Actually, this one was released in the market in june of this year, 2020 it’s a new model of samsung. Then the phone is a samsung, a21s or a21s, whichever name you want to use so yeah the phone comes in a different colors. You go to black blue white and red, and mine comes in blue as you can see, and then, when you hold the phone you can feel a little bit of some weight and the reason is because of the massive battery the phone comes with a massive massive Battery in here and um, the screen right here, this phone sits on a 6.5 inch screen, so you’ll be sure of your captures are going to be amazing and let’s. Look at the front side at the back side. Sorry, the back side as they, the camera, comes with four cameras and a crazy, crazy flash right there and right here. We have a a finger scanner in case you don’t want to use a security code and in this case, um i’m using a security code which i’m going to hide, because i don’t want any of you seeing my password. So let me unlock i’m trying to unlock so yeah that’s it um so guys. I want to show you how these cameras here look like and you have to come here. So you can see. There is a a food camera pro panorama and a macro and let’s see this macro says you have to hold your camera three to five centimeters away from the subject, and then i guess it’s for closers.

If you want to do what’s ups, this is the camera to use and let’s go back and what else? What else this panorama? If you want to get panoramic images, you switch on to panorama, honey, um. What else these food? You can see that one’s for capturing food and there is that proof and then there’s this icon here you can see written decoupage let’s. Try check that out. This one is for you want to decorate your pictures. Let’S say: let’s choose that one! You can see this one is a deco pig, oh, my goodness, i don’t know if you guys can see it and what else these are just like. Emojis, you want to attach your pictures to emojis right there. Oh my god, right there right there so yeah. What else do you need to try let’s, try that one yeah see it’s like touching our pictures to emojis? Oh my god. Where is the tongue so guys? I want to show you how the camera works. This is the camera icon right here, and i want to show you how it’s capturing stuff you can already see it’s very clear and yeah. It has a very wide capture if i take it on a full screen like this. You can see it’s very clear. So no doubts about the camera. What else? What else? So i wanted to show you the box, even though i unboxed this is how the box looks like it’s all looked like he had a charger and earphone storage, and this is the pin for removing the sim card.

I didn’t remove it because i still have another one, so yeah literally that’s it. Thank you so much so guys. I want to show you the apps first let’s come there. I hope you can see. Oh my wi fi name is showing right there. You go bluetooth and tall kind of controls right there going back um. These are the helps. Go back browse us right. There go back, work related, go back, so let’s go to the phone storage device device um. Here we go so this is it guys? I hope you can see. I hope you can see so literally that’s it for me guys. So if you’ve watched my previous video about the facial, i captured it using this phone and i’m so loving it it’s very clear, so yeah that’s it now let’s go to Music, the phone’s charger. This is the phone’s charger. This is the phone’s charger and this is the cable it’s removable and you can return it back, and here we go the earphone. We got the earphones right here if you like, listening to music and stuff there’s a control too right here so yeah guys. This is head so that’s. It guys. Thank you so much for watching if you’re new here please subscribe to my channel. If you like this video uh may give it a thumbs up comment and like, and let me know you guys what you think about this phone and then yeah. Thank you.

So much for your time subscribe and happy holidays.