m. Here in hong kong – and i have today at this time my first look of none other than the xiaomi me 11. and your first look on frankie tech of the xiaomi me 11.. Snapdragon 888 is here guys it is here. This is happening. I am like i’m shaking guys because this this phone has made an incredible initial impression and let’s go ahead before we do this and increase the sleep time here on this phone and let’s talk about it guys. I got this phone, i guess two days after the release in china and what can i say, initial impressions that’s all this is going to be guys. A first look: meaning i’m going to talk to you guys about design, display performance talking about the audio quickly and then we’ll do the classic frankie tech camera shot, but just want to leave this phone here in front of this gorgeous building wow xiaomi you’ve created a Stunner and obviously, as you guys know, this phone was just announced for ’99 rmb. That is the version that i got the eight one, two eight version. Let me show you there. It is eight one, two, eight and let’s talk about it. Guys did not design initial impressions holy moly xiaomi has knocked it out of the park again with what i consider, probably the most beautiful design of any phone they’ve ever released. I love these kind of flat edges at the top, and the camera module has definitely been a bit of a kind of a you could say.

Some people have liked it a bit polarizing some people haven’t, but i do like it guys and in person. Let me tell you, it looks a lot better in person than i initially or than i expected it. Would you see the ring here around the main camera and you have your pretty large ultra wide and macro camera? No telephoto, though, on the me11, you have to wait for the m11 pro to get that, but in terms of design, absolutely stunning, the curves aren’t as bad as i thought, they’d be, and i can deal with that. It also gives the phone a very sleek. Look. Loving the design so far of this xiaomi mi 11 display 6.81 qhd display guys first time, xiaomi has ever gone to 2k on one of their displays, and there you see you can choose light mode and dark mode. Now let’s check, though the refresh rate because that’s the big difference here: oh it wasn’t at out of the box at at 120 hertz. So you see here it says medium we’re, gon na go ahead and select that there we go and now guys we have 2k. 120 hertz on this phone, unbelievable, the display is everything it’s been cracked up to be guys what a stunning display. Let me look at the white point: real quick guys first impressions here. This is what i’m sharing here, and this is the first time i’m. Looking at this display talking through a mask too as well stay safe, guys, wear your mask as always, and the punch hole is really small.

Now the curves i’ve noticed some people mentioning the curves, have a pretty large radius here and i don’t know if i like that it has a bit of a kind of a wonky look here, but other than that the display is absolutely gorgeous stunning, absolutely stunning performance. The first snapdragon 888 bone in the world in my hands – unbelievable – and this is gon na – be a performance beast with antutu scores in the seven hundred. Thousands – and here you see, powered by let’s, see it if it’s actually the case. It says: miui 12.0.10. So not miui 12.5, just yet, but as soon as this gets me at 12.5, i will be doing a review of that software as well. Performance should be best in class, officially the fastest phone i’ve ever tested on the channel and the fastest phone in the world. Incredible guys, look at this back man – i’m, just stunned by this pack. It is absolutely beautiful audio talking about audio. We have dual speakers on this mi 11. You see there and there it’s so good to see that they have not skimped on that guys, because i was worried after the me10 ultra really didn’t do that that we would not see this on the me11 so glad we finally did and let’s do it guys. The classic frankie tech camera shot and what better kind of place sorry guys there’s some people right here, they’re a little enjoying their sunday off so i’m gon na.

Let the let them get out of the way here and let’s take a photo of this beautiful building. Look at that. Look at that stunning shot there 108 megapixel camera here on the me11 and of course you have this pretty good ultra wide. No telephoto, though, as i mentioned let’s look at these results here. Agree and a lot of people were in the view, so let’s go ahead and do that one more time, three, two one there we go and let’s do an ultra wide shot too. Always one handed here guys on frankietech321 let’s, take a photo of this building right here. It’S absolutely beautiful day here in hong kong and i figured i’d come to a really picturesque spot to share with you guys this gorgeous first shots here of the xiaomi mi 11 and it’s, looking really good. So there you go guys. First, look here of the xiaomi mi 11: look at that it’s almost like it’s, a part of the building, look at that that’s, so cool and stay tuned, of course, for the full review. As you guys know here, on frankie tech. You know, after we spend an hour a couple hours with a phone it’s, a first look, and in no way am i going to rush this review guys just because i’m, one of the earliest channels in the world to get this. Then we want to give this. The tlc the actual time and attention that it deserves, i think you guys deserve it as well – to get a full kind of comprehensive review of this phone after multiple days of use, maybe even a week of use, i don’t do reviews after a few hours, i Don’T even want to do them anymore after a few like a 24 hours or 48 hours.

I want to do a review and do this justice after a week, so stay tuned guys for my full review of the xiaomi me 11, but initial impressions, guys wow xiaomi you’ve knocked it out of the park once again, so that’s it for this one guys.