, The year 2020 has finally passed, but before turning our attention to the 2021 releases, let’s take a look back at the best mid rangers who passed through TudoCelular’s headquarters. Last year. We made a list of the top five basic phones and now it’s time to do the same. With the mid range devices., We started our list with a huge surprise in the intermediary segment: the Pixel 4a.. Google phones never really got us excited and the Pixel 3a was a pretty dull model. In many ways. The new one showed a nice leap in several points.. It may not have an appealing design that will win you over by appearance, but it doesn’t have that much edge from previous generations.. What is impressive is its screen being the best we saw in an intermediary.. The panel is only 60 Hz but achieves high brightness and excellent color reproduction.. There is still stereo sound to complement the multimedia experience.. It delivers a good level of performance and can hold multiple applications running at the same time.. The Pixel 4a is also a great device to play and all the games we tested ran. Smooth. Battery has never been the forte of the Pixel line, but this one isn’t bad and it doesn’t take too long to recharge.. Finally, we have cameras that record great photos and there is a night bike that is more efficient than other middlemen that we tested in 2020.. The big problem with Google phones is availability, since they are not officially sold here and it is expensive to import them.

. The Galaxy A71 was announced at the end of 2019 and reached the national market at the beginning of 2020.. It was one of the most sought, after cell phones by readers of the cell phone throughout the last year, and we can understand why Brazilians are interested in it.. The A71 is the most advanced of Samsung’s intermediaries and arrived betting on a large screen with thin edges and elegant design. It has everything you expect from a good intermediary, but Samsung still lacks in some points, like the lack of speakers. Stereo. Amoled display with strong brightness and saturated colors. He has Good performance to run any application or game for Android Too Battery that lasts all day and doesn’t take long to recharge. The A71 also passes the test And if you are looking for a good phone to shoot, it brings a complete set with the right to the ultra wide and macro that are missing in the Pixel.. Samsung has been promising three major Android updates for the A71, which ensures that the device will receive version 13 of the robot in the future.. This makes the Korean intermediary a complete device that will not be out of date, anytime soon.. In 2020, we had an outbreak of cell phones with multiple cameras in blocks jumped in the worst iPhone style.. It seems that the manufacturers stopped paying attention to the design of their cell phones and everything ended up being very generic and similar. Velvet was the biggest surprise in this regard.

. It brings minimalist design that conquers by having a rear with a cleaner look., The front part may seem outdated for a 2020 launch but it’s a good one for those fleeing cell phones with holes in the screen.. It was released in some countries with Qualcomm intermediate hardware and support for 5G, while the national version has an older chip limited to 4G, but we still have a cool performance with the possibility of playing PUBG in high HDR quality and other games on maximum fluidity.. The LG intermediary bets on quality OLED screen with good brightness, decent stereo sound battery that lasts a long time and recharges fast, in addition to a competent camera set. That is not behind rivals, Samsung and Xiaomi.. Closing the package. There is still protection against water, which is rare to see in intermediaries. With that he wins the bronze medal. Another cell phone that conquered the Brazilians was a Poco, X3 NFC. What’s, so special about him. It is the cheapest with 120 Hz screen that we tested in 2020, and this makes it a good bet for those looking for a gamer phone and do not want to pay dearly.. The design goes against the Velvet and we have a rear that can cause strangeness.. It does not have an OLED screen like the others mentioned. This can be a negative point for some, but what matters is that its LCD screen has a strong brightness and enough contrast to display beautiful images anywhere.

There is still powerful, stereo sound, which is missing from Samsung intermediaries.. It has slightly higher hardware than the Pixel 4, a and Galaxy A71, which guarantees extra breath for heavier applications and games.. This does not mean that all games will run at 120 FPS, but the experience in general is superior to the others. We mentioned in addition to having the Game Turbo with several tools to improve the gameplay and even measure the fps.. Its battery lasts longer than all the others mentioned and is still the one that recharges faster on our list, taking just over an hour to have the battery completely full.. Your cameras are good, but you could have a more efficient night mode.. At least he excels in selfies, which is what matters to most. With so many positive points. The Poco X3 takes our silver medal. And, if there’s, something that everyone loves it’s, a cell phone with a good battery., The best in autonomy that we tested in 2020 was the Galaxy M51 and it takes our gold medal in this selection.. This title is not only for having a battery that lasts two days, but for having a well balanced, set with a fair price that makes its cost benefit interesting.. The Galaxy M51 is basically an improved A71. Samsung included one. Amoled panel that achieves even higher brightness and although it misses leaving stereo sound out, the M51’s speaker is more powerful and delivers good sound quality. Despite not getting close to the POCO X3 in audio.

. It does not have a 120 Hz panel, however, it runs all games without choking and in general, even surpasses the Xiaomi rival in performance with several applications at the same time.. Your cameras take great pictures and we have a complete set for any type of situation.. It may not have the Pixel 4a’s great night mode, Velvet’s water resistance or the Poco X3 gaming extras, but it’s a well rounded device that meets the needs of almost all users., And so it is our best purchase recommendation among the intermediaries of 2020.. Last year we had many interesting intermediaries that could be mentioned in this. List. 2020 was the year when the 5G started to crawl, and we already have intermediary phones with this technology. In Brazil. However, as the next generation of mobile connectivity is still quotrawquot here, we will leave these devices for our selection in 2021.. Motorola stood out in the basic segment, but needs to work harder in the intermediate. One. Xiaomi also had other interesting releases for the Redmi series, while Samsung made many bets, but not all of them deserve your attention.. What matters is that the market is more and more agitated and we expect that in 2021 we will see few models with 60 Hz screen and mono sound. This must stay in the past don’t. You think so Comment below what you expect from mid tier models in 2021.. I already know that most people will say quotlow pricesquot. And you already know to find the best deals on all the models mentioned in this guide.

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