories – this would be great. It only have one motor this motor will only correct the roll axis. You have this hinge over here, which you can change the pitch and stay put, and you have the battery level and the bluetooth connection that it’s connected now to my cell phone now. The main feature of this selfie stick gimbal is that it has a 69 extension like so, and this gives you the freedom of do really cool stuff, because you have the remote control over here in this remote control. It’S removable let’s see the difference of filming, as so you won’t get much tired. If you film like this honestly, you would get way way more tired, if you have, on your on your hand, the weight of three motors and a big battery pack and film like this, to have roughly the same angle and honestly always on this position on the Camera it doesn’t look that that great to be honest, as you can see, it’s stabilizing the roll axis, as i could show you, okay, but if you double tap the menu button, the roll axis will follow your movements smooth, but it will follow your movements.

How cool is that this is nice, but if you tap once you jump between portrait mode and the horizontal mode, okay, flip it as easily as so. Okay. This can get you a range of creative freedom. This is connected via bluetooth to my cell phone and i using my camera app to film, but you could as easily uh use the moza app honestly. I don’t see that much of an interest use the moza app, except if you want to use the zooms. So, besides the zoom, of course, you can triple tap the m button in the middle, it will jump between selfie camera and the main camera, of course as well. You can jump from video mode to photo mode without reaching. That is the main reason. But honestly, i really prefer the native apps with this with the smartphones. Your native app is specifically for the sensor size of your phone and for the lens of your phone that’s. Why? Usually they get a little bit sharper in better quality in your case may vary, but yeah play with it and see what you can get. So a lot of positive things that you have about this gimbal first of all, is how solid it feels, like so it’s plastic, but it feels very, very solid. The tripod looks very, very stable, at least good enough to go rough terrain anyway, and it has actually four points of contact, so this one also will touch the ground.

What i really like as well is that that motor it’s way more powerful than necessary, because you can add some accessories. For example, now i’m gon na just press once on the power button and goes to sleep mode, i’m. Gon na add this light over here. Let’S. Try to balance this now, it’s not perfectly balanced, because, as you can see, it’s holding the light, no problem there, you go this. That is the positive things now the negative things. So i don’t like the way this is holding the cell phone, so it’s a very thin area, and it goes really close. This is the oneplus 6t. It goes really close to the power button. I would prefer uh something to hold a little bit like this. For example – and this thing it’s way better, so you have the room to pass through your buttons over here and, of course it will hold the grip of this. It will hold way better if you have a cover. A thing that i find a little bit annoying is that i turn on the gimbal. The gimbal will connect automatically via bluetooth with your smartphone, and it will work as a snap like so, but if you jump from the moza app and jump back to the camera, your main video camera it won’t work properly so have to shut down the the app Or the game ball and turn it back on to link as supposed to that is a bad thing, but i think it’s, because this thing works with the zoom, so you have zoom on the moza app for that function.

You really need to have some compromises via the bluetooth connection. I am editing now the moza nano se. I actually am using it right now. I want to point out, because i watch other reviews of other people, that they are complaining, that it doesn’t have a microphone holder or something like that on this gimbal and honestly, you don’t need it, because you have a cool feature here on the menu and, if You go down here. You can capture with a microphone bluetooth so depending how you invest your bluetooth, headset. You are good to go. You don’t need really to have a microphone holder. This is to be lightweight and fast to use that’s. Why yeah? I am pointing that out also, although it’s a very basic gimbal, you are not limited because you have the magic stuff on it, so you have the magic menu as well, so yeah, pretty damn good well and there you go so be creative.