Granted most smartphones nowadays have very good screens and they don’t scratch or break very easily. However, if you want to add an extra layer of protection to that, smartphone and investment that you just made a screen protector is the way to go hello. I am wanderer001, and this is my review of the zag invisashield glass elite plus for the google pixel 4a. 5G. I know that sounds like a mouthful, but you are here because you are looking for a screen protector to protect your investment of your new smartphone. You are also here because you probably started down the rabbit hole of glass screen protectors and why they’re better or not better than the plastic ones, that you can just slap onto your phone. I will say this is not my first glass screen protector, i’ve done two. Others, one from zag on my pixel 2 review over there in the corner and then another one which i’m just gon na say, was an off brand for my wife’s phone and we’re, just gon na say that was not the greatest and we’re not even really going To touch on it, actually, what i’m going to touch on is i’m going to say not all glass screen protectors are treated equal here’s an example of my pixel 2 zag and visit shield versus that other screen protector. That i’m, not mentioning example of not all glass screen protectors are treated equal. This one was put on much sooner than the one on the left here.

This is my pixel 2., so i’ve had this on here for three years and you can see, aside from just needing to be wiped down a little more it’s just a little greasy. This on my wife’s has not quite been three years on here, but you could see it is much worse for wear again pixel 2, which is an invisa shield versus a random glass screen protector. One of the problems with screen protectors is they’re, just not very photogenic to actually do video reviews of so what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about the box and then come back to our screen protector here now. Yes, this box was ripped in half by a small child, but we’re going to use this as an example. So here we go zag invisa shield, strongest glass screen protector ever and i can attest, as you saw scratches on the one i had on my pixel 2. Nothing compared to that other one and then the uh 99 keeps viruses and bacteria off your phone, but we can flip that around and you can kind of see a little better and since we have half of this anyway, we’re just gon na put this over here. Four times extreme shatter protection, meaning you can smack it with a hammer. You can scratch it. You don’t have any problems clean, smudge, free screen. Well, anything that you use is going to smudge. However, unlike the plastic ones, where you really have to work on it, this one, you can just wipe wipe via your shoulder or a thing and you’re good to go maximum scratch prevention.

You saw that in the comparison smooth silky feel i am going to say once you have a glass screen protector and just the feeling of the swiping on it, you will never go back to a regular plastic one that you slap on there. There are also different levels of glass screen protectors and the smoothness that you get zag invisa shield. I will say by far the best i’ve done and then the easy application and then over there you’ve got your kills: 99 most common surface bacteria, so that’s a big one right there and then kind of a breakdown of the screen protector. The easy application i will admit as far as screen protectors go. This is one of the better ones that i’ve done. It is not without its fault – and i guess, that’s a good way to say let’s segue into actually showing how putting this screen protector on is different than others all right. So this is what you get in the box for the invisi shield glass elite plus for the pixel 4 a5g, and just kind of throw that over there show you presentation wise. I guess because this is really just a screen protector, so it’s hard to really show off so you’ve got a application tray and some paperwork well, a little warranty in there too. So we’ve got a packet application stuff. So we’ve got a cloth, alcohol, wipe and a dust sticker, so that’s, good and then over in this pack is going to be the actual screen protector.

That’S going to go onto our phone i’m going to stage the area first i’m, going to use a case to kind of lift up the phone there. Since you know, camera bump is pretty substantial and then we’re going to kind of pull all of our accoutrement out. So step one aside from that sticking out in the corner over there as i’m, going to give it a good quick rub down with the cloth here, make sure that there are no smudges, because smudges are the being of the existence of when you are applying screen Protectors because those smudges will attract dirt as well as prevent the adhesive from latching on there now the phone is still reasonably new, so i don’t have a lot of work to do, but i am going to use the included applicator here or the uh alcohol wipe As i throw it all over the place just to be extra cautious now this one is definitely wet in comparison to the other screen protector from invisa shield that i had where it felt very dry. This is this is clearly wet. You can see there’s wetness on the screen and it’s definitely alcohol, so we’re gon na take our cloth again and we’re gon na dry that i know it doesn’t make for great recording. But these are the steps that you’re going to need to go through. If you do this yourself and we’re going to wait one second, because we’re going to take out our glass screen protector over here and kind of, have it getting ready on the side, because we’re going to have that situated now with this particular glass, it does have A punch hole for the camera and what we’re going to do now is we’re gon na get situated very shortly with our guide but we’re gon na take our sticker here and we’re.

Just gon na hit this screen with it really quick, because just existing in a room that you’re in breathing can produce dust, and we don’t want that on here. So that looks pretty good right now, so we’re going to do is we’re going to flip that over we’re going to throw our guide on there really quick and we’re going to bring our shield over. It says we’re going to peel this top layer, first, so that’s. What we’re going to do peel the top layer remember this has the hole punch on it, so without touching the screen we’re very quickly, gon na move down and we’re gon na use this guide now i’m, not a fan of guides normally but i’m going to give This a shot and you push down in the middle, and then you work your way to the edges. Now in business, shield says that it does bubble free application and when i did this last time with my other phone, it was fairly accurate. Actually, it was as bubble free as i could get it now. This one did not actually come with a card to work out any of these possible bubbles. I say possible because i had problems last time which i thought were bubbles and they didn’t actually end up. Being bubbles, but rather they were just things in the top layer, so we’re going to do is we are going to actually get yeah from another product and we’re going to fold this over and kind of work out any possible bubbles that there could be and we’re Just gon na give that a good rub and yeah.

I know that sounds great, but uh yeah we’re, just gon na take this piece of card fold it over that way a little bit. So i can kind of push and we’re going to take it off. Of that all around the edges to make sure that it adheres because that’s the other thing with this particular screen protector is that it is a full adhering screen protector. So it’s not just adhering to the edges, it adheres to the entire phone thing to try and work out these bubbles, so i’m kind of hoping that these bubbles are on the top and not on the actual glass layer underneath well, i hate to say it, but So the only way to know for sure is to peel this off and find out. Oh zag, what did you do? You’Ve got bubbles your bubble, free application last time, all right, so we’re, just gon na rub some of those down a little bit. So there you saw the end product had some bubblage and it’s one thing i don’t quite understand with the newer versions of the invisishield, because i have another one coming from my pixel 5, that i’m working on and both of them had that bubbling at the end, Which i really had to kind of rub to get those out there’s no card in there to kind of you know, push them out yourself. You really just have to rub, and i did not have that problem with the ones on my original pixel 2.

. So it might be a transition that they’ve made with the invisishield i don’t know for sure, but what i can say, as you can see now, it’s been several weeks and even a week after all, the bubbles did dissipate. That is a plus the primary difference here, with this invisi shield versus the one i had for my pixel 2 is you will notice in the upper left hand corner? There is a cutout right there for your camera, so that’s, actually an extra layer of manipulation that you’re going to have to deal with with the guide bars that you saw me using another thing with glass screen protectors and most screen protectors, glass in particular, see if I get that to focus in there we go. You can see right up here, because it raised has a raised lip. It does collect dust i’m, not saying that that’s a deal breaker but just know that a glass screen protector will have a certain amount of dust that it will kind of trap around the edges and that’s another thing with the cutout around the camera bump there you Will collect dust there as well so i’m, not entirely sure how i feel about having the cutout, because the glass screen protector i used last time, didn’t have a cut out, and the picture quality was just fine with your glass screen protector in particular, you may have Heard of an effect called rainbowing, and i will say that yes, glass screen protectors, do have that and here’s a comparison of the phone off compared to the pixel 2, which is an older version of this particular screen protector and the new one.

So you can see the rainbowing effect example of the differencing, with the rainbowing effect on the pixel 2, which is a much older screen protector and the newer on the pixel. 4 5g. You can kind of see there is still some rainbowing, but it is not as pronounced as it was on. The older screen protector and the only time that it even becomes kind of, pronounced or noticeable is on very white screens, and you really have to like angle. The phone now that rainbowing effect was only really pronounced in direct sunlight at a particular angle. Here you can see i’m, not getting any rainbowing whatsoever. Another thing that you might have come across in your research of tempered glass screen protectors is that some fully adhere to the face of the screen, while others only do around the edges kind of, like the otterbox defender case you’ve got a pocket of air in the Middle, i don’t like those types, this one fully fully adheres to the foam, but that also leaves you the possibility of those air bubbles and having to work them out a small small thing to consider, but again, seeing as how this is not my first invisi shield. I know the quality that i’m getting and for those little headaches and having to work out the bubbles i’ll deal with it, adhering to the full screen, because i want it to be on the full screen that’s, where you’re going to get your optimal protection.

If there’s a gap even a little bit, you run the risk of the screen protector shattering itself. Yes, it will protect your phone, but that little pocket of air leaves open an opportunity for breakage. You may notice that the screen protector does not come all the way to the edge of the phone. That is perfectly fine, because this gives you the ability to put a case on your phone. I will admit that it is a little tricky lining things up, even with the guide that came with it because of that punch out so just know, it’s not going to come all the way to the edge, because you want to be able to put case on Your phone and those lining up of everything is going to be a little tricky. So, as you might have guessed, i really like the zag invisa shield elite plus for the google pixel 4a 5g. How much is that worth to you? Well, in this case it is forty dollars and when i did my first review way back when for the pixel 2, i said 35 to 30. I will change my mind on that 40 for this screen protector it’s, like a no brainer, save yourself, the heart, the heartache of breaking your screen with something like this: the fact that it’s so smooth to the touch it feels just like the regular screen underneath. Ah, you saw the scratches that i had on that compared to the other glass screen protector.

I had leaps and bounds forty dollars, especially if you’re going to hold on to your phone three plus years, it’s a no brainer. If you haven’t gotten the idea solid buy for the invisi shield elite plus, i have been wanderer001. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the area below and as always, thanks for watching. If you found this video helpful consider giving it a like, as that will help other people find the video as well. If you like what i’m doing here, you can always help fuel the next review by buying me a coffee link in the description below.