This will be our first video of the year. So so in this video guys is it does drop testing water testing the battery gaming. Before we go on to testing, i would like to give you a quick recap about its specification. Atoms. Umidigi bison guys is marijuana 6.3 inches full hd plus screen number 23 40 by 10 atp screen resolution. Goodbye kitan, you guys you miss bombarding phone, my built in shock, proof, ayanna, 128, gig of internal and six gig of rounds, so signing processor, guys, it’s chipset is powered in mediatek hell you p60 and fast charge. Ninja 18 watts fast charge. Five thousand milliamp arsenal battery capacity. You’Ll screen you guys it’s corning gorilla glass scratch. You know, camera attachment 24 mp front camera this every year. Come you guys is sony 48 mpai, quad cameras. So first is for one hour and since 18, what fast charge nagasha Music. So one and we have more or less more fully charged united, see umdg bison maganda young charging experience cassette 5000 capacity, f binary one hour and youtube one hour Music. So yes from 93 26 percent, so manga 67 for one hour. So, for me, yohanyan training guys is hindi at home impressed basically because, especially if you use it straight for two hours, performance charging, as well as the draining heating now let’s go on the man, guys so actual Music and so far i am guys so they’re. Not nothing distance, so Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music as usual and if it’s a picture picture guys picture copper in your performance so guys and water test and so far survivor survivoring.

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