You could be looking at at every price range from the thousand dollar plus ones to the fifty dollar ones and yep. You heard me right. Fifty dollar iphones, of course, if you do go for the more expensive thousand dollar iphone 12 pro, it probably won’t cost you that much outright, especially if you go with a carrier and some kind of plan or contract, but for simplicity’s sake, i’ll be using american prices Or the unlocked versions of any phone apple is selling and we will be going over the used market as well. I’Ll start with apple’s lineup on their website first, and if you want to skip ahead, i’ll have timestamps in the description below and at the end of it, all i’ll have a summary for the best choices for each and every price range, but let’s not dawdle, and Get right into this by starting with the best of the best, the iphone 12 pro and 12 chrome. Max apple sells these for 9.99 and 10.99, respectively, with 128 gigabytes of storage, a pretty penny, but at least we are getting significantly more storage than what’s been available in the past for base models. These phones are terrific they’re, the best of what apple offers and you can tell from the gorgeous displays to the killer camera systems. We have three lenses on the back, offering ultra wide wide and telephoto lenses and, of course, there’s. The new cool lidar sensor, which means better low light photography, among other things as great as these phones are and as much as anyone would love them.

They’Re, really darn, expensive, there’s, not much point of buying them. Unless you purposely want the best apple offers and have the money to back it up, but they’re going to be overkill for most people and the iphone 12 offers nearly all the same features for a much lower price tag. Of course, with the 12th pro you do. Get that frosted glass finish instead of the glossy glass which i personally prefer and i think, looks a bit more premium but that’s just my opinion and again that 12 pro is so darn expensive. So let’s move to one small pig down the totem pole with the iphone 12 and 12 mini great phones, nearly just as great as the pros for a much reduced cost. The iphone 12 mini costs 700., the regular 12 800. The regular 12 is actually my daily driver right now, it’s the same size as the smaller 12 pro at 6.1 inches and is the perfect fit for me. It feels very premium it’s so fast and the cameras are amazing. Although you don’t get that telephoto option that you would have with the pro, but the displays are oled this year in the past, the cheaper models would have cheaper screens but you’re, not making that concession anymore. As the 12 and 12 mini screens. Look amazing, plain and simple for the vast majority of people looking to get an upper class iphone right now, i think 100. The iphone 12 is gon na, be the best choice – it’s, not the cheapest, at eight hundred dollars, but i do think the value is really good and again, you are getting nearly all of the premium features of the better models.

They do only have 64 gigabytes. To start, which is a lot less than the 128, with the 12 pro, but going up only 50 dollars, you can get 128 gigs on your 12 and that’s exactly what i did with my beautiful blue iphone 12.. This put it at a still solid 150 bucks. Less than the 12 pro a price reduction that i think is worth it for most people, as for the 12 mini it’s, a bit harder to recommend yes, it’s 100 bucks cheaper, but it’s, also much much smaller at only 5.4 inches as opposed to the 6.1. You can see my friend with fairly large hands holding his here, and here it is compared to the original iphone sc, which is the same size as the iphone 5.. Ultimately, it’s up to you just make sure you really want a small phone. If you do get the mini, but at the end of it all the iphone 12 and 12 mini are both great value and i fully recommend them even over the 12 pro and 12 pro max, but going down one more peg in apple’s current lineup. You have the iphone 11 at 600 600 for this phone is an amazing price it’s such a good phone with still super fast specs, a terrific camera and an ultra wide lens and a brilliant battery. This is the best phone to buy for the average user. In my opinion, it’s gon na last a really long time, it’s a joy to use and everyone i know who’s had it have given very few complaints, the only real downside of the iphone 11 – and this goes for the 10r as well, which i’ll get to in A moment is the display, while it is 6.

1 inches, so the same as the iphone 12, albeit chunkier, with thicker bezels it’s lcd instead of oled and at only an okay resolution of just over 720p. So, while content on it looks good the colors aren’t, nearly as vibrant as the 12 and things just won’t, look quite so sharp if you’re an enthusiast or an advanced tech user or are coming from a recent android that likely would have an oled panel. I do think moving up to the iphone 12 would be worth it, but in the vast majority of cases i think, saving your money and getting almost just a great a phone with the iphone 11 is the way to go it’s such good value. Right now. I think, for the majority of 2021, the iphone 11 is gon na, be the phone. I consistently recommend to basically anyone who will be buying new, but if six hundred dollars is just a little too much for your taste, the 500 iphone 10r should pique your interest. It looks very similar to the iphone 11 with more vibrant color options, but it does only have one camera lens, which means no ultra wide photos. The main camera is also not as good and doesn’t have the option to take night mode photos beyond that. The specs are similar and the phones are basically identical at least to the eyes of most users. Is it worth saving a hundred bucks for personally i’d say: go for the 11 just for the extra camera lens and slightly better tech specs.

But if you find a deal for the 10r or would rather just save a little money, it’s absolutely worth the price of admission, and i think you’ll really like it and going down even further to the final iphone apple is selling. We have the 400 iphone se. It came out in early 2020 and looks like the iphone 8 with the home button and the older style bezels. It has the a13 chipset, putting it equivalent with the iphone 11 for speeds. The camera is downgraded, though, being basically on par with the iphone 10r. If a little bit worse, it has the iphone 8 sensor, but software improves it significantly. This phone isn’t bad and on the surface it looks pretty great, but for only 100 bucks, more you’re, getting a much bigger and frankly, in my opinion, better phone in the iphone 10r it’s, not quite as fast, but it wins pretty much every other category, especially battery Life, unfortunately, the iphone sc has a very small battery and because of that, while it will last you the day in most cases, if you’re using it, even the upper side of moderately or if you’re, using it heavily you’re gon na, want to keep a charger nearby. Not to mention a year or two down the line from now when the battery has inevitably degraded it’s just going to get worse, so is the iphone sc worth it at 400? Yes, but the iphone 10r and 11 are just better value and i recommend going to one of them.

But if you’re insistent on keeping the home button or perhaps are looking at a phone for a grandparent or someone who won’t use it a whole lot. And maybe just prefers keeping things simple, which is totally fair, then the iphone se is very much a great option and that’s about it for apple’s current lineup, i have to say it looks pretty solid right now with a phone for basically anyone, but if you’re the Type of person who would rather save some money by going with a used option, then the next section here is for you: let’s start this off with the most recently discontinued, iphone the iphone 11 pro and 11 pro max, like the iphone 10 and 10s, the iphone 11, pro was completely replaced by the iphone 12 pro and is no longer being sold by apple. That being said, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad phone by any means, it’s still amazing, and feels like a flagship. However, because apple isn’t selling it it’s gon na be a little bit difficult to find and you’re, probably gon na, have to turn to the used market, at least after most stores have cleared out their inventory practically speaking. I can’t think of much reason why you would go for this phone over say a 12 or a 12 pro, but you could save a little bit of money going for it if you’re, okay, with buying used i’ve, been seeing them on from 700 to 800 Or so, which isn’t too bad and if you’re getting a very good condition model and you’re okay with buying used and you’re getting a good deal then buying a used.

11 pro could be a good choice. That being said, it’s really up to you and i think personally, i would rather spend that eight hundred dollars on just a brand new iphone 12 as it’s gon na be basically just as good, if not better. Just without the telephoto camera lens and frosted glass, then there’s the iphone 10s. The 10s is basically the iphone 10, but it has an s after that’s, a really simplified version of what it is, but uh there’s, not a ton to talk about here. There’S. Actually, two models: there’s the 10s and the 10s max they tend to go for around 500 400, 500, maybe even 600 on ebay. It kind of depends where you’re looking and that’s not too bad 400 for an iphone 10s honestly is pretty decent you’re. Getting a really nice oled panel, the biggest thing you need to watch out for is the battery life. They were never that good in the first place and if the phone’s been pretty decently used over the last couple years, it may have degraded and you might have trouble getting through the day. So just keep that in mind by buying the iphone 10s refurbished or used. Not a bad choice if again, you’re comfortable with doing so then there’s, the iphone 10. can’t forget the iphone 10.. This phone’s more like 300, now on ebay, which is crazy to think about, but that’s, actually, a pretty decent deal for a very solid smartphone.

Obviously, it’s a bit behind now the camera doesn’t hold up nearly as well as the newer ones, it’s still fine, but it’s, just not as good, but the screen is still fantastic and it’s still fairly fast, with the a11 chipset. So for 300. If you want an iphone 10 i’d say it’s worth picking up, is it more worth it than the 10s? Ah that’s up to you? I think it really depends if you’re finding a 10s for 400, which is like only maybe 100 bucks more than you would pay for a 10 it’s, probably worth it just look around for a deal that suits your needs and a phone that hopefully has a good Battery in it same as the 10s, the iphone x never had an amazing battery and now that it’s, three years old, that’s only getting worse so just watch out for that then there’s, the iphone 8 and 8 plus the iphone 8 plus is very expensive still it’s. In quite high demand, because it’s, the last plus size home button, iphone apple’s made so we’re looking at about as much money as the iphone 10, if not more in some cases, so 250. 300. 350. Again, it depends where you look, but personally i wouldn’t pay more than like 200, maybe 250 for an 8 plus. I think that the iphone 10r at 500 is worth going up to now, clearly that’s, quite the jump but you’re getting a better phone.

That being said, the iphone 8 plus has a great battery it’s still quite fast. The camera is pretty good. My mom uses the a plus and she’s gotten some great shots. So if you’re going used, it is a phone worth considering, especially if you want to keep that home button, the smaller iphone 8. I just wouldn’t get straight up, it’s cheaper, but the battery life is going to be kind of brutal. More than likely, it also has a reduced ram compared to newer iphones, so it’s going to be a bit slower and probably won’t feel as speedy in the next couple years. So if you’re interested in the iphone 8 i’d really uh look to get an iphone sc at 400. because it is an iphone 8 just faster and better. So you know you might as well try to get the better version. Next you’ve got the iphone 7 plus, of course, which is more like 200. It varies a lot 250, 200 again with ebay, it’s, so inconsistent. You just got to look around if you find a deal for an iphone 7 plus, it could be worth it. I think i’d recommend going for an 8 plus over a 7 plus just because you might as well get the best plus iphone you can but it’s not too bad. The smaller iphone 7 is quite cheap at more, like 100 to 150. If you could find it as low as 100 bucks it’s absolutely worth that, i didn’t see any quite that low, but i did see them around 150 quite commonly and then yeah that’s, just a pretty decent deal.

Obviously, battery’s gon na be the big thing. Uh it’s not gon na, be very good unless you get it replaced that’s, just probably how it’s gon na be. That being said, if you just need a really basic phone to get you through things, the iphone 7 is still fully supported. It feels pretty fast and so it’s, not a bad choice whatsoever going even lower. You have the iphone 6s and 6s plus the 6s plus is around 150 125 dollars. Again, it varies as always: that’s uh, it’s, okay. I i would really recommend going for an iphone 7 or an iphone 8 over the 6s at this point and that’s, mostly because it is the last supported iphone on ios 14 that and the original iphone sc, which means it may not get ios 15. At the end of this year, in fact, i’d say it’s likely it probably won’t, and so that is something you need to keep in mind. It might not be supported soon. So personally, i would go for a better device, but if you can find one for as low as a hundred dollars and good luck on that, it is worth it. As for the smaller 6s that one can be found for under 100 bucks, which is a good deal, it’s still, you know a totally usable phone and it is fully supported. It doesn’t feel slow, so 100 or uh less than a hundred dollars for a smaller iphone.

6S it’s worth it so just keep in mind you’re getting a phone that may not last you very long if you want to keep up to date, but i promised you guys a 50 dollar phone, and here we are the smaller original iphone. Se, it came out in early 2016 and is basically just a small iphone 6s and it can be found for as low as 50 dollars. It can also be found for much more than that. So you need to look around 50 is clearly the low end and you’re, probably not getting the nicest sc for that, but it is fully supported on ios 14, which means it can do basically everything despite how cheap and how much older it is. So that’s quite impressive and if you’re on a pure budget and just need something anything, then the iphone sc is a good choice and that’s about it for the used iphones. So now to summarize, what iphone should you buy? Well, if you want the best of the best, obviously the iphone 12 pro and 12 pro max are there for you, but for most people who just want, like a really great iphone i’d, say save a little bit of money and get the iphone 12 12 mini. If you really like small phones but for most people, the iphone 12 800 you’re getting an amazing phone, if you’re someone who just wants a new iphone, but you don’t necessarily want it to be the best.

You just need a new iphone and you want it to be good. The iphone 11 is for you it’s, 600 and that’s amazing value for what is still basically flagship status when it comes to an iphone. Obviously, the screen is downgraded and not everyone’s gon na be okay with that, but for the average user you probably won’t even notice and it’s a great phone very fast, great camera. I don’t think most will complain. The iphone 10r is there. If you want to save a little bit, but the iphone 11 for me is gon na be the phone to buy the 400 iphone. Sc is really niche, and so i generally won’t recommend it four hundred dollars when you can pay a hundred dollars more and get the 10r and it’s a tough call there. So for most i would say, probably avoid the sc, unless you just really want that simple home button experience and then, if you’re going to the used market it’s a little bit tougher, i generally recommend buying new because there can be a lot of bad experiences that Come from buying used, you can get something you really didn’t expect or is much worse than you expected or breaks down the line, much quicker than you would think it would break. You know try to stick with buying new, but if you do want used, i laid out all the options, but i think the iphone 7 and 8 are going to be probably the ones to look for and, of course, the iphone se around 50.

Or you know a bit more than that, but that’s an amazing deal for a phone that will work in the short term, it’s fully supported on ios 14 and that’s amazing, probably not going to get ios 15. I say probably because we don’t know for sure but there’s, just uh there’s, just no beating that value and so that that’s about it. I think i’m about done here. Let me know what phone you’re looking for or what iphone you’ve already bought in the comments down below. Hopefully, this video helped you and if it did maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content. Just like this, you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at 91 underscore tech, if you’d like to for some reason and with that all being said. Thank you so much for watching i’m josh from 91 tech, and i will see you all next Music time.