We are back talking about a smartphone that i think a lot of you who are in the market for a pro featured phone, but at a very good price around the holiday season might be uh. Looking for something like what can i get that’s going to be around 500 us or maybe even less lesser than that, around 700 singapore dollars, i have in my hands the phone that might just be the right one for you, if you’re into the android system. This is the xiaomi mi 10 t pro 5 g let’s talk about it. Okay we’ll go into some of the specs on this phone. What it’s like to use the cameras and my final thoughts so let’s get down to it now in terms of design. Okay, this phone is very reminiscent of the mi 10 pro and a lot of this xiaomi mi series phones out into the market. The phone is very well built. It’S got a beautiful back color to it it’s kind of got this frosted pearl. Look, i don’t know the exact name color. This name is on the box somewhere, but it’s beautiful, all right, but it’s, a very simple phone in its design, but it’s high quality that’s. The one thing i want to talk to you about because a lot of the phones, even from the xiaomi mi 10, pro that i reviewed earlier this year. I was really impressed with the quality of that phone, and that was their flagship phone for that month, because you know xiaomi releases phones like every other month and this phone equals that build quality as well.

You also got this massive camera housing on the back of it because you have 108 megapixel camera on this 13 megapixel wide 5 megapixel zoom we’ll get into all that in just a bit. Okay, so let’s move around and talk about the display on this it’s, a 6.67 inch ips lcd display something it’s, a 1080 2400 uh display so it’s, not like high quality like qhd, but it’s good enough for most people and you won’t notice a difference. To be honest with you, but it has 144 hertz, refresh rate on this ‘5 ppi for your pixel peepers out there very high quality display – and one thing i like about xiaomi’s displays – is that if you’re more into color accuracy, they do give you a lot of That options in the menu system, so you can go. You know p3 color gamut. If you want really saturated, if you want more of a flat look, you have those options and you can even fine tune it to your liking, which i appreciate, because i do edit a lot of photos and videos on my phones, and i want something that’s going To be more color accurate for me and the xiaomi displays do work very well in that regard, but let’s talk about what’s, underneath the hood on this. You have the snapdragon 865 processor, eight gigabytes of ram up to 256 gigabytes of on board storage. This is also fast ram in this as well, and this phone i’ll just be honest.

With you performs beautifully flawlessly. There is no hiccups, no issues at all you’re, getting pretty much flagship, specs in a very budget phone price uh. Besides that, you got fast charging on this now you do have a fast charger inside the box, it’s not as fast as the me 10 pro, which would basically charge everything, but it does a relatively decent job uh and also it does not have wireless charging. So keep that in mind that’s one thing they did alleviate but of course you’re paying a lot less in terms of price, so i’ll forgive them on that as long as that is the fast charging i’m more than happy speakers on this sound, fantastic it’s very loud, Very vibrant, no issues at all with that and that’s. Essentially the meat n t pro 5g now let’s talk about what it’s like to use simply put it’s a very good phone. You’Ve got android 10, emui 12 point i think 0.6 or whatever it is at the time of this recording it’s it works flawlessly. Folks, i mean xiaomi’s skin on it. Yes, it is more of a iphone s skin, but has a lot of features and a lot of attributes we’re not seeing on other android phones out there, it’s very user friendly, very easy to navigate. I mean, i think most android skins are at that point now, where they’re not really impeding on the performance and there’s. Nothing like that at all with this phone um.

The thing is, i use this phone a lot for the cameras because of the 108 megapixel camera sensor on this 8k video up to 30 frames per second, you got a 20 megapixel front facing camera as well. It does 1080p video and all of that works really good. I have to give xiaomi some credit on the camera systems, while they’re not touted, as you know, by some of the reviewers out there as wow. These great cameras, they’re, actually really damn impressive, especially for the price point, and especially compared to the other android competitors out there. You would be hard pressed to say that xiaomi is not in the top three in terms of best cameras for smartphones, for android phones out there, because these are really good. Now, of course, 108 megapixel, as i’ve said in other reviews, is not a true 108 megapixels. It’S pixel binning combining a bunch of pixels to give you the 108 megapixel readout but it’s essentially like other smartphones out there, but the images are very clear, very sharp, decent enough dynamic range. I like them. The wide angle is good as well, but it’s only 13 megapixels and the telephoto and macro is 5 megapixels. So yes, it would be nice to have more of a uniformity with all three lenses but again we’re at a very uh, affordable price. On this and i’ll tell you what you go out there and you shoot you’ve got night mode. You’Ve got all those things.

It works really good. Besides that battery life 5 000 milliamp battery inside of this thing and i’m chugging through a battery maybe a day and a half of usage on this phone it’s, a very good uh performer in terms of battery life, no issues with me at all, because it doesn’t Have that qhd display, i mean yes, the 144hz refresh rate will drain your battery, but you can tone it down to uh to whatever you’d like it to be. You have those options in it. If you want to max it out like i do, you will suffer a bit but that’s why you have a 5000mah battery to it uh besides that, though, fingerprint reader on the side of it, there’s, no fingerprint reader underneath the display, i don’t care, actually let it Get on the side it’s much easier. You can uh! You can read my face as well all that’s inside of it. You are really not missing out on anything. As a matter of fact, you’re saving a lot of money you can put into your pocket. You can buy another gift or buy another case for this case. In point no pun intended this case is antibacterial. I don’t know how xiaomi did it. They had some scientists in a lab that created it, but it’s an antibacterial uh case comes inside the box and, as you can see, it says xiaomi on the case. So you know what case you have um, but it’s great doesn’t uh get in the way it’s thin enough, and it feels really good gives you a nice tactile feel because this phone can feel a little bit slippery in the hands without the case it’s.

A very smooth kind of glossy pearlized back to it um, but it’s quality, and you know the one thing i do like that. Xiaomi has done with this. Is it is a flat display now there’s, no waterfall edges on the side of it, which i dislike? Why phone companies are still doing this? That is so 2012. let’s move on to 2020, where we like flat displays where i can edit my photos or edit text to the edge of the display instead of having it swipe off and going oh damn now. I need to figure another way to do that, no issues with this at all. Anyway. Those are my thoughts on the xiaomi mi 10. Pro 5g can’t believe i said it in one breath, but i did just that. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Do you agree with me? Is there another phone that i should consider that i haven’t tried? Yet let me know anyway, like always: follow us on facebook subscribe to us on youtube, have a great holiday season and we’ll chat to you soon.